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Video Auditions announced for Christmas Concert at Virtual Venue Theatricals

VVT_logoDirector: Charity Farrell
Choreographer: Katelyn Parish

Audition due date: Fri, Oct 30 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Invited Callback: if needed
Cast Announcement: first week of November
Rehearsals: first three weeks of November
Performances: to stream mid/late December*
*actors will not need to be available for performance dates

‘Tis the season! Virtual Venue Theatricals presents a Christmas spectacular unlike any you’ve seen before. Singers, dancers, actors, and musicians from across the world come together to celebrate the holiday season in an unforgettable virtual production. 

Rehearsals will be scheduled to accommodate a variety of time zones. 

All roles performed remotely with performances to stream on

Audition Requirements

Dance Ensemble: Submit a video of the dance audition as provided on

Choir: Submit a video of your vocal part according to the scratch vocals provided on

Featured Vocalists: Submit 32 bars of a song in your style.

Musicians: Submit 32 bars of a song in your style.

Character Actors: Submit a one-minute monologue. Specifically seeking holiday characters (e.g. Santa, the Grinch, etc.).

How To Submit

    • Record video horizontally on a neutral background
    • Label clearly
      • full name_song title_role desired
      • full name_resume; full name_headshot
  • Please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting

Visit for more information or email with any questions.

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Auditions Announced for LITTLE WOMEN at Fairfield Footlighters

fflFairfield Footlighters announces the auditions for LITTLE WOMEN written by Thomas Hischak and directed by Anna Schindler Brown. This is a timeless story of coming of age and the importance of honesty, hard work, and genuine love. Home and family come to light in Thomas Hischak’s stage adaptation of the beloved novel.

PERFORMANCES: February 19-20, 26-27 at 8PM and February 21 & 28 at 2PM. This production will include both in-person and live-stream options.

AUDITION DATES: Monday, December 7, from 6:30 – 9:00 PM and Tuesday, December 8, from 6:30 to 8:00 PM
(Children’s roles should choose one of the 15-minutes slots from 6:30 – 7:00 PM on Monday)

LOCATION: Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Dr., Fairfield 45014. Please go to the 2nd floor CLASSROOM.

GUIDELINES: Everyone entering the FCAC must wear a face mask. Auditionees must wear a mask during auditions. Everyone should stay in the hallway until called in and social distance as best they can.

AUDITIONEES MUST USE THIS SIGNUPGENIUS LINK   |  Sign up no later than December 1.

Auditions will be up to 8 per time slot. Adult slots are 30 minutes each. Children slots are 15 minutes each, from 6:30-7PM on Monday. All auditions will comprise cold readings from the script. Find more audition information on the SignUpGenius page.

Contact the director with questions via the SignUpGenius link. The rehearsals will begin on December 14.

CHARACTERS:  (9 women, 4 men, 2 young girls)

  • MRS TOMLINSON – A society lady – 50s to 70s. Will also play Aunt March.
  • JOSEPHINE MARCH – Narrator. A famous author & adult “Jo” – 40s to early 50s.
  • MR. MARCH – The girls’ father – 45 to 60.
  • MRS. MARCH (MARMEE) – The girls’ mother – 40s to 50s.
  • MEG – Eldest & most practical daughter. Longs to have nice things. Around 21.
  • JO – A tomboy & strong willed. An aspiring author. Around 18.
  • BETH – Shy & frail. Plays piano. Closest relationship to Jo. Around 16.
  • AMY – Youngest daughter. Vain and immature. Longs to be an artist. Throughout the show, she becomes refined and proper. Around 15 but ages during the show.
  • HANNAH – the housekeeper. Late 30s to 50s.
  • AUNT MARCH – Mr. March’s aunt. Wealthy matriarch of the family. Late 50s to 70s.
  • MR. LAURENCE – Wealthy grandfather to Laurie. 60s+.
  • THEODORE LAURENCE (LAURIE) – High-spirited neighbor who befriends the sisters. Falls in love with Jo and later Amy.. About 18.
  • JOHN BROOKE – Tutor to Laurie. Poor, but kind-hearted. Falls in love with Meg. Mid 20s to 30s.
  • MRS MOFFET – Wealthy. Looks down on the March family. 30s to 40s. Will also play Mrs. Kirke.
  • CLARA – Mrs. Moffet’s daughter.  Around 16. Appears in one scene.
  • MRS KIRKE – Runs the boarding house. 30s to 40s.
  • KITTY & MINNIE – Mrs. Kirke’s daughters. Around 8-11. May also be in background scenes.
  • FRIEDRICH BHAER – German professor (must use accent). Befriends Jo and encourages her writing. Proposes to Jo in the last scene. Late 30s to mid 40s.

