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SEX N’ THE CITY: A (Super Unauthorized) Musical Parody | New Performance Added | Oct. 7-8, 2021 | Aronoff Center

This is not a drill! Live theatre is back, and it’s time to heat things up!

CAA_Sex in the City logo


October 7 (new performance) & October 8, 2021
Aronoff Center – Jarson Kaplan Theater

On sale now! 

CINCINNATI, OH –  Everyone’s favorite New York City singles are making their way to Cincinnati! Sex n’ the City: A (Super Unauthorized) Musical Parody comes to the Aronoff Center’s Jarson-Kaplan Theater for two performances only – Thursday-Friday, October 7-8, 2021 at 7:30 PM.  The October 7 performance was just added due to popular demand!

Tickets are on sale now starting at $40.50 at and (513) 621-2787 [ARTS]. Discounts are available for CAA Members and groups of 10 or more. For Group Sales, call (513) 977-4157. The Cincinnati Arts Association Ticket Office, located in the Aronoff Center at 650 Walnut Street, opens for in-person purchases on Monday, August 2. 

Sex n’ the City tackles serious questions like “Will I ever find the one?,” “Can you ever really be over your ex?,” and “For the third time, it’s a neck massager!” Join Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha on a hilarious trip through New York in the ’90s.

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ON CUE Newsletter Summer 2021

ACT_logoThe electronic newsletter of the Association of Community Theatres of Greater Cincinnati
Summer, 2021
Linda Roll, editor

So, here we are in 2021 and most of the COVID-19 restrictions are gone. We all know how much live theatre was missed in 2020. As a consequence, the events we all looked forward to were cancelled. These included not only the OCTA/ACT fest in June but the OCTA conference over Labor Day weekend. The OCTA/Act fest went virtual thanks to the amazing work of Amanda Emmons Shumate, Dan Maloney, and all the other people who put that video together and made it possible for viewing by the theatre community.  

Because of the uncertainty of being able to resume normal theatre functions this year, ACT and OCTA decided to cancel both events again this year. 

In order to bring a semblance of normalcy to the ACT community, the board, with input from all groups, has decided to do things a little differently this year. 

The results follow: 

Due Date Quick View: 

  • Awards Night Group Presenter Name/Email Submission: 8/1/2021 
  • In Memoriam Submission: 8/1/2021 
  • Video for Excerpt: 8/15/2021 
  • ACT Warranty Form Submission: 8/15/2021

Group Daytime Excerpts: Video Submission due 8/15/2021  

  1. Each group will receive up to 20 minutes to share a presentation of their choice. It can be from the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 Seasons. 
  2. Groups will be scheduled during the day on August 28th where their presentation would be presented “live” from our ACT YouTube channel. 
  3. This would be a pre-recorded presentation, so your video would be sent to the 1st VP ahead of time for her to broadcast for your group.
    1. CLICK HERE to submit your excerpt video.
  4. Your video presentation could be:
    1. The “Excerpt” can be of one of your recent productions (in-person or virtual)
    2. A video montage of multiple shows or projects from the past year and a half or so that highlights your group.
    3. A photo slideshow of your group highlighting your work for the past two seasons.
    4. Groups are responsible for putting together the video in MP4 or MOV file formats.
      • OpenShot is a great free video editing program that will allow you to do this easily if you wish.
  5. Patrons wishing to view these “Excerpts” will visit the ACT YOUTUBE Channel to view the excerpts from each participating group.
  6. This would occur during the day Saturday and the awards would be in the evening beginning at 7pm live streamed.
  7. All groups excerpting must complete the ACT WARRANTY FORM. due by August 15th. 
    1. This form should be signed and returned (or emailed) to Amanda Emmons Shumate. 
    2. Groups submitting a compilation of Photographs instead of video would not need a royalty release, but if you set music to the photography, it would need to be royalty free or have royalty coverage.
  8. Groups will not receive any form of adjudication for their submission. This is simply to allow time for our groups to showcase their work and allow us to celebrate their accomplishments.
  9. This would be optional for the groups.
  10. Deadline to submit this video will be August 15th. 

Evening Award Ceremony
The evening ceremony would be similar to last year’s event. It would be held live on the ACT YouTube channel with guests appearing throughout the evening.  

Here is the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS for the evening.  This is subject to change based on the decisions presented by the ACT member groups.

