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Virtual Romantic Comedy, GARDEN POLITICS, Provides The Perfect Escape

HRTC_Garden Politics logoThe Human Race Theatre Company, Dayton’s premier professional theatre company, is excited to announce a virtual reading of a play by Michael Slade, Garden Politics, will be made available on the streaming platform Broadway On Demand from November 13 – 18, 2020.

“This marks our second virtual playreading since our COVID shut down in March,” states Human Race Artistic Director and Founding Member, Kevin Moore.  “Rehearsing and performing via Zoom is a very different experience for our actors. It’s a combination of voice-over, oral interpretation, and acting for the camera. It’s theatrical, but not exactly theatre. Yet, it is still storytelling – and that fulfills our mission. For 34 years we have shared stories that enlighten us, move us, and yes, startle us into new thoughts.”

This project also marks the company’s sixth project with playwright Michael Slade since 2008, including three world premieres (Change, Under A Red Moon and Family Shots)  Slade is a three-time Emmy Award winner for Writing and Co-Creating the hit series After Forever, streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Described as a romantic comedy about people of “a certain age” who find love while battling City Hall, Garden Politics is directed by Human Race Resident Artist and Founding Member, Scott Stoney.  The cast includes Resident Artist Patricia Linhart, and Dayton actors Saul Caplan and Libby Holley Scancarello.  Video Editing is provided by Shaunn Baker of WorldStage Media.

Tickets are available at Broadway on Demand by using this link:  https://www.broadwayondemand.com/series/jesbUDfoukL0-garden-politics–the-human-race-theatre-company


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The Human Race Theatre Company Announces Changes to 34th Season Schedule

A letter from Kappy Kilburn and Kevin Moore

HRTC_new logoThe Human Race Theatre Company would like to thank our artists, audiences and community for their support and commitment to our work during this troublesome time. We could not continue to do what we do without that support.

Since March, when the pandemic forced us to close our season, we have worked with state and local officials, union representatives and other producers around the country to strategize reopening our theatre. We have listened to our audiences’ concerns about group gatherings and desires for a safe and celebratory return to LIVE theatre on our stage. After much thoughtful contemplation, we have decided to move forward with a new time frame for our full “Dayton Premieres” season.

In order to provide the safest experience for our audience and our artists, we are moving the entire season into the 2021 calendar year and will reopen The Loft in February, 2021. Below is the new schedule. Additional information on each production can be found at www.humanracetheatre.org.

34th Loft Theatre Season – Dayton Premieres
Revised Schedule

NOW AND THEN by Sean Grennan
February 18 -March 7, 2021

April 15 – May 2, 2021

MY 80-YEAR-OLD BOYFRIEND: A New True Musical
Book & Lyrics by Christian Duhamel Music & Lyrics by Edward Bell
Originally Conceived & Performed by Charissa Bertels
June 10 – 27, 2021

EVERYTHING THAT’S BEAUTIFUL by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder
July 22 – August 8, 2021

AIRNESS by Chelsea Marcantel
October 21 – November 7, 2021


WHO’S HOLIDAY by Matthew Lombardo
December 10 -27, 2020*
At this time, if circumstances allow, we hope to kick-off our season with this wildly outrageous holiday feast. If we are unable to do it during this holiday season, we will present it in 2021.

September 18, 19, 2021

For those who have already renewed their subscription – Thank You! Season packages will be mailed in the fall. Tickets will be adjusted based on preferred date and time in the run. HRTC is also refining our “Reopening Safety Protocol” so that everyone can return to the theatre with confidence. This plan will be announced to our audience before our season begins so that you will know what to prepare for and expect.

In the meantime, we are working on more virtual events for this fall that will both amuse and provide thoughtful escape. Stay tuned to www.humanracetheatre.org for updates.

For now, we encourage everyone to stay safe – wear masks in public – keep safe distances – and wash your hands regularly. These actions will allow us to gather together that much sooner. Of course, as the world changes we will remain flexible and will adapt. We look forward to bringing you these amazing stories and many more in the future. See you soon!

Kappy Kilburn
Executive Director

Kevin Moore
Artistic Director & Founding Member

HRTC_34th Season

Ways to join HRTC:

More than just super savings, subscribers always get the best available seats!

Flex Pass
Get a set of 2020-2021 season ticket vouchers that can be redeemed for any seat
to any public performance of any Loft Theatre production in any combination. It’s
the ultimate in flexibility!

Monthly Membership
HRTC Members pay $14.99 a month and have access to up to four $10 tickets per
production in their membership year. New and exciting perks available throughout
the season!

Go to www.humanracetheatre.org
or Call Dayton Live at (937) 228-3630
to Order Subscriptions Today!

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Human Race Playreading Goes Virtual with Local Playwright and Benefits The Foodbank


Top row: Lauren Kampman, Saul Caplan (Director) & Libby Holley Scancarello. Middle row: Caitlin Larsen, Barbara Dirr & Jeff Sams. Mottom row: Scott Stoney, Jeremy Todd Farley, & Robb Willoughby (Playwright).

