Updated 10/26/20

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Video submission accepted through Oct. 30 at 8pm
Christmas Concert [Online]
Presented by Virtual Venue Theatricals in mid/late December

Video submission accepted through Oct. 30 at 8pm
W-YRD [Online]
Presented by Virtual Venue Theatricals in mid/late January

Video submission accepted by Nov. 8
Holiday Program [Online]
Presented by Loveland Stage Company/LSC Radio in December

Nov. 12, Dec. 7 & Jan. 25 from 6-9pm
2020-2021 Season [Zoom]
Presented by Cincinnati Boychoir

Dec. 7 from 6:30-9pm
Dec. 8 from 6:30-8pm
LITTLE WOMEN [Fairfield]
Roles available for ages 8 and up.
Presented by Fairfield Footlighters on Feb. 19-27

28 responses to “Auditions

  1. Hi! When are auditions for Avenue Q?


  2. Lindy

    Is there any way to add a theater to the list?


  3. molly

    Hi, I’ve been very interested in being in theater for a while now. I’ve never been in a community theater however, is this a good place to start?


  4. Laura

    My daughter is a model and was told by all agents she has to get some acting under her belt. Any ideas on workshops and where to look for them for her. Also, can she just try and audition for what looks best for her. Agents won’t sign her until she gets acting experience so I just need some help from people. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Raelynn

    Hey! Would you be willing/able to post about an audition for a High School show in need of high school boys? The school is McAuley and the show is Mary Poppins. You can contact the director at for more information!


  6. James Christian

    Hello, I viewed your webpage a couple weeks ago and there was a post from a theater company seeking directors for upcoming season and the deadline to apply was March 1st. I want to submit my information, however, I do not see post. Is there a way for me to review previous post?


  7. Janis Hayes

    when will the August and September schudule be out?


  8. Meg

    What are my choices for my 6 year old daughter? I don’t see ages under all of them.


  9. Colin Considine

    What are the requirements for auditioning


  10. James

    How does one become a member of the Cincinnati Rainbow Band? Do you have an ensemble or woodwind group as well. I played through HS and college (although that’s been a while). Curious



  11. Deborah

    How do I request an entry for an open audition on Behind the curtain?


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