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ACT_logoThe electronic newsletter of the Association of Community Theatres of Greater Cincinnati
Summer, 2021
Linda Roll, editor

So, here we are in 2021 and most of the COVID-19 restrictions are gone. We all know how much live theatre was missed in 2020. As a consequence, the events we all looked forward to were cancelled. These included not only the OCTA/ACT fest in June but the OCTA conference over Labor Day weekend. The OCTA/Act fest went virtual thanks to the amazing work of Amanda Emmons Shumate, Dan Maloney, and all the other people who put that video together and made it possible for viewing by the theatre community.  

Because of the uncertainty of being able to resume normal theatre functions this year, ACT and OCTA decided to cancel both events again this year. 

In order to bring a semblance of normalcy to the ACT community, the board, with input from all groups, has decided to do things a little differently this year. 

The results follow: 

Due Date Quick View: 

  • Awards Night Group Presenter Name/Email Submission: 8/1/2021 
  • In Memoriam Submission: 8/1/2021 
  • Video for Excerpt: 8/15/2021 
  • ACT Warranty Form Submission: 8/15/2021

Group Daytime Excerpts: Video Submission due 8/15/2021  

  1. Each group will receive up to 20 minutes to share a presentation of their choice. It can be from the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 Seasons. 
  2. Groups will be scheduled during the day on August 28th where their presentation would be presented “live” from our ACT YouTube channel. 
  3. This would be a pre-recorded presentation, so your video would be sent to the 1st VP ahead of time for her to broadcast for your group.
    1. CLICK HERE to submit your excerpt video.
  4. Your video presentation could be:
    1. The “Excerpt” can be of one of your recent productions (in-person or virtual)
    2. A video montage of multiple shows or projects from the past year and a half or so that highlights your group.
    3. A photo slideshow of your group highlighting your work for the past two seasons.
    4. Groups are responsible for putting together the video in MP4 or MOV file formats.
      • OpenShot is a great free video editing program that will allow you to do this easily if you wish.
  5. Patrons wishing to view these “Excerpts” will visit the ACT YOUTUBE Channel to view the excerpts from each participating group.
  6. This would occur during the day Saturday and the awards would be in the evening beginning at 7pm live streamed.
  7. All groups excerpting must complete the ACT WARRANTY FORM. due by August 15th. 
    1. This form should be signed and returned (or emailed) to Amanda Emmons Shumate. 
    2. Groups submitting a compilation of Photographs instead of video would not need a royalty release, but if you set music to the photography, it would need to be royalty free or have royalty coverage.
  8. Groups will not receive any form of adjudication for their submission. This is simply to allow time for our groups to showcase their work and allow us to celebrate their accomplishments.
  9. This would be optional for the groups.
  10. Deadline to submit this video will be August 15th. 

Evening Award Ceremony
The evening ceremony would be similar to last year’s event. It would be held live on the ACT YouTube channel with guests appearing throughout the evening.  

Here is the TENTATIVE SCHEDULE OF EVENTS for the evening.  This is subject to change based on the decisions presented by the ACT member groups.

  • 50/50 Raffle Recommendations: 
    • Options for payment methods:
      1. Check or Cash can be brought to the ACT Meeting on Tuesday, June 22nd.
      2. Payment can be made via PayPal up to August 27, 2020.
      3. Venmo payments will be accepted starting August 20th until 7pm on August 27th. @ACTCincinnati
  • Awards: 
      • Gary Rogers has agreed to compile our 2021 Awards Video 
      • Fred Hunt will distribute the Orchid Awards for the year as he normally does. 
      • Awards will be available for pickup from Fred Hunt after the virtual ceremony.  
  • In Memoriam Video:  Gary Rogers has also agreed to once again create our In Memoriam Video for any members of our ACT community that we have lost since our June event last year.   
    1. Submissions for the In Memoriam Video will be accepted until August 1, 2021. 
    2. Please CLICK HERE to submit for our 2020-2021 ACT In Memoriam Video.  
  • Group Presentations: Groups will be given approximately 3-5 minutes to present during the evening awards ceremony during their assigned slot. (Submit name by 8/1/2021) 
    1. This would be optional for the groups to participate. 
    2. Each group participating would select a representative for their group to present. This could be the group president, the ACT representative or other member. 
    3. The presentation could be live or pre-recorded or a combination of both in case you wanted to present some film of things around your space.   If pre-recorded, the live presenter would be required to share their screen to present or arrange for the video to be played by Amanda.   A short training session will be held the week before the event to allow the presenter to set up and practice anything needed for their presentation. 
      • Please send the name of your group live presenter to Amanda Emmons Shumate along with their email address by August 1st. 
    • Options of what to include during presentation: 
      1. 2021-2022 Season Announcements 
      2. Theatre Updates 
      3. Any additional information for patrons 
      4. Contact Information 
      5. Presentations could include digital presentations such as a season announcement short video, or a slideshow with documents if the group wishes. 

