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lsc_the drowsy chaperone logoTHE DROWSY CHAPERONE
Loveland Stage Company
March 1-17

Directed by Carissa Sloan
Choreographed by Marjory Clegg
Produced by Jill Gornet

Cast: Tom Cavano as Man in Chair, Cathy Alter as Mrs. Tottendale, Joseph Moreland as Underling, Micheal Kiser as Robert Martin, Joshua Marcus as George, Dave Marcus as Feldzieg, Megan Archibald as Kitty, John Sloan as Gangster #1, Vincent Eldridge as Gangster #2, Tom Morris as Aldolpho, Stephanie Mackris as Janet Van De Graaff, Christina Siciliano as The Drowsy Chaperone, Melinda Hubbard as Trix the Aviatrix & Jonathan Eckman as The Superintendent
Ensemble: Elizabeth Carras, Izy Jones, Terry Neack, Niki Rasmussen, Caitlyn Sanderson & Madeleine Weinkam

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE is a loving send-up of the Jazz age musical featuring one show-stopping song and dance number after another. With the houselights down, a man in a chair appears on stage and puts on his favorite record: the cast recording of a fictitious 1928 musical, The Drowsy Chaperone. The show comes to life on stage as the man guides the audience through crazy plot and characters: two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not so bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a misguided Don Juan and an intoxicated chaperone – all mixed up in an evening of madcap delight. 

  • Fri-Sat, March 1-2 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, March 3 at 3pm
  • Fri-Sat, March 8-9 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, March 10 at 3pm
  • Fri-Sat, March 15-16 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, March 17 at 3pm

Official page |

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ssp_youve caught us in our shorts logoYOU’VE CAUGHT US IN OUR SHORTS FOR THE SIXTH TIME
Sunset Players
March 1-16
Arts Center at Dunham [West Price Hill]

Directed by Michele A. Mascari
Cast: Jef Brown, Mark Motz & Kaitrin McCoy

Celebrates and mocks how we cope with negativity and everyday hardship in the City of Brotherly Love. Two guys meet in a diner in New York, but they’re both in very different states of mind. Al is in a Los Angeles state of mind where nothing can faze him and, even if it did, he would just make it a Hollywood movie. Mark finds the whole world is against him. He can’t get a newspaper at the newsstand, aspirin at the drugstore and the diner gives him a cheesesteak when he wants a burger. He is trapped in a Philadelphia state of mind. It could be worse. You could be stuck in a Cleveland. It’s like death without the advantages.

THE NEXT LEVEL by A. K. Forbes
Directed by Dan Hawkins
Cast: Helen Swartwout, Jim Swartwout & Zac Newman

Trapped in between this world and the next, ghosts Lillian and Jay try to communicate with their grieving son Alex. Their efforts have little effect until Jay interferes with a video game and Lillian delivers a heart-felt note, allowing the whole family—Alex, Lillian and Jay—to move on.

Directed by John Wesseling
Cast: Jordon Schneider, Kaitrin McCoy and Nick Young

A married couple’s attempt to spice up their love life with a role-playing game is inadvertently interrupted by an inexperienced burglar. The interruption creates a case of mistaken identity, leading the couple, Darryl and Penny, to reveal details about their troubled relationship and ultimately, toward healing.

Directed by Denise Schnieders
Cast: Dan Maloney & Meagan Blasch

Lydia and Tim, sales associates attending an out-of-town conference, wake up in the same bed with no memory of the evening before. As they gather their belongings and attempt to gather their pride, they discover that they may have crossed paths in the past.

THE OTHER ROOM by Ariadne Blayde
Directed by Bob Brumberg
Cast: Justin Bourne, Shannon Watts, Evan Rogers, Russ McGee, Thomas Riggs, Irving Straun Jr & Zac Newman

Austin is a brilliant teenager astronomer who happens to have autism. Lily is his popular classmate who happens to have an interest in astronomy. When a chance encounter after school leads to a growing connection between them, Austin’s imagination, intelligence and constant struggles to connect with the world are revealed in the form of four characters representing his inner life.

  • Fri-Sat, March 1-2 at 8pm
  • Fri-Sat, March 8-9 at 8pm
  • Sun, March 10 at 3pm
  • Thu-Sat, March 14-16 at 8pm

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troy_the sunshine boys logoTHE SUNSHINE BOYS
Troy Civic Theatre
March 1-10

Directed by Cathie Melvin

Cast: Saul Caplan as Willie, Dave Nickel as Al, Scott Atkinson as Ben, Julie Zalar as Vaudeville Nurse, Dean Shipley as Vaudeville Director, Michael Maxson as Vaudeville Stage Manager, Chuck Melvin as Vaudeville Patient & Jessica Suba Fox as Registered Nurse

Al and Willie as “Lewis and Clark” were top-billed vaudevillians for over forty years. Now they aren’t even speaking. When CBS requests them for a “History of Comedy” retrospective, a grudging reunion brings the two back together, along with a flood of memories, miseries, and laughs. The story follows the attempt by a young theatrical agent to re-unite his elderly uncle, a former vaudevillian great, with his long-time stage partner for a TV reunion. Despite their celebrated reputation, the two old men have not spoken in twelve years. Besides remastering their sketch, the two men have numerous issues to work out before they are ready to return to the public eye.

