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Auditions Announced for THE FLYING DOCTOR at Equality Productions

EP_logoEquality Productions happily announces auditions for the virtual production of the comedy THE FLYING DOCTOR by Molière directed by Gabriel Brosius. Hilarious? Absolutely. Commedia and The Marx Brothers meet modern humor? Heck yeah. A couple of lines in French to tie the piece back to its roots? Sure, why not?

This director’s take on the play will be collaborative and inventive. So audition on Sunday, August 16th from 5-8P or Monday, August 17th from 6-8P. Please prepare one of the sides available on the sign-up page. You may also present a comedic monologue up to one minute as well. Sign up at this link (note the audition times are listed in CST): Then please email your theater resume and headshot to the director at prior to your audition.

Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, August 18th from 6-8P. If that time does not work for you,  please let the director know at the time of your audition.

Non-union. This production will be done as a fundraiser and therefore these roles will not be paid. All rehearsals will take place online in a Zoom format. The tentative rehearsal schedule is 3-4 rehearsals a week for 4 weeks starting on Saturday, August 22th. Actors will not be called for every rehearsal. The show will be recorded in late September.

Synopsis: Lucile wants to marry Valère, but her father Gorgibus says no. Fortunately, Gorgibus is quite dense, so Valère gets his servant Sganarelle to help. Sganarelle, desperate to earn a buck or two, pretends to be a doctor, recommending that Lucile goes to a place where she can “hang” with Valère. Mayhem and mischief quickly ensue when Sganarelle is spotted by Gorgibus in his servant garb. He spins a tale of a doctor and his twin brother and all of a sudden he’s jumping back and forth through a window to deceive good ol’ Gorgibus.

Equality Productions encourages submissions from artists with a broad range of backgrounds, including all races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual identities, ages, and genders/gender identities. This production is open to variation regarding the age and gender of the characters. Below is the original format, but please audition for whichever part(s) you desire.


  • Sganarelle: Young man. Servant to Valère who pretends to be a doctor. Just trying his best. Clever. Eager to please.
  • Valère: Young man. Deeply romantic. Stubborn and short-sighted.
  • Lucile: Young woman in love with Valère. Blinded by love. Desperate for respect and autonomy from her father.
  • Sabine: Young woman. Cousin to Lucile. Smart, quick-thinking, loyal.
  • Lawyer: An older man. Supportive, loves the sound of his own voice. Would absolutely define himself as a sapiosexual.
  • Gros-Renè: A young man. Respects honesty above all else. Valet to Gorgibus
  • Gorgibus: An older man. Stubborn. Dense.

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Auditions Announced for A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM at Loveland Stage Company

LSC_logoLSC Radio is holding open auditions for our next production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM directed by Jacqlyn Schott.

Please submit a video audition containing two monologues from contrasting characters from the show. Eg: If you are interested in playing one of the Lovers, you will read said character’s monologue as well as a monologue for one of the Fairies, one of the Athenians, or for the Mechanicals.

Please do not feel restricted by gender or by how the roles have been previously, “traditionally” cast. This production welcomes diversity in all forms and encourages all who want to experience Shakespeare and a wonderful show in a fun format to audition. The monologues for your audition can be found via Google Drive (

The Lovers:

  • Hermia
  • Lysander
  • Helena
  • Demetrius

The Athenians:

  • Hippolyta
  • Theseus
  • Egeus
  • Philostrate

The Fairies:

  • Titania
  • Oberon
  • Puck/Robin Goodfellow
  • Cobweb
  • Mote
  • Mustardseed
  • Peaseblossom

The Mechanicals:

  • Nick Bottom
  • Peter Quince
  • Francis Flute
  • Tom Snout
  • Snug
  • Robin Starveling

These monologues do not need to be memorized—neither will lines for the show itself—but you should be familiar with the material. Each actor will be portraying two or more parts, so the ability to portray multiple, distinct characters is a must. Please DO NOT use an English accent for your audition, unless that is your natural accent.

