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PRECIPICE: What Took Us Over the Edge Runs Sept. 18-20

FLI_Precipice logoPRECIPICE: What Took Us Over the Edge
Footlighters Inc.
Sept. 18-20

A New Song Cycle
Music by Matthew Nassida
Lyrics by Lexi Rigsby

Directed by Amanda Marasch
Produced by Katie McCarthy & Chad Brinkman

Cast: Michael Bojtos, Chris Brasfield, Amanda Marasch-Brinkman, Kelsey Chandler, Amanda Emmons-Shumate, Joyanna Feller, Caitlin Fry, Emma Horn, George Ivan, Je’Shaun Jackson, Kristen Jeter, Field Oldham, Mayi Reyes, Jamard Richardson, Molly Sexton, Alex Slade & Cian Steele

A musical theater song cycle, explores the significant human moments of revelation and change. As we stand on the edge of a proverbial cliff – uncertain whether to retreat or take a step forward into the abyss – we are welcomed by the memories, good and bad, that brought us to the brink. This powerful new work examines the exhilaration and the fear that comes as we stumble upon our tipping points and allow each of us to see ourselves from the ether standing beyond the precipice.

With an all-star cast of performers from across the United States, we bring you an exploration into human lives. The Footlighters, Inc. is proud to premiere PRECIPICE: What Took Us Over The Edge, a year in the making, by the emerging musical theater writing team of Rigsby and Nassida.

After the final live broadcast performance, a video recording of the program will be available on our YouTube channel for your enjoyment at a later date. 

  • Fri-Sat, Sept. 18-19 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Sept. 20 at 2:30pm

Official page |

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Cast Announced for PRECIPICE: What Took Us Over the Edge at Fooltighters

FLI_logoFootlighters Inc. is pleased to announced the cast for PRECIPICE: What Took Us Over the Edge, a new song cycle by Matthew Nassida and Lexi Rigsby.

The cast includes:

  • Michael Bojtos
  • Christopher Brasfield
  • Amanda Marasch-Brinkman
  • Kelsey Chandler
  • Joyanna Feller
  • Caitlin Fry
  • Emma Horn
  • George Ivan
  • Je’Shaun Jackson
  • Kristen Jeter
  • Field Oldham
  • Mayi Reyes
  • Jamard Richardson
  • Molly Sexton
  • Amanda Emmons-Shumate
  • Alex Slade
  • Cian Steele

Directed by Amanda Marasch-Brinkman, performances run Sept. 18-20.

For more information visit www.footlighters.org.

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Auditions Announced for PRECIPICE: WHAT TOOK US OVER THE EDGE at Footlighters

fli_logoFootlighters theatre would like to announce its auditions for PRECIPICE: WHAT TOOK US OVER THE EDGE – A New Song Cycle by Matthew Nassida and Lexi Rigsby.

Directed by Amanda Marasch.

This will be a digital performance and rehearsal process.

Audition Requirements:

  • Please submit a current headshot.
  • Please submit a current resume.
  • Please submit two 16-32 bar cuts of contrasting modern musical theatre songs.
  • Submissions should be emailed to: rigsbynassida@gmail.com.
  • Auditions are due Sunday, August 9th by midnight.
  • Callbacks will be set up on an individual basis, as needed.
  • For questions, please contact footlighters.ky@gmail.com.

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FIBBER MCGEE & MOLLY: A Radio Play Available July 25-26

FLI_Fibber McGee logoFIBBER MCGEE & MOLLY: A Radio Play
Footlighters Inc.
July 25-26

Directed by Amanda Marasch-Brinkman
Music direction by Matthew Nassida
Produced by Amanda Emmons Shumate

Cast: Joel Lind as Announcer #1, Steve Phelan as Announcer #2, Jeff Richardson as Announcer #3, Timothy J. Cox as Fibber McGee, Laura Berkemeier as Molly, Lauren Woodiwiss as Lady/Neighbor, John McInerney as Mayor, Sharon Shelton as Mrs. Wilcox, Louisa Joy as Teeny, Matt Lovell as Doc, Kate Crotty as Trio Singer #1, Kimberly Toft as Trio Singer #2, Katey Blood as Trio Singer #3, Emily Carroll-Martin as Solo Singer #1 as Amanda Marasch-Brinkman as Solo Singer #2 & Jay C. Gossett as Foley Operator

The Johnson Wax Program with Fibber McGee and Molly (the show’s full sponsored name) is one of the rare radio programs which has achieved a kind of immortality. Well after the series petered out in the mid-1950s, people still respond to the words “Fibber McGee,” even if they’ve never heard the original. Performers and listeners today will find the show a time capsule, full of corny jokes, and timeless references. The show also emits genuine good feelings, a true sense of happiness, and plenty of lessons to be learned.

Free, donations requested.

  • Sat, July 25 at 7pm
  • Sun, July 26 at 2pm

Visit the Facebook event for links to the performances.

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Cast Announced for FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY MAKING FUDGE: A Radio Play at Footlighters, Inc.

FLI_logoFootlighters, Inc. is proud to announce the cast of their upcoming Virtual Radio Show, FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY MAKING FUDGE! Stay tuned for information on the show’s virtual performance!

Produced by Amanda Emmons Shumate
Directed by Amanda Marasch-Brinkman
Music Directed by Matthew Nassida

The cast includes:

  • Joel Lind..Announcer #1
  • Steve Phelan …Announcer #2
  • Jeff Richardson…Announcer #3
  • Timothy J. Cox…Fibber McGee
  • Laura Berkemeier…Molly
  • Lauren Woodiwiss…Lady (Neighbor)
  • John Mclerney …Mayor
  • Sharon Shelton…Mrs. Wilcox
  • Louisa Joy…Teeny
  • Matt Lowell …Doc
  • Kate Crotty…Trio Singer #1
  • Kimberly Toft…Trio Singer #2
  • Katey Blood…Trio Singer #3
  • Emily Carroll-Martin…Solo Singer #1
  • Amanda Marasch-Brinkman…Solo Singer #2
  • Jay C. Gossett…Foley Operator

Performances are available online July 25-26.

Additional information coming soon to www.footlighters.org

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