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Actors Needed for MOMUS/APHRODITE at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players is seeking three actors (mainly men) to play non singing chorus members for its upcoming comedy MOMUS/APHRODITE.

Show dates are late March/early April.
Rehearsals begin in early February.

If interested, contact either of the following:
Chris Lee (Director)…rchris7@me.com
Greg  Smith (Producer)…eerf99@aol.com

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MACBETH Runs Jan. 27-Feb. 5

CenterStage Players
Jan. 27-Feb. 5
Lockland High School

Directed by Tom Peters
Produced by Fred Hunt

A modern twist on a classic Shakespeare story.

Cast: Keith Cassidy as Macbeth, Adrianna Boris as Lady Macbeth, Elizabeth Hickerson as First Witch, Erica Beimesche as Second Witch, Allison Kalfas as Third Witch, Jay Dallas Benson as Banquo, Bob Buchtman as Porter/Siward/Lord, Burt McCollum as King Duncan/Doctor, John McInerney as Bloody Captain/Lennox/Murderer, Pete Wood as Macduff, Brady Dunn as Malcolm, Katherine Anderson as Donalbain/Messenger, Claire Wilkins as Lady Macduff/Banquo Murderer/Gentlewoman, Jim Waldfogle as Seyton/Murderer/Lord & Hana Conte as Fleance/Young Siward/Macduff’s Child

  • Fri-Sat, Jan. 27-28 at 8pm
  • Sun, Jan. 29 at 2pm
  • Fri-Sat, Feb. 3-4 at 8pm
  • Sun, Feb. 5 at 2pm

Official page | Facebook event |

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Three Chorus Members Sought for MOMUS AND APHRODITE at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players is in need of 3 actors, male or female, any adult age, to be chorus members in their upcoming production of the comedy MOMUS AND APHRODITE.

Rehearsals begin in early February. Performances dates are late March/early April.

If interested, contact:

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Special Talkback Follows Matinee of THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK at CenterStage Players

CSP_The Diary of Anne Frank logoHaving difficulty deciding which performance to attend?

Click here for performance information

You should consider Sunday, November 13th.

CenterStage Players to feature a talk back session after the Sunday matinee performance on November 13th. The featured speaker will be holocaust survivor Dr. Henry Fenichel.

Dr. Fenichel was born April 13, 1938 in The Hague, Netherlands. When he was two years old, the Nazis invaded Holland. Henry’s father, Moritz, was arrested and sent first to Mauthausen, then to Auschwitz where he was later killed.

Aware of the danger they were in, Henry’s mother, Pessel, made arrangements for them to go into hiding at a convalescence home. In 1943, Henry and his mother’s Jewish identities were discovered and they were arrested in their hiding place and sent to Westerbork, one of two transit camps in the Netherlands. Henry and his mother spent six months there. They were later transferred in cattle cars to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, the same camp where Anne Frank and her sister, Margot, died.

The conditions in Bergen-Belsen were extremely terrible due to overcrowding, food shortage, and disease. They were later trasnferred to Palestine. Henry spent the rest of his childhood in Palestine, which in 1948, became the state of Israel.

Henry’s mother eventually remarried and together, the family came to the United States in January 1953. Henry went to Brooklyn College where he met his future wife, Diana. He later received a PhD in Physics from Rutgers University and the couple moved to Cincinnati, where Henry taught at the University of Cincinnati for 38 years. They had two daughters and five grandchildren.

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Call for 2023-2024 Directors at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players is now accepting applications for Directors for our 2023-2024 season.

CenterStage Players (Ohio) aims to produce 2-3 shows next year. Our home venue, at Lockland High School, will be under reconstruction next year, but we have several possible venues in mind for the season. Accordingly, please bring us shows that could be done in a variety of venues. You can find a list of previous productions on our website – www.centerstageplayersinc.com.

We are searching for creative and talented directors, both experienced and new, who aren’t afraid to take a risk. We are open to comedy, drama, farce, and musical submissions and are particularly interested in rarely performed shows, original works, and “edgy” scripts.

Interested applicants should send the information shown below to Trisha Cooper, Vice-President of Production, before the deadline of November 5, 2022.

Director interviews will take place in December, 2022.

Please respond to this notice by e-mail to csplayers@fuse.net, or by snail mail to:
Trisha Cooper
7255 Fallingwoods
West Chester, OH 45241

Please include the following information with your submission:

  • Director Information (Name, Contact Info)
  • Director Resume
  • Title of Play (please complete one submission for each production you are pitching)
  • Author of Play
  • List any production or technical crew persons that work with you on a regular basis
  • What technical issues, if any, does the show present and how would you plan to resolve them?
  • Are there any anticipated casting difficulties? If so, how would you overcome them?
  • Are there budgeting issues or exceptional costs associated with this production?
  • What about the show appeals to you as a director?
  • If your show is selected, are there any timing restrictions that would help us in building our season schedule (i.e., can only direct in early fall or late spring)?
  • Please include a copy of the script if possible. If not, please ensure that it is a show that will have an easily accessible copy (i.e., the library).

NOTE: Multiple shows may be pitched. However, individual director interviews will be limited to 30 minutes.

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