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Casts Announced for GOD OF CARNAGE at Equality Productions

EP_logoEquality Productions proudly announces the casts for GOD OF CARNAGE.

This cast’s performance is expected to be available online Saturday, May 23 for one day only.

  • Alan – Fred Murrell
  • Annette – Katie Jensen
  • Michael – Evan Blanton
  • Veronica – Traci Taylor

This cast’s performance is expected to be available online Sunday, May 24 for one day only.

  • Alan – Chris Bishop
  • Annette – Heather Abbott
  • Michael – Darren Lee
  • Veronica – Linda Callahan

The play by Yasmina Reza (Art) won the Tony Award for Best Play and runs about 90 minutes. Note there is an advisory of Strong Language. The comedy’s inciting incident is a playground altercation between eleven-year-old boys, which brings together two sets of parents for a meeting to resolve the matter. At first, diplomatic niceties are observed, but as the meeting progresses, and the alcohol flows, tensions emerge and the gloves come off, leaving the couples with more than just their principles in tatters..

Per the agreement with the play publisher, patrons need to purchase tickets to view the shows online. In light of the country’s economic situation, we offer PAY WHAT YOU CAN tickets. The suggested donation is $10 per viewing, which you would donate directly to a Greater Cincinnati community theater of your choice.

For instructions on how to view the performance(s), email with the production(s) you want to watch (i.e., cast of 5/23 and/or cast of 5/24).

Let’s support our community theaters and these talented actors for their time and talent. Thanks for your consideration to donate to our wonderful community theaters on behalf of Equality Productions.

Please “Like” and “Follow” our Facebook page: Equality Productions in Cincinnati OH.

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Cast Announced for NEWSIES at INNOVAtheatre

INNOV_logoINNOVAtheatre is proud to announce the cast of NEWSIES! We are doing something special in this show and that is using Understudies. The Understudies are guaranteed one performance during the run of NEWSIES. We had such a huge turnout for this production and the auditions were phenomenal. We hope to see you as the curtain goes up in August. Stay tuned for more details!

Cast List

  • Tanner Brown as Jack Kelly
  • Lily Newman as Katherine Plummer
  • Mackenzie Fox as Medda Larkin / Katherine US
  • Brady Oder as Crutchie / Jack US
  • Desmond Kingston as Davey/Crutchie US
  • Bradley Scearce as Nunzio, Guard, Policeman, Roosevelt / Davey US
  • Neve Barker as Spot Conlon & Bowery Beauty
  • Ben Wood as Joseph Pulitzer
  • Joel Wydman as Oscar Delancey
  • Ashley Ortel as Newsie, Bowery Beauty, Nun/Medda Larkin US
  • Lucas Koerner as Morris Delancey & Mayor
  • Raegan Rigmaiden as Hannah, Bowery Beauty & Newsie
  • Bethany Scearce as Newsie, Bowery Beauty, Nun/Hannah US
  • Brielle Ruggs as Ms. Jacobi, Bowery Beauty, Scab & Newsie
  • Courtney Collinsworth as Tommy Boy, Bowery Beauty, Nun
  • Mallory Branek as Weisel, Bowery Beauty & Newsie
  • Parker Kaibas as Bunsen/Newsie
  • Diana Galbraith as Snyder/Newsie
  • Lily Meyers as Seitz/Newsie
  • Annelise Sikora as Darcy, Newsie
  • Casey Weckstein as “Wil” Wilhemina, Newsie Ensemble
  • Alex Heid as Specs
  • Reese Hornick as Sniper
  • Caroline Kaibas as Buttons
  • Cooper Schairbaum as Les
  • Cassidy Jackson as Elmer
  • Abriella Ruby as Jo Jo
  • Molly Wade as Finch
  • Avi Gilbert as Romeo
  • Ava Newkirk as Race
  • Graycen Helm as Ike
  • Griffin Greear as Mike
  • Vaughn Brodowski as Mush
  • Benjamin Jones as Albert
  • Matthew Wood as Henry
  • Chava Gilbert as Newsie Ensemble
  • Zeke Gilbert as Newsie Ensemble
  • Maria Greely as Newsie Ensemble
  • Millie Sikora as Newsie Ensemble
  • Jacob Martins as Newsie Ensemble
  • Jaxon Heritage as Newsie Ensemble
  • Taren Prinz as Newsie Ensemble
  • Evangelina Helm as Newsie Ensemble
  • Lily Brackney-Brown as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty, Nun
  • Joy Wood as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Hannah Collinsworth as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Jaslove Wood as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Colleen Sableski as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Sarah George as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Amelia Wiggershaus as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Sam Proctor as Feat. Dancer, Newsie, Bow. Beauty, Photographer
  • Nora Scarbro as Scab, Newsie Ensemble, Nun
  • Audrey Howe as Newsie Ensemble, Nun
  • Natalie Wourms as Bowery Beauty, Customer, Nun & Newsie