  • 50/50 Raffle Recommendations: 
    • Options for payment methods:
      1. Check or Cash can be brought to the ACT Meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd.
      2. Payment can be made via PayPal up to August 27, 2020.
      3. Venmo payments will be accepted starting August 20th until 7pm on August 27th. @ACTCincinnati
  • Awards: 
      • Gary Rogers has agreed to compile our 2021 Awards Video 
      • Fred Hunt will distribute the Orchid Awards for the year as he normally does. 
      • Awards will be available for pickup from Fred Hunt after the virtual ceremony.  
  • In Memoriam Video:  Gary Rogers has also agreed to once again create our In Memoriam Video for any members of our ACT community that we have lost since our June event last year.   
    1. Submissions for the In Memoriam Video will be accepted until August 1, 2021. 
    2. Please CLICK HERE to submit for our 2020-2021 ACT In Memoriam Video.  
  • Group Presentations: Groups will be given approximately 3-5 minutes to present during the evening awards ceremony during their assigned slot. (Submit name by 8/1/2021) 
    1. This would be optional for the groups to participate. 
    2. Each group participating would select a representative for their group to present. This could be the group president, the ACT representative or other member. 
    3. The presentation could be live or pre-recorded or a combination of both in case you wanted to present some film of things around your space.   If pre-recorded, the live presenter would be required to share their screen to present or arrange for the video to be played by Amanda.   A short training session will be held the week before the event to allow the presenter to set up and practice anything needed for their presentation. 
      • Please send the name of your group live presenter to Amanda Emmons Shumate along with their email address by August 1st. 
    • Options of what to include during presentation: 
      1. 2021-2022 Season Announcements 
      2. Theatre Updates 
      3. Any additional information for patrons 
      4. Contact Information 
      5. Presentations could include digital presentations such as a season announcement short video, or a slideshow with documents if the group wishes. 

ACT Cincinnati 2020-2021 ACTFest
August 28, 2021 
Excerpt Presentations 10:00am  | Awards Ceremony 7:00pm
YouTube Live: ACT Cincinnati YouTube Channel 

Excerpt Schedule 

  • TBA  

Awards Event 

  • President’s Welcome – Dan Maloney 
  • 1st VP Address – Amanda Emmons Shumate 
  • 50/50 Raffle Information 
  • In Memoriam Video Presentation 
  • Pitacco, Rouse, Grooms Nominees Video Presentation 
  • OCTA and AACT Update – Kevin Noll 
  • OCTA 2021 Spirit of Community Theater Award – Kevin Noll 
  • Rising Stars Slideshow Introduction and Presentation – Dennis Murphy 
  • Group #1 Season Presentations: (Acting Up, Beechmont, CenterStage Players, Cincinnati Music Theatre) 
  • Orchid Awards Set 1 – Fred Hunt   
  • President’s Award – Dan Maloney 
  • Group #2 Season Presentations: (Fairfield, Footlighters, Inc., Gaslight Players, InnovaTheatre, Inspiring Arts) 
  • 50/50 Raffle Reminder 
  • Orchid Awards Set 2 – Fred Hunt 
  • Roger Grooms Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Roger Grooms Award Presentation – Jerry Wiesenhahn 
  • Group #3 Season Presentations: (Loveland, Mariemont, Mason, Merit Theatre) 
  • 50/50 Raffle Reminder 
  • Orchid Awards Set 3 – Fred Hunt  
  • Mario Pitocco Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Mario Pitocco Award Presentation – Jason Cox 
  • Group #4 Season Presentations: (Sunset Players, Drama Workshop, TriCounty, Village Players) 
  • Last Call for 50/50 Raffle Tickets 
  • Orchid Awards  Set 4 – Fred Hunt 
  • Art Rouse Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Art Rouse Award Presentation – Tom and Nancy Storey 
  • 50/50 Raffle Drawing and Thank You – Amanda Emmons Shumate 
  • Closing Thoughts – Dan Maloney 

Participating Groups

  • Click here to access the WARRANTY FORM. This must be completed by any group willing to participate in the excerpt portion. This should be completed and signed then can be scanned and emailed to me, or brought to the ACT Meeting.
  • Click here to access the SUBMISSION FORM. This is where groups will submit their information and group excerpt video if participating.

Now, for other information. 

It was decided at the election meeting that the current ACT board would stay in place for the upcoming 2021-22 season, with one change. Chuck Ingram has stepped down as Marketing/Publicity chair. Mary Stone will take over that position.

The following is the board that will guide us through this next year. 