ACT Cincinnati 2020-2021 ACTFest
August 28, 2021 
Excerpt Presentations 10:00am  | Awards Ceremony 7:00pm
YouTube Live: ACT Cincinnati YouTube Channel 

Excerpt Schedule 

  • TBA  

Awards Event 

  • President’s Welcome – Dan Maloney 
  • 1st VP Address – Amanda Emmons Shumate 
  • 50/50 Raffle Information 
  • In Memoriam Video Presentation 
  • Pitacco, Rouse, Grooms Nominees Video Presentation 
  • OCTA and AACT Update – Kevin Noll 
  • OCTA 2021 Spirit of Community Theater Award – Kevin Noll 
  • Rising Stars Slideshow Introduction and Presentation – Dennis Murphy 
  • Group #1 Season Presentations: (Acting Up, Beechmont, CenterStage Players, Cincinnati Music Theatre) 
  • Orchid Awards Set 1 – Fred Hunt   
  • President’s Award – Dan Maloney 
  • Group #2 Season Presentations: (Fairfield, Footlighters, Inc., Gaslight Players, InnovaTheatre, Inspiring Arts) 
  • 50/50 Raffle Reminder 
  • Orchid Awards Set 2 – Fred Hunt 
  • Roger Grooms Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Roger Grooms Award Presentation – Jerry Wiesenhahn 
  • Group #3 Season Presentations: (Loveland, Mariemont, Mason, Merit Theatre) 
  • 50/50 Raffle Reminder 
  • Orchid Awards Set 3 – Fred Hunt  
  • Mario Pitocco Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Mario Pitocco Award Presentation – Jason Cox 
  • Group #4 Season Presentations: (Sunset Players, Drama Workshop, TriCounty, Village Players) 
  • Last Call for 50/50 Raffle Tickets 
  • Orchid Awards  Set 4 – Fred Hunt 
  • Art Rouse Award Introduction – Dennis Murphy 
  • Art Rouse Award Presentation – Tom and Nancy Storey 
  • 50/50 Raffle Drawing and Thank You – Amanda Emmons Shumate 
  • Closing Thoughts – Dan Maloney 

Participating Groups

  • Click here to access the WARRANTY FORM. This must be completed by any group willing to participate in the excerpt portion. This should be completed and signed then can be scanned and emailed to me, or brought to the ACT Meeting.
  • Click here to access the SUBMISSION FORM. This is where groups will submit their information and group excerpt video if participating.

Now, for other information. 

It was decided at the election meeting that the current ACT board would stay in place for the upcoming 2021-22 season, with one change. Chuck Ingram has stepped down as Marketing/Publicity chair. Mary Stone will take over that position.

The following is the board that will guide us through this next year. 

  • President-Dan Maloney 
  • 1st VP Amanda Shumate 
  • 2nd VP Fred Hunt 
  • Secretary-Kate Coyne-Chailland (nee Crotty) 
  • Treasurer-Amanda Burke 
  • Scholarships-Melissa Smith 
  • Awards-Dennis Murphy 
  • Long Range Judging Committee-Laureen Catlin 
  • Membership-John Wesseling 
  • OCTA-Kevin Noll 
  • Pre-Registration-Joy Sharp 
  • Librarian/Newsletter/Historian-Linda Roll 

John Wesseling and Joy Sharp are currently looking at the By-laws and will submit updates for the board/groups to consider. 

Let’s all hope we get back to “normalcy” and theatre returns in full force. 

Have a good season, stay safe.

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