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have closed down live performances, The Human Race has not let it stop them from presenting their Playreading Series – this time as a virtual reading of a new play by Yellow Springs playwright Robb Willoughby called Look Into My Eyes. This streaming reading will benefit The Foodbank, a vital organization solving hunger in the Miami Valley – especially now!

“We have been rehearsing on Zoom for our typical 11 hours,” reported Human Race Artistic Director Kevin Moore.  “A director, a playwright and seven actors working very hard to communicate this funny and sweet story in the “Brady Bunch” little boxes format.  It’s not easy.  We miss the live interaction and the reaction of an audience which always fuels a performance.  But we all felt it was necessary to keep the creative work flowing, even during these challenging times.  And since we had to cancel several of our Pay What You Can performances which have supported The Foodbank for decades,” continued Moore, “it seemed right to support them while they strive to meet the additional demand this pandemic has caused.”

The play centers around two unique siblings.  Billie can read people’s futures – has been doing it for years.  Her brother, Lonnie, can hear people’s thoughts – and it is driving him crazy.  But when a dangerous, dark cloud of a person comes in for a tarot reading, the sister/brother team must join forces to warn the innocent and expose the guilty.  The plot thickens, zany characters run amuck, and mystery abounds.  Will they save the day in time?  Find out for yourself.

Directed by Saul Caplan, the cast includes Human Race Resident Artists Caitlin Larsen and Scott Stoney, Barbara Dirr, Libby Holley Scancarello, Jeff Sams, Lauren Kampman and Jeremy Todd Farley.

The performance will be streamed starting at 8:00 PM on Saturday, May 16, and ending on Wednesday, May 20th at 8:00 PM, so you can view at your leisure. Tickets are available at DaytonLive by calling 937-228-3630, or visit The Human Race website at www.humanracetheatre.org  Tickets start at $10, with all proceeds going to The Foodbank.

This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of Pat and David Diven, Scott Stoney and Kevin Moore, and the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts.


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General Auditions for Adult Actors Announced at Human Race Theatre Company

HRTC_new logoWe will be accepting audition video submissions only at this time.

Beginning WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15 through WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29, 2020

ACTORS will be auditioning for:

  • NOW AND THEN, Sean Grennan
  • AIRNESS, Chelsea Marcantel
  • EVERYTHING THAT’S BEAUTIFUL, Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder

The roles in WHO’S HOLIDAY and MY 80-YEAR-OLD BOYFRIEND have been cast.


For more information on the characters for each show please see below.

Also please visit here for a short blurb about each show. 

Auditions are open to Non-Equity and Equity Actors (unless otherwise noted), with Non-Equity actors having the opportunity to join the Equity Membership Candidacy Program.

Procedures for auditions:
Prepare 2 one-minute contrasting monologues in the style of the show(s) or from the show(s) you are interested in OR 1 two-minute monologue tailored toward the specific show you are interested in.

There is an information form HERE.  We ask you to please complete it and send it with your video, headshot, resume and which show(s)/character(s) you are interested in (please be specific.)

Send your audition package to BOTH Kevin Moore and Tara Lail:

If you have any questions, please contact Tara Lail, Associate Artistic Director, at tara@humanracetheatre.org

Official page |

The Human Race 2020-21 Loft Season – Character Descriptions

NOW AND THEN by Sean Grennan
Rehearsals:  July 21 – Aug 19, 2020   Performances:  Aug 20 – Sept 6, 2020

  • Jamie– Late 20’s-Early 30’s. Bartender and aspiring pianist. Attractive in a regular guy way. Fit, sincere, hardworking, very much in love with Abby.
  • Man– Mid 60’s A bit beaten down but good-natured. Easy to talk to, well spoken, sincere and very intent on his mission tonight. Husband of 35 years to WOMAN. He is desperate.
  • Abby– Late 20’s-Early 30’s. IHOP waitress and one time English major. Attractive and funny, very much in love with Jamie.
  • Woman – Mid 60’s or a bit younger. Strong, direct, loving, a little coarse. She is MAN’s wife of 35 years. No one knows her like he does and no one knows him like she. She and MAN bicker but there is a bedrock of love there. They’d do anything for each other and no one can hurt either of them like the other. 

AIRNESS by Chelsea Marcantel
Rehearsals:  Sept 21 – Oct 14, 2020   Performances:  Oct 15 – Nov 1, 2020
Each character represents one of the pillars of Air Guitar.

  • Ed “SHREDDY EDDY” Leary: (20s-30s, any ethnicity) artistic merit
  • Gabe “GOLDEN THUNDER” Partridge: (20s-30s, person of color) originality
  • Mark “FACEBENDER” Lender: (older than the rest of the group by a few years, white) feeling
  • Astrid “CANNIBAL QUEEN” Anderson: (20s-30s, any ethnicity) technical ability
  • Nina “THE NINA” O’Neal: (20s-30s, any ethnicity) airness
  • David “D VICIOUS” Cooper: (20s-30s, any ethnicity) charisma/stage presence
  • Announcer/Sprite Exec/Hooded Figure: These parts are played by the same actor; sometimes his/her voice may be heard, without the actor being onstage.

