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Auditions Announced for INCORRIGIBLE at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players is excited to announce auditions for our world premiere of INCORRIGIBLE.

Local playwright Teri Foltz gives us a story of men and how they deal with emotions of grief, shame, and anger. Sigmund Freud said, “Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in ugly ways.” Every character in Incorrigible is dealing with grief, shame and anger. And they suffer silently and alone. Everybody has a past…some people still live there.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, October 3 from 1:00-3:00 PM and on Monday, October 4 from 7:00-9:00 PM at Lockland High School (249 W Forrer Avenue – Cincinnati – enter through door #10).

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Headshots and resumes are appreciated.

Reserve an audition time via the following link (walk-ins will be accommodated if possible as the schedule allows):

Cast of Characters (NO roles have been pre-cast):

  • ROBBY – A high school senior with a reputation for being “incorrigible.” He gets into fights often and has been suspended several times. He is smart, but more of a smart aleck when he speaks to his father or other authority figures. He lives with his father who graduated from the same high school where Robby attends. His mother died when Robby was four years old. Robby is 17-18.
  • GEORGE – Robby’s father- around 50 years old – a successful businessman. He has never healed from the grief of losing his wife who had been his high school sweetheart.
  • DAVIS – The high school principal who began as an assistant principal when George was a senior in high school. He is about to retire. He is smart and instinctive when it comes to troubled teens. Davis is in his early 60’s.
  • JAKE – The high school custodian who also graduated from this high school with Robby’s father, George. Jake grew up as a foster child and only came to this high school his senior year before he was aged out of foster care. Davis, the assistant principal at the time, helped him at a critical moment in his life. He is also around 50 years old.
  • CHELSEA – A high school cheerleader with an alcoholic mother. She takes a liking to Robby, who does not know how to respond to friendship. Chelsea is 17-18.
  • AUNT DEBBIE – Robby’s aunt; his mother’s sister. Estranged family member. Debbie is in her mid- to late 40’s.

Character ages are for reference only.

Rehearsals will begin in early December and the show dates are February 18-27, 2022.

Directed by Mark Culp
Produced by Lisa Hunt

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Cast Announced for MISS BENNETT: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players is thrilled to announce the cast of MISS BENNETT: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY.

The cast includes:

  • Mary Bennet – Abby Farmer
  • Arthur DeBourgh – Bryce Willson
  • Elizabeth Darcy – Brianna Cummins
  • Fitzwilliam Darcy – Brenden Blackburn
  • Jane Bingley – Kaitlin Otto
  • Charles Bingley – Jarret Reid
  • Lydia Wickham – Hannah Goodman
  • Anne DeBourgh – Rachel Tolliver

The show will open on November 12 and play for two weekends.

Ticket information is available at www.centerstageplayersinc.com.

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Auditions Announced for MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS IN PEMBERLEY at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players announce auditions for

We are thrilled to announce auditions for our first show as we return to the stage . . .
MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS IN PEMBERLEY by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon
Directed by Darren Lee

MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS IN PEMBERLEY takes place two years after the conclusion of Pride and Prejudice. We get to revisit many of our favorite characters including Lizzy, Mr. Darcy, Jane, Mr. Bingley, and Lydia and finally get to know more about Mary Bennet, the middle sister who has been written off as a spinster who will never be married. Lizzy and Mr. Darcy have decided to host Christmas at their estate, Pemberley, this year, and Lizzy’s sisters show up a few days early to prepare for the holiday. Jane is seven months pregnant, Lydia is still pretending that her marriage to Mr. Wickham is not a total disaster, and Mary is lonelier than ever stuck at home with their parents and youngest sister, Kitty. When Mr. Darcy’s cousin Arthur De Bourgh shows up at Pemberley to spend the holiday with them, Mary’s life suddenly gets more interesting. She and Arthur seem to have all the same interests and find that they enjoy talking to one another. Could this be love? Mary and Arthur’s relationship seems to be progressing well until Arthur’s cousin, Lady Anne, shows up and tells him that they are engaged to be married. Arthur is confused, Mary feels betrayed, and everyone in the house decides to work together to fix this situation and bring Arthur and Mary back together. It takes a Christmas miracle, a lot of communication, and a touch of forgiveness to convince Mary and Arthur that they are meant for each other and can choose to be in love.