Directed by Richard Lee Waldeck with vocal & music direction by Sarah Plaugher and choreographed by Kara Castle.

Performances run Aug. 20-29.

For more information visit

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Cast Announced for CHARLOTTE’S WEB the Musical at Beechmont Players

BPI_logoBeechmont Players, Inc is excited to announce the cast of their summer production, CHARLOTTE’S WEB the Musical.


  • Ann-Marie Lusk as Fern Arable
  • Steve Phelan as John Arable
  • Jennifer Moore as Martha Arable
  • Mia Zink as Avery Arable
  • Karl Bollinger as Homer Zuckerman
  • Tonya Oslack as Edith Zuckerman
  • Emma Holtz as Lurvy
  • Nicole Stocks as Wilbur
  • Rebecca Wiesman as Charlotte
  • Matt Lovell as Templeton
  • Hunter Bruening as Gander
  • Faye Hardek as Goose
  • Katherine Anderson as Sheep
  • Claire Hardek as Lamb
  • Ensemble:
  • Hunter Bruening
  • Faye Hardek
  • Katherine Anderson
  • Claire Hardek
  • BethAnn Bruening
  • Richelle Rose

CHARLOTTE’S WEB the Musical runs July 31- August 2 & August 8-9, 2020 with all performances at the Anderson Center Theatre on Five Mile Rd.

CHARLOTTE’S WEB the Musical is directed by Karen Wiebe, produced by Cathy Roesner, and choreographed by Amy Waldfogle.

Tickets are available online at or by calling 513-233-2468

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Casts Announced for PYGMALION at Equality Theatre

MISC_Casting NewsReserve your evening on Saturday, April 25 at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 26 at 7:30pm to see PYGMALION performed by talented actors who have appeared at Beechmont Players, Ensemble Theater, Footlighters, Know Theater, Loveland Theater Company, Mariemont, Mason Community Players, TDW and Village Players among others.

The Equality Theater productions are being performed as a benefit to raise money for the Cincinnati area theaters who had to cancel their spring shows.  Details on where to watch the shows online and how to donate will be announced soon.

Saturday 4/25 Cast

  • Alan Kootsher as Doolittle
  • Ashley Wuerdemar as Clara Hill
  • Chessie Vigran as Mrs. Higgins
  • Corey Meyer as Freddie Hill
  • Elizabeth Hickerson as Mrs. Pearce
  • Matt Lovell as Higgins
  • Olivia Reese as Liza
  • Samantha Toberman as Mrs. Hill
  • Steve Phelan as Pickering

Sunday 4/26 Cast

  • Ashley Wuerdemar as Clara Hill
  • Chessie Vigran as Mrs. Higgins
  • Elizabeth Hickerson as Mrs. Pearce
  • Esther Cunningham as Liza
  • Fred Murrell as Doolittle
  • Matt Lovell as Higgins
  • Mickie Masterson as Freddie Hill
  • Steve Phelan as Pickering
  • Trisha Cooper as Mrs. Hill

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Cast & Crew Announced for NEWSIES at Commonwealth Artists Student Theatre


The Commonwealth Artists Student Theatre has announced the cast and crew for their upcoming production of NEWSIES.

Performances run July 17-26 at Highlands High School.