Video submissions (or link to your video) must be emailed to the director ( no later than Aug 13th, 2020. Please use the subject “LSC Radio- Midsummer audition” and include the following: which role(s) you are interested in, if you would accept any role, which role (if any) you would not accept, and all known conflicts from 8/13/20 until 9/21/20. Theatrical resumes are welcome but not necessary.

Rehearsals will consist of video chat and rehearsals at Loveland Stage Company. Days and times TBD based upon cast and crew availability. This will be a recorded event that will be posted on Loveland Stage Company’s website and social media platforms. Please go to for our previous production to get a feel how this will work out.

Any questions, please contact the director at

LSC Radio is a subsidiary of Loveland Stage Company. If cast, you must become a member of the company in order to perform; this includes a $15 membership fee. We are a volunteer, community theater organization serving the greater Cincinnati area, located in downtown Loveland, Ohio.

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Video Auditions Announced for PEACE, LOVE, AND CUPCAKES JR. at Virtual Venue Theatricals

VVT_logoDates & Info
Director: Abby Parr
Choreographer: Katelyn Parish
Music Director: TBD

Audition due date: Sat, Aug 22, 2020 @ 8pm EST/5pm PDT
Invited callback due date: Weds, Aug 26, 2020 @ 8pm EST/5pm PDT
1st Rehearsal: Saturday, September 12th @ 7pm EST/4pm PDT
Filming Day: Saturday, October 3rd @ 10am EST/7am PDT
Performances: October 9, 10, 11 @ 7pm EST/4pm PDT
Tuition fees: $200 per child
(includes workshop course, as well as final digital copy of production)

Production Description
Based on the bestselling children’s book series, “The Cupcake Club,” this musical celebrates kid power, friendship, and standing up for who you are and what you believe in. Now casting roles for young actors between 9-18 years old as well as one role for adult actors 18+.

In addition to rehearsing for the production, cast members will focus on character development, breaking down scenes, self-tape skills, and learning from professionals in the industry. Virtual productions combine Musical Theatre and On-Camera, which gives young actors a brand new way to create.

All roles performed remotely with performances to stream on

How to Audition
32 bar contemporary MT song
*singing from the show is encouraged
Record video horizontally
*neutral background
Label clearly
*full name_song title_role desired
*full name_resume, full name_headshot
Due date August 22, 2020 @ 8pm EST/5pm PDT

Submit video, headshot, resume & contact information to


  • Kylie Carson (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    Leader of The Cupcake Club. A quirky, slightly awkward, nervous new girl–described as having “weird taste in clothes and freckles on her nose.” The butt of everyone’s jokes, she struggles with self-doubt and finding a place she fits in amidst the school social scene. Kylie goes on an emotional journey to unapologetically own who she is. Role requires strong acting skills and vocals.
  • Lexi Poole (Lead): 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    One of The Cupcake Club members. A shy, demure girl, who “tends to disappear” around her peers until she finds her voice and her power as a member of PLC. She is sensitive and artistic; the person responsible for turning the club’s cupcakes into mini works of art. In the end, she has no trouble asserting herself if it means sticking up for her friends. Lexi should have strong acting skills and vocals.
  • ​Jenna Medina (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    One of The Cupcake Club members. “Do I talk a little loud?” Jenna is vivacious, loquacious, and the “golden tastebuds” of PLC–she knows everything about flavors and ingredients. She loves Oreos, a metaphor for her own personality: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. She tries to be tough and pretends like things don’t hurt her…but they do. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money or live in a fancy house (she’s always wearing her sisters’ hand-me-downs), which is why the popular girls look down on her. Yet she won’t back down when a bully challenges her–and tries to show Kylie how to do the same.
  • ​Sadie Harris (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    One of The Cupcake Club members. Captain of the Blakely Bears Basketball team, she yearns to be looked upon as something other than a “dumb jock.” When she finds PLC, she discovers talents she never knew she had–i.e. the ability to crack an egg with one hand. She is physically tall and athletic; skilled with dribbling a basketball or twirling it on her finger.
  • ​Meredith Mitchell (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    Leader of The Blah Girls (popular girls). Think Regina George from “Mean Girls.” Snide, snarky and self-absorbed, Meredith is Blakely’s Queen Bee who rules by fear, intimidation and a massive Instagram following. She preys on Kylie, appearing in her nightmares as the Wicked Witch. But Meredith isn’t just a bully; at her core, there is insecurity, vulnerability and the need–as much as anyone else–to feel loved. Her “minions” a.k.a. The Blah Girls (Blakely Ladies for the Advancement of Hip Hop) follow every command that she barks. Physically, she is stylish and a dancer, capable of both highly-charged emotional scenes and evoking a mean girl that is not a cliché.
  • Juliette/Kylie’s Mom (Supporting): 18+ WORK FROM HOME
    A teacher at Blakely School and fierce advocate for her students. Loves her job and is in complete and total support of Kylie’s pursuit to branch out and find her path within the social constructs of Blakely.
  • The Blah Girls (Ensemble/Supporting): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    Meredith’s “minions” very popular girls and they know it. Think Gretchen and Karen from “Mean Girls.” bullies but always with an innocent smile, all 3 girls are very proud to be a part of Meredith’s exclusive clique. They follow every command that she barks. Physically, they are stylish and dancers, capable of both highly-charged emotional scenes and evoking a mean girl that is not a cliché.
  • ​Ensemble: Male/Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME
    Strong singers and movers.