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Video Auditions Announced for W-YRD at Virtual Venue Theatricals

VVT_WYRD logoDates & Info

  • Director: Caleb Redslob
  • Music Director: Katelyn Quinn
  • Technical Director: Charity Farrell
  • Stage Manager: Christine Orr

Audition due date: Fri, Oct 23 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Invited Callback due date: Fri, Oct 30 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
1st Rehearsal: Mon, Nov 2
Filming Day: first week of January 2021 (schedule TBD; based on conflicts)

Performance: to stream mid/late January 2021* 
*actors will not need to be available for performance dates

(Production will break for the winter holidays and resume in January)

Production Description 

Virtual Venue Theatricals presents W-YRD, the premiere show in our New Works series. Performers will have the unique opportunity to participate in the workshop to performance experience: providing feedback, fine-tuning characters, and developing a fully-realized collaborative production. Rehearsals to begin in November, break in December for revisions, and resume in January for brush-ups and filming.

Radio station W-YRD is the hub for a list of local songwriters: high-school lovers, overworked mothers, jealous besties, and zealous pastors. In a small town that keeps getting smaller, the radio tower broadcasts their emotions as music while they navigate relationships, regrets, and rediscovery. An original musical by Caleb Redslob. W-YRD is inspired by Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky indie rock station W-NKU.

All roles performed remotely with performances to stream on

How to Audition

32 bar pop/rock song

  • no a capella please

Record video horizontally

  • neutral background

Label clearly

  • full name_song title_role desired
  • full name_resume, full name_headshot

Please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting.

Due date October 23, 2020 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT

Submit video, headshot, resume & contact information to VVT Dropbox.


Abel Doran (Lead): Female, 18+ WORK FROM HOME
An angsty and sarcastic teenager; looking for her place in the world. Probably but not implicitly queer. Aspiring songwriter.

Ollie Rogers (Lead): Male, 18+ WORK FROM HOME
Likeable high schooler, gold retriever type. Charming and comforting to those he meets. Scatterbrained.

Reagan Rogers (Lead): Female, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME
Ollie’s mother, hardworking. Diligent and determined to provide her son a path to success. Sensible and caring with a smart wit.

Dirk Samson (Supporting): Male, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME
A pastor with a past. Seeks redemption with all the resources his lucrative religion has to offer. Pining for a lost love.

Mackenzie (Supporting): Female, 18+ WORK FROM HOME
High school soccer star who seeks purpose off the playing field.  Friendly and confident, the object of Ollie’s affections.

Artie (Lead): Male, 35+ WORK FROM HOME
The charismatic and off-beat host of W-YRD radio station. Delights in the discovery of hidden gems. Mind like a steel trap.

Ezra (Supporting): Gender Fluid, 20+ WORK FROM HOME
Radio DJ, aspiring solo artist, and self-proclaimed member of the W-YRD royal court. Quirky and expressive. Reads auras.

Andrea Doran (Supporting): Female, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME
Authoritarian; image obsessed. Mother to Abel; out of touch with the emotional needs of her daughter.

