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Auditions Announced for THE FACE OF EMMITT TILL at Xenia Area Community Theatre

xactNovember 4 and 5 at 6:30pm

A drama by Maimee Till-Mobley and David Barr III

A true-to-life dramatization of the death of 14-year-old Emmett Till, a Chicago teenager who, while visiting relatives in Money, Miss., in August 1955, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by two white men who claimed they wanted to teach him a lesson for allegedly whistling at a local white woman. This tragedy has been credited with sparking the modern Civil Rights Movement.

Directed by Joyce Barnes (Email questions to: jabarnes937@gmail.com)

Auditions are cold readings from the script and other sides. You do not need to have a prepared monologue. Southern dialects for some characters. Please bring an acting resume if you have one. Head shots are not needed.

NEEDED: 11 M, 4 W (see below)
SHOW DATES: February 14-23, 2020

Xenia Area Community Theater
45 E Second St. 372-0516 www.xeniaact.org


  • Mamie Till Mobley, African-American female, 30s
  • Emmitt Till, African-American male, age 14
  • Morris Dees/Gerald Chatham, White male, 40s
  • Alma Spearman, African-American female, late 50s
  • Henry Spearman, African-American male, late 50s-early 60s
  • Roy Bryant, White male, 20s
  • Carolyn Bryant, White female, 20s
  • J. W. Milan, White male, 40s
  • Roy Wilkins/Bishop Henry Louis Ford, African-American male, 40s
  • Moses Wright, African-American male, 60s
  • A.A. Rayner/ Willie Reed, African-American male, 20s-50s
  • Maurice, African-American male, late teens
  • John Whitten/Sheriff H. C. Strider, White male, 40s-50s
  • Senator James Eastland/Judge Swango, White male, 50s
  • Mrs. Burke/Reporter, White female, 20s-30s

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PICNIC Runs Nov. 1-20

XACT_Picnic logoPICNIC
Xenia Area Community Theatre
Nov. 1-20

Directed by Kyle Mercuri

Set in a small town in Kansas, Picnic details the lives of “ordinary” Americans, from hopeful widows and embittered spinsters to idealistic young adults and restless wanderers. During the sweltering heat of the Labor Day weekend, a group of women are preparing for their neighborhood’s annual picnic. Into this female atmosphere comes a handsome but dangerous young man named Hal Carter, whose animal vitality will forever change the lives of the women in this idyllic town.

  • Fri, Nov. 1 at 6:30pm (Opening gala)
  • Sat, Nov. 2 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, Nov. 8-9 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Nov. 10 at 3pm

Official page | Facebook event |


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CATFISH MOON Runs Oct. 4-13

XACT_Catfish Moon logoCATFISH MOON
Xenia Area Community Theatre
Oct. 4-13

Directed by Saul Caplan

A warm comedy about friendship, love, loss, and of course, FISHING. It all takes place on an old pier in the South Carolina back country. Three middle-aged friends relive their past and hash out the complexities of their lives at their favorite fishing spot from childhood.

  • Fri, Oct. 4 at 6:30pm (Gala Night)
  • Sat, Oct. 5 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, Oct. 11-12 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, Oct. 13 at 3pm

Official page |


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Director’s Call for 2020-2021 Season at Xenia Area Community Theatre

xactXenia Area Community Theater is issuing a Director’s Call for our 2020-21 season! Both new and experienced directors are encouraged to apply. Simply fill out the attached questionnaire and email to mtaint@woh.rr.com by Friday November 15, 2019. XACT produces dramas, comedies and small ensemble musical productions. Comedies and musicals are especially encouraged to apply.

Xenia Area Community Theater
Prospective Director’s Questionnaire
PLEASE SEND TO MIKE TAINT at mtaint@woh.rr.com by FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2019
Thanks for your interest in XACT! A critical part of determining our theater season is selecting directors for our productions. We’d like to meet you and discuss what you’d like to contribute. The following questions are designed to guide our discussion with you – but please feel free to bring up any other questions you might have. And again – thanks!

  1. Please talk about your background and experience in theater as a director, actor, or any other capacity (please bring a theater resume’ if you have one)
  2. Why do you want to direct this particular play(s)? Why is this important to you?
  3. What specific issues or challenges do you anticipate in mounting this particular play (e.g., unusual casting, costumes, technical, props, etc.)?
  4. What special assistance will you require from XACT in mounting this play? (We’ll also discuss with you the resources we normally provide directors for set construction, publicity, technical, etc.)
  5. What known schedule constraints do you have and roughly when (what month(s)) would you ideally like to mount this production (e.g., if you coach Little League baseball a spring production may be a bad idea)
  6. Would you like the assistance of an assistant director or producer?
  7. Have you seen any acted or seen any plays at XACT? Are you familiar with our audience demographic?

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Auditions Announced for CATFISH MOON at Xenia Area Community Theatre

AUGUST 5 and 6 at 7pm

CATFISH MOON, a comedy by Laddy Sartin

A warm comedy about friendship, love, loss, and of course, FISHING. It all takes place on an old pier in the South Carolina back country. Three middle-aged friends relive their past and hash out the complexities of their lives at their favorite fishing spot from childhood.

Directed by Saul Caplan

SHOW DATES: October 4-13
NEEDED: 3 men, 1 woman
Auditions are cold readings from the script. No preparation required.

Xenia Area Community Theater


All characters are SOUTHERN. Bring your best corn-pone and sweet tea accent with you.

Curley, Gordon, Frog, and Curley’s slightly younger (1-2 years) sister Betty have all grown up together. The age-range is flexible, but they all have to LOOK reasonably the same age. 25 is too young; 60 is too old. WAAAAY too old. The target range is mid-to-late 30s, but that can be adapted depending on the best foursome.

  • Curley is the de-facto leader of the trio. He is better educated and more well-spoken than the other two. There is a maturity about him that Gordon and Frog lack.
  • Gordon is more of the good-ol’ boy type. He is an optimistic romantic. He also has an alcohol problem.
  • Frog is the most red-neck of the group. He is angry and short tempered and is ready to fight anybody, anytime.
  • Betty is the common denominator of the group. Besides being Curley’s sister, she is Gordon’s girlfriend and Frog’s ex-wife. She, like Curley is educated and well-spoken (she’s a teacher).

These are just quick stereotypes for you to think about. If you’re cast, you’ll be free to find your character’s voice yourself.

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