Auditions will be held on Sunday, July 25th from 1:00-3:00 PM and on Monday July 26th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Auditions will be held at Lockland High School – 249 West Forrer Avenue, Cincinnati, OH (enter using door #10 from the main parking lot).

To reserve an audition time, please click on the link below. Walk-ins will be accommodated if there are openings in the schedule or at the end of each particular day.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Headshots and resumes are appreciated.


In lieu of in-person auditions (if preferred) a one to three minute video monologue may be submitted to the director (Darren Lee) at vnpdlc@gmail.com. Rehearsals will begin in September and the show runs from November 12th – 21st at Lockland High School.

NOTE: For the safety of everyone, auditions will comply with current CDC guidelines. If you have not been vaccinated, you will be asked to wear a mask during your audition and ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Cast of Characters

  • MARY BENNET—20. Finally coming in to her own, she is no longer the plain, boring girl she once was. She has a fire in her now. She is intelligent, curious, and lively, but her family only sees her as a future spinster. She does not suffer fools. She wants to live.
  • ARTHUR DE BOURGH—25. A studious, unsociable only child who has never been around women or large families. He is a loner who prefers books to people. He has recently inherited a large estate and has no idea what to do next.
  • ELIZABETH “LIZZY” DARCY—22. Married to Mr. Darcy. Confident, charming, and witty. She makes a fun and surprising lady of the house. She is best friends with her sister Jane.
  • FITZWILLIAM DARCY—30. A loving, generous, and smart (if slightly stiff) husband. He is quiet and vigilant and thus sees what others often miss. He knows what being lovelorn is like.
  • JANE BINGLEY—24. Married to Mr. Bingley. She is seven months pregnant with her first child and is sweet and optimistic as ever. The kindest heart in the house.
  • CHARLES BINGLEY—25. Gracious, happy and ever focused on the love of his life, Jane. A good friend and always ready with a smile.
  • LYDIA WICKHAM—17. Flirtatious, youthful, self-centered. Her marriage to Mr. Wickham is a sham but she will not admit this. She is the person you want to have at your party: energetic, engaging, unstoppable.
  • ANNE DE BOURGH—20s. Only daughter of the late Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lived in her mother’s very large shadow, never having to ask for anything or speak for herself her entire life. Judgmental and impatient, just like her mother.

NOTE: Character ages are for reference only. We will focus on the talent of the performers to cast this show.

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2021-2022 & 2022-2023 Seasons Announced by CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players of Ohio have announced their 2021-2022 Season

Directed by Darren Lee
Late November 2021

Directed by Mark Culp
Late February 2022

HEATHERS the Musical
Directed by Amanda Borchers
Late Spring 2022

Directed by Tom Peters
Early Fall 2022

Directed by Fred Hunt
Late Fall 2022

Directed by Burt McCollom
Winter 2023

Directed by Chris Lee
Spring 2023

Look for more information coming to www.centerstageplayersinc.com

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Performances Cancelled Until 2021 at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players regrets to announce the postponement of their first two shows of the 2020/21 season. Our original schedule planned to feature ‘Momus & Aphrodite’ in September followed by ‘Macbeth’ in November.

Due to the continued effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must postpone these two productions until further notice. Our board members, tech personnel, and actors would like nothing more than to be back on stage in early 2021, but we also want to ensure we are taking the proper precautions that allow our patrons to return to the theatre in confidence.

Keep following us via Facebook as well as our website for updates to our season. We will also be revisiting some of our past productions over the next few months. Thanks for your understanding, your continued support, and we sincerely hope you are all staying safe during this difficult time.

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