  • President-Dan Maloney 
  • 1st VP Amanda Shumate 
  • 2nd VP Fred Hunt 
  • Secretary-Kate Coyne-Chailland (nee Crotty) 
  • Treasurer-Amanda Burke 
  • Scholarships-Melissa Smith 
  • Awards-Dennis Murphy 
  • Long Range Judging Committee-Laureen Catlin 
  • Membership-John Wesseling 
  • OCTA-Kevin Noll 
  • Pre-Registration-Joy Sharp 
  • Librarian/Newsletter/Historian-Linda Roll 

John Wesseling and Joy Sharp are currently looking at the By-laws and will submit updates for the board/groups to consider. 

Let’s all hope we get back to “normalcy” and theatre returns in full force. 

Have a good season, stay safe.

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Auditions Announced for SYLVIA! at Xenia Area Community Theatre

xactOpen Auditions for AR Gurney’s SYLVIA!

Auditions are readings from the script. The readings are posted below ….. go ahead and look, it’s not cheating! We look forward to seeing you ….. and isn’t it GREAT to be auditioning again?

Directed by Mike Taint

Mon & Tue, July 26 & 27 at 7pm

45 E Second St, Xenia

Performance Dates: Oct. 1-10

Cast Requirements: (must be able to play “about” the age range, not necessarily be in age range).  All roles open to all ethnicities.

  • Sylvia (lead, 20-40) – a dog played by a woman. Good comedic timing and physical comedy skills necessary. Flexibility and mobility essential.
  • Greg (lead 40-60) – highly likeable married man befuddled by the classic mid life crisis (mostly about work) who impulsively adopts and falls in love with a stray dog.  Married to Kate
  • Kate (lead 40-60) – middle-aged college academic (Shakespeare scholar) with her kids finally out of the house, is excited and ready to finally be able to focus on her marriage and her own career. Married to Greg
  • The following supporting roles were originally designed to be played by one actor.  The director prefers not to double/triple cast but keeps this as an option.  Age ranges 25-40s for all
  • Tom – a man in the dog park who dispenses some common sense advice
  • Leslie – an androgynous (and possibly bi polar) psychiatrist who lets the clients choose his/her gender during their sessions, comic relief character
  • Phyllis – a hotshot Manhattanite, Kate’s friend from college, prone to drama and drinking

The Story:
Greg and Kate have moved to Manhattan after twenty-two years of child-raising in the suburbs. Greg’s career as a financial trader is winding down, while Kate’s career, as a public-school English teacher, is beginning to offer her more opportunities. Greg brings home a dog he found in the park—or that has found him—bearing only the name “Sylvia” on her name tag. A street-smart mixture of Lab and poodle, Sylvia becomes a major bone of contention between husband and wife. She offers Greg an escape from the frustrations of his job and the unknowns of middle age. To Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for affection. And Sylvia thinks Kate just doesn’t understand the relationship between man and dog. The marriage is put in serious jeopardy until, after a series of hilarious and touching complications, Greg and Kate learn to compromise, and Sylvia becomes a valued part of their lives.

Auditions Sides are available here (scroll down).

Questions? Email me at

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Manager of Galleries and Outreach Sought by NKU School of the Arts

NKU_SOTA logoManager of Galleries and Outreach – NKU School of the Arts
Quick Link:

Work Schedule: NKU work hours are 8:15 – 4:30, however the nature of this position will require flexibility due to gallery and outreach events that occur outside of normal operating hours.

Northern Kentucky University is seeking a Manager of Galleries and Outreach. The Visual Arts Program in the School of the Arts (SOTA) at Northern Kentucky University invites applications for a full-time staff position managing galleries and outreach for Visual Arts, beginning Fall 2021. The Manager of Galleries and Outreach provides curatorial leadership, management and outreach of the gallery spaces and operations at Northern Kentucky University. Current spaces include two main Visual Arts Galleries as well as the SOTA Community Outreach Atrium. Operations in these spaces serve as important outreach to the community, valuable educational opportunities for campus, and vital instruction for the Visual Arts program.

This position is the primary public relations presence of the Visual Art Program at the University and in the community. The Manager of Galleries and Outreach provides an innovative consultative role to the Visual Art Program Head and the School of the Arts Director/Associate Director with a focus on the Visual Arts Program growth strategy through student success, career & community engagement and entrepreneurship & innovation. The role also includes exhibition related curricula, teaching the BFA Senior Exhibition and Gallery Internship courses, management of the University’s permanent art collection and installation of artwork across campus.

The Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre and Dance programs make up the School of the Arts that sit in the College of Arts and Sciences at Northern Kentucky University. The Visual Arts Program offers an innovative and engaged opportunity for aspiring artists and designers who seek professional training in the arts. The Visual Arts Program has 19 full-time faculty and 5 full-time staff that embrace a comprehensive hands-on approach of working with materials and techniques while developing critical thinking skills related to the various art disciplines and studio training. The NKU Art Galleries serve as a premier venue for the exhibition of high-quality artworks from regional, national, and international artists as well as a creative forum for students, the campus community and region.

Established in 1968, NKU is a 15,000-student, nationally recognized, growing metropolitan university located seven miles from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Greater Cincinnati has one of the most vibrant and multifaceted cultural scenes in the Midwest, with the Cincinnati Art Museum, Contemporary Arts Center, 21c Museum Hotel and a plethora of galleries such as The Weston, Carl Solway and Manifest Gallery. Cincinnati offers an outstanding quality of life, a dynamic arts community, and an affordable cost of living. NKU is committed to active engagement with the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati region of over two million people. We encourage applications from all qualified candidates, but especially from individuals who contribute to the diversity of our academic community.

Primary Responsibilities             

  • Management of planning, organization, installation, and publicity for gallery exhibitions and outreach activities
  • Consultation with Visual Arts Program Head and Art Faculty, in management of planning, organization, installation, and publicity for gallery exhibitions in the NKU Main Gallery and the Third Floor Gallery
  • Organize and manage the BFA Senior Exhibition at the end of every fall and spring semester with input from the Visual Arts Program Head and Art Faculty
  • Contribute and teach capstone BFA Senior Exhibition and Gallery/Museum Studies courses
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders for events and promotion of the arts on campus and across the region
  • Approximately 8 exhibitions a year in the NKU Art Galleries and 4 exhibitions in the SOTA Community Showcase Atrium
  • In consultation with SOTA Administration, management of planning, organization, installation, and publicity for gallery exhibitions in SOTA Community Showcase Atrium
  • In consultation with SOTA Budget Officer, plan and allocate budget for galleries and Atrium
  • Oversee gallery assistants, student gallery assistants and interns for galleries and Atrium
  • Maintain contact and relationships with art community, area K-12 school art programs, area museums/galleries and act as a liaison for SOTA/Visual Arts with artists, curators, and arts councils
  • Maintain University art collection, gallery inventory, and maintenance of gallery equipment
  • Serve as chair of the Visual Arts gallery committee in the selection of suitable exhibitions for the galleries and develop and explore emerging trends in exhibitions, including digital and virtual galleries on social media to expand audiences beyond our region and expose students to these skillsets
  • Work with SOTA Publicity and Art Events Manager to market and publicize the art galleries, maintain gallery mailing lists, digital archives, and gallery communications
  • Explore grant and funding opportunities, and compile data related to the galleries as requested


Minimum qualifications include a master’s degree in arts administration, museum studies, studio art or related fields. An active professional curatorial practice including demonstrated knowledge of gallery programming, installation of exhibitions and outreach.

  • Well versed in contemporary and historical art + design practice
  • Minimum 3 years of curatorial experience
  • Programming and facilitating community outreach with diverse communities
  • College-level teaching experience preferred

The position includes opportunities to shape curricula and be part of a team of committed colleagues and dedicated students.

Please highlight any of the following materials in your application:

  • Exhibition coordination, installation and curation
  • Management of staff, including part-time employees and student workers
  • Writing examples of museum education, curatorial studies, fundraising, budget management, grant writing, or community outreach
  • Experience teaching at the University level – ability to write and teach courses in gallery management, museum education, arts administration, curatorial studies, grant writing and community outreach
  • Collaboration across disciplines
  • Experience developing interdisciplinary programming
  • Development of diverse educational programming and outreach materials
  • Installation, collection maintenance and cataloging,
  • K-12 programming
  • Expertise in digital, new media and interdisciplinary experiences

Applicants should clearly demonstrate strengths and technical experience in the afore-mentioned areas of expertise. To apply, submit the following items electronically to (may either include a link to a URL or submit PDF attachments 7MB maximum for each item.