EVERYTHING THAT’S BEAUTIFUL by Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder
Rehearsals:  Jan 25 – Feb 17, 2021    Performance:  Feb 18 – Mar 7, 2021

  • Luke (around 40) A good dad who feels responsible for the success of his family. Luke struggles to navigate this new territory. He wants to be a good dad to Morgan, but questions the decisions they have made.
  • Jess (around 40) Jess holds the family together. She too struggles with the decisions they have made and the stress is has placed on her family.
  • Morgan (playing age – 8) Smart, sensitive. Morgan knows who she is and often gets frustrated that others don’t see her true self.   Casting Note:  Morgan was assigned male at birth, now identifies as female.  Because of the challenging nature of this role, we are open to audition a young girl, young boy, transgender or non-conforming actor in the role.
  • Theo (playing age-15) Son of Luke and Jess; brother to Morgan.  Pissed off and resentful, but quick-witted. Theo struggles to make sense of Morgan’s identity, while being angry about the stress it’s placed on the family.
  • Gaby (early 20’s) Beautiful and likeable, there is something a little dangerous/seductive about her as well. She is effortlessly cool and a flirt who knows her power. Maybe a little punk/goth. Or maybe not.
  • Will/Dr. Miller   Will (40’s) is fun and flirty. Will allows Jess an escape without being threatening.   Dr. Miller is kind and well-intentioned. He knows the challenges the family faces and is invested in their success.

Rehearsals:  Mar 22 – Apr 14, 2021   Performances:  Apr 15 – May 2, 2021

  • Linda O’Shea (20 years old) Linda is highly intelligent, caring, and curious. She alternates between thinking she knows everything and thinking she knows nothing. Responsible and rarely impetuous.
  • Josephine ‘Jo’ O’Shea (late 40s, early 50s) Jo juggles more plates than Cirque de Soleil. A great mom who defines multi-tasking. She’s also a little more emotional and prone to outbursts than usual because she’s pregnant.
  • Theresa ‘Terri’ Carmichael (late 50s – Linda’s Aunt) Terri is definitely going through a rough patch, but she is not a depressive or phlegmatic. Think Thelma Ritter or Eve Arden, with a touch of Dorothy Parker. Fast talker.
  • Becky O’Shea (13 years old) Becky is an unusual child. Bright and verbal. Full of energy and a crazy-huge imagination. She speaks quickly, not unlike some of the characters in the movies she loves, like “His Girl Friday.”
  • Triple role: Mike O’Shea (early 50s)/ Father Lovett (late 50s)/ Betty Heckenbach (late 50s)
    • Mike is loud, loyal, and single-task oriented. His definition of a father is: Breadwinner and disciplinarian. Lousy listener.
    • Father Lovett is an old school, Catholic priest. Egotistical, imperious, and pampered. Unused to any kind of pushback from parishioners or anyone else for that matter.
    • There is a Betty Heckenbach in everyone’s life. She’s right up there with death and taxes—only less fun. Even though the role is played by a man, it has to be played absolutely straight—no winking or flamboyance. Just a homely, judgmental, middle- aged woman sticking her big puss into other people’s business.

About HRTC:
The Human Race Theatre Company is a professional theatre that works under a Small Professional Theatre Contract (SPT 6) and performs in The Loft Theatre, a 212-seat thrust stage.

Kevin Moore, Artistic Director. Kappy Kilburn, Executive Director. Tara Lail, Associate Artistic Director

Rehearsals are primarily Monday – Friday evenings, and daytime on weekends.

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THE REVOLUTIONISTS Cancelled at Human Race Theatre Company

HRTC_new logoTo our Human Race family,

It is with heavy hearts that we announce today that due to the ever evolving circumstances in our town and country, The Human Race Theatre Company will be canceling our upcoming production of THE REVOLUTIONISTS. As we did with the final four performances of GLORIA: A LIFE, we are making this decision in the best interest of our patrons, artists, staff and community.

Ticket holders to all canceled performances have several options. You may choose to donate your purchase as a charitable gift to The Human Race Theatre Company. All non-profits are feeling the impact of these closures and your contribution is greatly appreciated. We are doing our best to keep our staff fully employed during this time. You also have the option to exchange your ticket for the remaining production in this season – LOOPED which should prove a riotous relief from our confinement in June! If you have not renewed your subscription for the 2020-2021 Season, you may ask for the price of your tickets to be credited toward your renewal or purchase of a new one. Your tickets may also be credited to your account for future use.

Please contact Dayton Live to confirm what you’d like to do with your tickets.

As we all hunker down and find new ways to stay engaged, we ask that you keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page. We are currently planning some super fun live streaming and pay-per-view specials that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. These may include our Meet & Greet, our April Monday Night Play Reading and THE MILF ALSO RISES (if we are still quarantined on the rescheduled dates in May!) Stay tuned for more info!

To make any changes or donations, the Dayton Live Ticket Office can also be reached at 937-228-3630. They are there to help Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

We wish you health and well-being and hope to see you at The Human Race Theatre again soon!

Kappy Kilburn, Executive Director
Kevin Moore, Artistic Director

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