  • Fri-Sat, March 1-2 at 8pm
  • Sun, March 3 at 2pm
  • Fri-Sat, March 8-9 at 8pm
  • Sun, March 10 at 2pm

Official page |


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American Legacy Theatre Puts Race and Heroin Center Stage

ALT_logo(Cincinnati, OH — January 20, 2019) American Legacy Theatre is theatre for social change. While breaking and reimagining many conventions, A.L.T. provides professional theatre that is accessible – affordable, relevant and exciting to all people, all voices. Matthew David Gellin, the mastermind behind the November takeover of the Cincinnati Bell Connector (T2: Transit Theatre), is a theatre researcher, practitioner, and founder of A.L.T.

#YourNationalTheatre is looking to continue its revolution of theatre in Greater Cincinnati as it takes on two of the region’s most daunting issues – race and heroin. And that is just what’s planned in February. Up first, A.L.T. is co-producing Rebecca Gilman’s ground-shifting work Spinning into Butter with the Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum. TIME called this piece is “a complex, unnerving look at the way real people navigate between [racism and political correctness].” After that, A.L.T. will unleash a full sing- and read-through of the original rock musical it’s developing around the heroin epidemic with local playwright and composer Mark Levine, aptly named HIGHER.

When asked why these topics now, Gellin stated very simply “this is what the community asked for.” A.L.T. seeks to hold free monthly workshops open to all. There he asks the public what issues/themes A.L.T. should explore and defers to them versus him choosing alone. “It’s what makes the most sense,” he continued. “By choosing pieces that accentuate the discussions both theatre and non-theatre goers are seeking to have, we can provide a more relevant and timely experience to help better bridge the gap from awareness to action by our community. This is only one way we shift your perspective, provide you ownership, and change how theatre is done.”

If the world Gellin created on the streetcar is any indication of where A.L.T. is headed, now is the time for theatre lovers and skeptics both to climb aboard.

ALT_Spinning into Butter logoWhat: SPINNING INTO BUTTER by Rebecca Gilman


  • February 1 | 7:30pm
  • February 2 | 2:00pm; 7:30pm
  • February 4 | 7:30pm
  • February 7 | 7:30pm
  • February 10 | 2:00pm
  • February 11 | 7:30pm
  • February 15 | 7:30pm
  • February 16 | 7:30pm
  • February 17 | 2:00pm

Where: The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum, 3738 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226

alt_higher logoWhat: HIGHER by Mark Levine, developed by American Legacy Theatre


  • February 8 | 7:30pm
  • February 9 | 7:30pm

Where: Recovery Center of Hamilton County, 2340 Auburn Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Get your tickets at Prices go up at the door. A.L.T. does offer subsidized tickets if prices are prohibitive. Please reach out at 513-443-5429 (LGCY) to ensure you have a part in the discussion.

Stay up to date on everything by following @AmrcnLgcyThtr on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About American Legacy Theatre:
American Legacy Theatre is theatre for social change. While breaking and reimagining many conventions, A.L.T. provides professional theatre that is accessible – affordable, relevant and exciting to all people, all voices.

A.L.T.’s MISSION is to nurture the growth and development of both the American audience and artist in every community it impacts. The VISION is that A.L.T. will be the cornerstone of a revolutionary 5-theatre network across the country becoming the National Theatre of the United States.

Producing Artistic Director and founder, Matthew David Gellin, has served as a USA representative at the UNESCO International Theatre Institute Research Lab in Romania and was named as a Promising Artist of the 21st Century by the International Arts and Cultural Exchange.

About Spinning into Butter by Rebecca Gilman:
When one of the few African American students at liberal Belmont College begins receiving hate mail, the campus erupts, first with shock, then with mutual recrimination as faculty and students alike try to prove their own tolerance by condemning one another. At the center of this maelstrom is Sarah Daniels, the dean of students. As the administration sponsors public “race forums” and the students start their activist groups, Sarah is forced to explore her own feelings of racism. Her self-examination leads to some surprising discoveries and painful insights, the consequences of which even she can’t predict.

About HIGHER by Mark Levine, developed by American Legacy Theatre:

As Benjamin seeks love from people in the world around him he discovers a life long relationship – heroin. Get an exclusive first look at this work in progress by playwright Mark Levine at a full read- and sing-through of the script with the actors. Come experience how A.L.T. is making our region a crucible for new work, and how YOU are a part of it. Your voice matters in shaping this groundbreaking work!

For more information on American Legacy Theatre, please visit

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