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DADDY LONG LEGS Available March 5-14

March 5-14
[Loveland | Online]

Directed by Jacqlyn Schott
Music Direction by Matthew Nassida
Choreography by Emily C. Brinkman
Produced by Denise A. Schnieders

Cast: Bonnie Emmer as Jerusha & J. Farley Norman as Jervis

DADDY LONG LEGS is a musical with a book by John Caird, and music and lyrics by Paul Gordon. It is based on the 1912 novel of the same name by Jean Webster. Set in turn-of-the-century New England, the musical tells the story of orphan Jerusha Abbott of the John Grier Home and her mysterious benefactor who agrees to send her to college, who she dubs “Daddy Long Legs” after seeing his elongated shadow. Under the conditions of her benefactor, Jerusha sends him a letter once a month, describing her new-found experiences with life outside the orphanage.

  • Fri-Sat, March 5-6 at 7:30pm [Live Performance with limited seating | Streaming]
  • Sun, March 7 at 2pm [Live Performance with limited seating | Streaming]
  • March 8-14 [Video on demand]

Official page | Live performance ticket link | Streaming/Video on demand ticket link |


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THE AGITATORS Available March 12-20

FT_The Agitators promo

Elliott Young as Frederick Douglass & Cat Cook as Susan B. Anthony. Photo by Kristy Rucker.

Falcon Theatre
March 12-20

Directed by Darnell Pierre Benjamin

Cast: Cat Cook as Susan B. Anthony & Elliott Young as Frederick Douglass

A riveting story about the friendship that persisted through the years between Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass as both fought tirelessly for the rights of others.  The play struggles with the question “Do you believe there can be a country for all?”

  • Available for streaming March 12-20

Official page |

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NEW WORKS Streams FREE Feb. 25-28 & March 5-7

CB_New Works 2021Five world-premiere, contemporary ballets recorded at the Aronoff Center

Cincinnati Ballet’s The Kaplan New Works Series shifts to an innovative, digital experience, streaming FREE, Feb. 25-28 and March 5-7. Audiences can look forward to thought-provoking new work that reflects this unprecedented moment in time. Cincinnati Ballet’s Resident Choreographer Jennifer Archibald and choreographers Dana Genshaft and Helen Pickett will share their personal perspectives through movement. The digital program also features choreography from Cincinnati Ballet Principal Dancer Melissa Gelfin De-Poli and Corps de Ballet Dancer Taylor Carrasco. New Works was recorded at the Aronoff Center’s Jarson-Kaplan Theater with multiple cameras for an immersive digital experience, following strict health and safety protocols.

What the choreographers say inspired their pieces for New Works:

Jennifer Archibald, Pursuit:
“It’s a play on power. It’s a play on the fearlessness and the sexual power of the madams of the 19th century. A lot of the madams of the 19th century had some of the highest wages of American women at that time. A lot of them funded irrigation and roadbuilding projects, and they provided their employees with healthcare. They were these brazenly public women. Even if you didn’t agree with their life choices, they were able to gain power and control of their womanhood and moved through society in this non-apologetic way.”

Taylor Carrasco, Regards:
“I decided to go the gay, queer route because that is how I identify and there have been a lot of voices like mine that have not been heard. Luckily, I’ve been given a platform. So, when I was thinking about how I wanted to explain that voice, I started gravitating towards Broadway music, because when I thought about, it is an art form that has a lot of gay men involved in it, but if you look at the subject matter of a lot of Broadway works, they’re not extremely inclusive of gays. You’re probably not going to be lead male unless you’re strong and masculine and fawning after a beautiful woman. I wanted to give people like me a space to feel like themselves.”

Melissa Gelfin De-Poli, Ain’t I a Woman:
“I am exploring the voice of intersection — intersections of equality for the voices of minority groups. Humans whose voices have been silenced, whose being has been hushed because of gender, race, religion. But more importantly, I hope to address ‘the how’ — how can we put away the blocks of judgment between us and race as one.”

Dana Genshaft, Wunderkammer:
“My piece is about fantasy. Fantasy is the bridge our minds make when it is reaching for ‘knowing.’ When we don’t know, we often create fantasies to make sense of the world. This piece is about acceptance of the things that are unknown, strange or don’t fit into society, that somehow don’t have a place in the logical, ‘real’ world.”

Helen Pickett, BALANCE:
“BALANCE is a journey solo, a dive into the continual negotiation of life’s on and off balance, physically and emotionally. What do we choose to carry or relinquish? In the solo, there is a chair and the image of the world printed on a carpet. Is that carpet the small/interior world, and the room, the large/exterior world? Or vice versa? How can we move fluidly between both worlds? When we DO find our balance, we dance our way through life.”