Visit for more information or email with any questions

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Auditions Announced for DENISE’S DO-OVER at The Drama Workkhop

TDW_VERTThe Drama Workshop Announces Online Auditions for the Video Play DENISE’S DO-OVER  

In Denise’s DoOver by Susan Decatur, newly divorced Denise wants to begin to date but isn’t sure where or how to meet menfemale friend suggests online dating. Denise has reservations about it, but decides to give it a try. Will she find success?     

“Denise’s Do-Over” will be a part of TDW’s Home View Theatre.  Home View will feature six short video productions to be released every two weeks between the end of September and the middle of December.  For more information about Home View Theatre, including how to purchase tickets, go to The Drama Workshop’s website at    

Amanda Emmons-Shumate will direct “Denise’s Do-Over” which will be entirely cast, rehearsed and filmed online. Those auditioning will need access to a computer in order to participate.  

“Denise’s Do-Over” calls for a cast of two woman and four men roughly between the ages of 40 and 65. A description of the characters in the video can be found at the end of this release.  

Audition videos must be submitted to by October 4th.  

Virtual rehearsals will begin October 12th.  

In order to audition:

  1. Those auditioning should prepare a video (approximately 1 minute in length) in which they talk about online dating. 
    • Actors can use the following questions to help guide them on what they could talk about in the video. They can talk about one or more of the topics below or they can come up with their own topics around online dating.  
    • Actors should appear in the video as character. That character could be “themselves” or they can create their own character to portray in the video or base one off of the character descriptions for the play.

Discussion topics could include:

      • Have you ever experienced online dating?
      •  What are your perceptions of online dating?
      • Funny or inspiring stories revolving around online dating?
      • How you would imagine the perfect first date with someone you met online?
      • Problems you foresee with online dating?
      • Benefits you see with online dating?
      • How do you feel society views online dating?
      • Dating in the past versus dating now?
      • The director is looking for tone, facial expression, clarity, voice, energy, and insight. She suggests that actors think of it as a casual conversation revolving around the world of dating.
  1. Along with their video submission, actors should include the following:
    • Headshot
    • A Resume
    • List of conflicts for October and November (please include all dates and times you are unavailable for evenings and weekends).
    • List of roles you are interested in playing. (See Cast of Characters below)

Cast of characters: 

  • Denise: A recently divorced journalist in her early fifties to sixties who’s mentally and physically “young” for her age
  • Crystal: Denise’s still attractive best friend from high school who has been divorced twice and doles out dating advice
  • Elliott: A divorced lawyer in his late forties to fifties who is bitter over getting fleeced by his ex-wife
  • David: A divorced ex-jock in his late thirties to forties who behaves narcissistically and brags about his physical attributes that he no longer possesses
  • Earl: A widowed man in his seventies to eighties who tries to pretend he’s twenty years younger
  • Dan: A divorced, physically fit and attractive, friendly man in his late forties to fifties who’s been dating for 5 years.

All audition materials must be submitted to no later than October 4. 


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Video Auditions Announced for CaBARTret! at Bart’s Bards

BB_logoBart’s Bards is very excited to announce auditions for our second annual CaBARTret! In order to keep everyone safe, this event will be streamed LIVE to all your family and friends! The event will be ONE NIGHT ONLY on November 14th and rehearsals will be minimal.

All auditions will be through video submission. You must be 18 or older and out of high school to participate. We want to see talent of all kinds so sing, dance, or perform a skill! We want to see it all! Video submissions are due October 3rd by midnight. Please send videos to

The theme for this year will be “Hope” so please choose a song that will fit this theme. If your song does not fit this theme, we may ask if you’d be willing to perform something different for the show. You may also audition to just participate in group numbers.

All CDC guidelines will be followed throughout the rehearsal process including the wearing of masks, temperature checks, symptom checks, and social distancing. If you have concerns, please contact us to address these.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!

We look forward to seeing all your amazing talents!

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