  • Cover Letter (outlining qualifications)
  • CV
  • Names and Contact Information of 3 references
  • *Diversity Statement
  • Artist Statement / Curatorial Interests
  • Documentation of Professional Work (writing examples of exhibition brochures, curatorial essays, catalogs and or 10 – 20 images of previously organized exhibitions)
  • (optional) Student Work Examples – can include writing examples and or images of student work with image list)

*The diversity statement should provide the candidate’s unique perspective on their past and present contributions to and future aspirations for promoting diversity, inclusion, and social justice in their professional career. (In line with the University’s Affirmative Action Policy, candidates are not expected to disclose their identity or membership either in the diversity statement or in other application documents submitted to the search committee. Demographic information is solicited through the application process; however, those data are confidential and are not provided to members of the search committee.)

Any candidate who is offered a position at NKU will be required to go through a pre-employment criminal background check as mandated by state law.

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position has been filled. (For full consideration we encourage applications before or on July 11.)

Questions regarding the use of the website should be directed to the Human Resources Department at

Questions regarding the nature of the position should be directed to the search committee chair, Brad McCombs, Visual Arts Program Head, via email:

For additional information on NKU and the Visual Arts Program, visit and

  • Minimum Education: Master’s Degree
  • Minimum Experience: 3 years

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2021-2022 Season Announcement for The Drama Workshop

TDW_VERTThe Drama Workshop Announces their 2021-22 Season of Plays and Musicals

(Cheviot, OH) The Drama Workshop will re-open in August with a full season of six shows including two musicals, three comedies and Home Brew 5 – a slate of short plays by local playwrights.

Subscriptions to TDW’s upcoming season are on sale now! For more information on season subscriptions, visit or call (513) 598-8303.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) {revised} by Long, Singer & Winfield
You don’t have to be a Shakespearian scholar to enjoy this fast-paced, irreverent review of all of the Bard’s plays. Imagine if your English teacher wore sneakers, a dress and a wig and had 97 minutes to teach you everything you really need to know about the Shakespeare canon. What a blast!
August 6-22.  Directed by Becky Collins

All Together Now! by Music Theatre International
This one-of-a-kind musical revue is specifically designed to celebrate the return of live theater. Featuring favorite tunes from some of musical theater’s greatest song teams and the Disney songbook, it will be performed globally on the same dates by theaters all over the world! Come join us for this celebration!
November 12-14.  Directed by Linda Abbott

Making God Laugh by Sean Grennan
A touching comedy following a typical American family as they meet to celebrate holidays over a 30-year span.  As Bill and Ruthie’s grown children – a priest, an aspiring actress and a former football star – return home, we learn that our dreams and plans reshape over time, ending at unexpected destinations.
December 3-19.  Directed by Michael L. Morehead

Home Brew 5 by local playwrights
Now in its fifth year of combining home-grown plays with home-grown beer, Home Brew 5 features a slate of ten short plays written by local playwrights. After the show, meet the authors, directors and casts at the after-show reception featuring beer from a Westside brewery.
January 14-16.

Bright Star, a musical by Steve Martin and Eddie Brickell
Set in the Blue Ridge mountains during the 1920s and ‘40s, Bright Star tells a sweeping, tuneful tale of love, loss and re-birth. Inspired by a true story, this heartwarming musical features a bluegrass Grammy and Tony®-nominated score from Steve Martin and Edie Brickell that will have your toes tapping!
March 4-20.   Directed by Dennis Murphy

Foolish Fishgirls and the Pearl by Barbara Pease Weber
It’s the Cincinnati premiere for this comedy of three mermaids who fell in love with men and “came ashore” in their youth. 30 years later two are single and running a bed and breakfast, the third is on the verge of losing her man. When a new mermaid arrives … should they warn her of the perils of falling for fallible mortal men?
May 7-23.    Directed by Rose Vanden Eynden

TDW President Eric Thomas shared, “We are elated to return to producing live theater again and can’t wait to invite our audiences back to the Glenmore Playhouse with our full season of musicals and comedies celebrating love, family, music and laughter.”


About The Drama Workshop
The Drama Workshop (TDW) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing education and promotion of the theatrical arts. Founded in 1954, TDW is an accomplished community theater organization, annually garnering dozens of awards from the Association of Community Theatres (ACT) of Greater Cincinnati. It has been recognized by the Cincinnati Preservation Association for efforts in rehabilitating the former Glenmore Bowl into The Glenmore Playhouse. Prospective members, and individuals or businesses interested in becoming involved or in helping advance TDW’s mission are encouraged to contact the group at or 513-598-8303.

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