WHO: Cincinnati Ballet
WHAT: The Kaplan New Works Series
WHEN: February 25-28 & March 5-7
*Video link will be available at beginning at 8 pm, Thursday, February 25 through 11:59 pm, Sunday,
February 28 and again beginning at 8 pm Friday, March 5 through 11:59 pm, Sunday, March 7.

About Cincinnati Ballet
Since 1963, Cincinnati Ballet has been the cornerstone professional ballet company of the region, presenting a bold and adventurous array of classical, full-length ballets and contemporary works, regularly with live orchestral accompaniment. Under the artistic direction of Victoria Morgan, Cincinnati Ballet has become a creative force within the larger dance community, commissioning world premiere works and exploring unique collaborations with artists as diverse as Grammy winning guitarist Peter Frampton and popular, Ohio-based band Over the Rhine. With a mission to enrich, expand, and excel in the art of dance through performance, a high-caliber academy, and impactful education and outreach in local to global communities, Cincinnati Ballet reaches beyond the stage in programs that allow every person in the region to be part of the continued evolution of dance. To that end, Cincinnati Ballet presents exhilarating performances, provides extensive education and community engagement programs, and offers top-level professional ballet training at Cincinnati Ballet Otto M. Budig Academy.

Cincinnati Ballet 2020-2021 Season Sponsors: Rhonda & Larry A. Sheakley, Margaret and Michael Valentine, ArtsWave, Mercy Health, Louise Dieterle Nippert Musical Arts Fund, Ohio Arts Council, Frisch’s, The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation

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Falcon Theatre to Produce THE AGITATORS as On-demand Theater/Film Project

FT_The Agitators promo

Elliott Young as Frederick Douglass & Cat Cook as Susan B. Anthony. Photo by Kristy Rucker.

For forty-five years, they agitated the nation and each other. They met in the 1840s as young abolitionists, full of hopes and sharing a common purpose. They became cultural and historical icons. They were Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Their tempestuous decades-long  friendship is the subject of playwright Mat Smart’s THE AGITATORS, currently in production at Falcon Theatre as a special theater-for-film presentation. The production will be available for on-demand streaming from March 12 – 20, 2021.

This project has been more than a year in the making. Originally scheduled as the fourth production of Falcon’s 2019-2020 season, the play was mere days from opening last March when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the theater to shelve the project temporarily. Out of concern for cast, crew, and audience safety, Falcon Artistic Director Ted Weil and production director Darnell Benjamin agreed to push the production to the 2020-2021 season. Weil and Benjamin ultimately opted to produce the play as Falcon’s second theater-for-film project. This past October, the theater filmed a similar venture for Sean Devine’s play Daisy.

Anthony and Douglass found a common cause in the abolition of slavery, though each came at the subject from a different standpoint. She was white, a Quaker. He was black, an escaped slave. Both used their gifts as writers and orators, along with their shared passion for equality to forge an unlikely friendship. Slavery ended after the Civil War, and the two focused on what they hoped would be universal suffrage. Their friendship and alliance became strained with the proposal of the 15th Amendment, which would grant voting rights to black men, but not to women of either race.

Playwright Smart sees the story of the pair as timely for 21st Century America. “The distance between people in this country seems to be growing greater and greater,” Smart says. “And something that is so inspiring to me about Susan and Frederick was their ability to have a healthy, hard dialogue with the people they disagreed with…with the people who hated them. So I hope a lesson we can take from them is how we can better listen to people who believe different things than we believe, and how we may better agitate the people who disagree with us to change their thinking. Or vice versa.”

Details for streaming the presentation will appear soon on Falcon’s website ( and on Falcon’s Facebook and Instagram (@falcontheatrenky) pages.

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GRACE & GLORY Runs March 5-20

MLT_Grace & Gloria logoGRACE & GLORY
Middletown Lyric Theatre
March 5-20

Cast: Betty Coulter as Grace & Elizabeth Hickerson as Glorie

Set in the Blue Ridge Mountains; Grace, has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her beloved homestead to die alone. Her volunteer hospice worker, Glorie, a New-York transplant is tense, unhappy and guilt-ridden. As she attempts to care for and comfort the cantankerous Grace, the sophisticated Glorie gains new perspectives about life.

  • Fri-Sat, March 5-6 at 8pm SOLD OUT
  • Fri, March 12 at 8pm
  • Sat, March 13 at 3pm & 8pm
  • Fri, March 19 at 8pm SOLD OUT
  • Sat, March 20 at 3pm

Official page |

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