The cast includes:

  • Jack Kelly – Micah Day
  • Crutchie – Gavin Duffy
  • Davey – Jacob Mullins
  • Race – Tommy Sanders
  • Albert – Thomas Gray-Torsell
  • Specs – Lily Canter
  • Henry – Jameson Zoller
  • Finch – Christian Arias
  • Romeo – David Herrington
  • Elmer – Cassidy Perme
  • Mush – Erica Kruse
  • Buttons – Cooper Gamble
  • Splasher – Emma Cooper
  • Tommy Boy – Samantha Heilman
  • JoJo – Ashley Kelly
  • Mike – Sam Hopper
  • Ike – Annabelle Dilts
  • Other Newsies – Lucia Combs, Sophia Gamble, Isabella Gilvin, Lukas Hummeldorf, Paige Landers, Alexis Peterson, Lizzy Roeding, Oliver Vockell, Lauren Weizer, Jude Williams
  • Scabs – Isabella Gilvin, Lukas Hummeldorf, Alexis Peterson
  • Spot Conlon – Oliver Vockell
  • Girl Writing Headlines – Sophia Veshapidze
  • Katherine Plumber – Gabi Benintendi
  • Darcy – Claire Northcut
  • Bill – Cooper Gamble
  • Wiesel – Gabe Donnelly
  • Morris Delancey – Sam Lewis
  • Oscar Delancey – Rad Murray
  • Cameraman – Claire Northcut
  • Goons – Annika Halonen, Seth Kuhl, Mehryn Toole
  • Joseph Pulitzer – Sylas Craven
  • Seitz – Sophia Veshapidze
  • Bunsen – Evan Stuart
  • Hannah – Annika Halonen
  • Nunzio – Hank Slaby
  • Passersby – Elena Hamall, Mehryn Toole
  • Guard – Hank Slaby
  • Snyder – Seth Kuhl
  • Medda Larkin – Zoe Zoller
  • Bowery Beauties – Annika Halonen, Elena Hamall, Claire Northcut, Mehryn Toole
  • Stage Manager – Gabe Donnelly
  • Nuns – Annika Halonen, Elena Hamall, Claire Northcut, Mehryn Toole, Zoe Zoller
  • Audience Members in Medda’s Theater – Sam Lewis, Rad Murray, Hank Slaby, Evan Stuart, Sophia Veshapidze
  • Woman – Claire Northcut
  • Mr. Jacobi – Gabe Donnelly
  • Policeman – Hank Slaby, Evan Stuart
  • Mayor – Gabe Donnelly
  • Governor Teddy Roosevelt – Hank Slaby

The crew includes:

Student Technical Director

  • Lillian McMullan

 Production Stage Manager

  • Hunter Lee

Assistant Stage Manager

  • El Bowers
  • Grace Grau

Sound Designer

  • Colin Gastright

Assistant Sound Designers/Sound Board Ops

  • Will de Sola
  • Evan McSorley

Lighting Designer

  • Luke Eisner

Assistant Lighting Designer

  • Nate Culyer

Light Board Op

  • Bella Pfeiffer

Lights/Sound Crew

  • David Dierig
  • John Dougherty
  • Ryan Groneck
  • Emma Horton

 Props Designer

  • Maggie Ellis

Assistant Props Designer

  • Delaney Jennings

 Props Crew

  • Paige Barber
  • Natalie Horton
  • Caroline Slaby
  • Charles Ziegler

 Building Crew Head

  • Robert Chalk

Set Deco Head

  • Olivia Hart

 Stage and Building/Set Deco Crew

  • Addie Dierig
  • Bradley Groneck
  • John Laskey
  • Jonah Listerman
  • Grace Reynolds

Stage and Building/Set Deco Crew (Continued)

  • AnnaLucy Surrey
  • Emily Winters
  • Colin Yaegel

 Student Costume Designer

  • Olivia Greenwell

Assistant Costume

  • Chloe Caudill

 Hair/Makeup Head

  • Sydney Earle

Assistant Hair/Makeup Head

  • Abby Adkins

 Costume & Makeup Crew

  • Olivia Bayer
  • Katie Buschle
  • Alanna Gorrigan
  • Ava Lynn Jansen
  • Emily Keller
  • Annabella Salzarulo
  • Emersen Slaby
  • Chloe Zeit

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