Visit for more information or email with any questions.

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Auditions Announced for OTHER DESERT CITIES at Equality Productions

EP_logoEquality Productions’ virtual production of OTHER DESERT CITIES by Jon Robin Baitz. Directed by Brian Westerley.

It’s December 2004 and Brooke Wyeth returns home to Palm Springs after a six-year absence to celebrate Christmas with her parents, her brother and her aunt. Brooke announces that she is about to publish a memoir dredging up a pivotal and tragic event in the family’s history – a wound they don’t want to be reopened. In effect, she draws a line in the sand and dares them all to cross it.

Auditions for this show will be Wednesday, August 26th & Thursday, August 27th beginning at 7P. Auditions will consist of readings from the script, which will be emailed to you prior to your audition. Please sign up for your time slot & identify the character for your audition

If you need a timeslot other than what is showing as available, email the producer, Richard Zenk, at


  • Lyman Wyeth: (Late 50’s to late 60’s): Kind and gentle patriarch. A Hollywood B actor with some celebrity and charm who turned that into political influence. He is conservative but with a sense of humor about himself and a deep love for his family.
  • Polly Wyeth: (Late 50’s to late 60’s): Lyman’s wife. Graceful and acerbic matriarch. She has been active for decades in the Republican Party. She is deeply devoted to the preservation of her social standing, her family, and the health of her husband.
  • Brooke Wyeth: (Mid 30’s to 40’s): Lyman and Polly’s daughter. She is a professional writer who has been living in New York after a mental breakdown.
  • Trip Wyeth: (Late 20’s to mid 30’s): Brooke’s brother. Witty and self-effacing. He is a TV producer for reality TV – in a family obsessed with his intellectual, older sister’s mental health.
  • Silda Grauman: (late 50’s to early 70’s): Polly’s sister. Creative, fragile, and funny. A former B movie writer, and the Bohemian, polar opposite of her sister. She is fresh out of rehab and repays the support of the conservative Wyeths by joining Brooke in some liberal needling of her parents.

Zoom rehearsals will be TBD based on actor availability. This show is a benefit & all roles are unpaid. The show will be recorded via Zoom & uploaded to YouTube.

Please email your headshot & resume by August 23rd to Brian Westerley at

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Auditions Announced for PRECIPICE: WHAT TOOK US OVER THE EDGE at Footlighters

fli_logoFootlighters theatre would like to announce its auditions for PRECIPICE: WHAT TOOK US OVER THE EDGE – A New Song Cycle by Matthew Nassida and Lexi Rigsby.

Directed by Amanda Marasch.

This will be a digital performance and rehearsal process.

Audition Requirements:

  • Please submit a current headshot.
  • Please submit a current resume.
  • Please submit two 16-32 bar cuts of contrasting modern musical theatre songs.
  • Submissions should be emailed to:
  • Auditions are due Sunday, August 9th by midnight.
  • Callbacks will be set up on an individual basis, as needed.
  • For questions, please contact

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