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2020-2021 Orchid Awards for Loveland Stage Company


  • EXCELLENCE IN DANCE EXECUTION – Sonja Hansen, Izy Jones, and Cast
  • EXCELLENCE IN ENSEMBLE – California Girls (Collette Combs, Lauren Fritzsche)
  • EXCELLENCE IN HAIR/WIGS – Erin Hauck, Peggy Stouffer
  • EXCELLENCE IN LIGHT DESIGN – Gregory Carl Smith, Cora Gaddis & Gavin Hubbard

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Male Audition Added for CURTAINS at Loveland Stage Company

We are calling for some musical men! Both leads and Male ensemble are needed for this deadly romp of a musical comedy.

Special audition this SUNDAY, Aug 29, 6:30-8:30
Audition appointments https://tinyurl.com/LSCCurtainsAuditions

Rehearsal schedule TWTh 7-9:30 Sun 2-5
Show dates Fri, Sat, Sundays Nov 5-21
Directed by Charlie Rader
Produced by Thomas Cavano

The Story of “Curtains” – Curtains is a backstage musical with a “play-within-the play”. Set in the 1950’s it tells the story of a troupe of actors, the cast of “Robbin’ Hood,” an ill-conceived musical in its Boston pre-Broadway tryout. On opening night, its supremely untalented leading lady is murdered on stage, the first of several murders. The cast is quarantined in the theatre, and the police investigation is led by Lt. Frank Cioffi, a community theatre aficionado in his off-time, who proves himself as interested in fixing the troubled musical as solving the murders. Of course, he accomplishes both tasks! The score for Curtains runs the gamut from witty patter songs, to rich ballads and lots of exciting, full ensemble numbers. Because Curtains may not be well-known to some of you, a complete story synopsis can be found at: http://www.theatricalrights.com/curtains

Please prepare and provide the following for your audition:

  • 16-32 bars of music that showcases your vocal range.
  • Backing tracks (CD or Bluetooth) or a cappella numbers acceptable.
  • Shoes and clothing appropriate for a dance audition
  • Reading sides from the Script are here https://tinyurl.com/LSCCurtains-sides

Roles in “Curtains” – 24+ considering all ethnicities Age range is flexible

  • LT. FRANK CIOFFI (30s-40s): Boston detective, also musical theatre aficionado. Good at his job, he has also aspired to be a musical theatre performer his entire life. Falls in love with Niki. Strong comic skills, major singing, some dance; vocal range: A-flat-E.
  • BOBBY PEPPER (20s to early 30s) The choreographer and lead dancer; Strong singer who dances well, A-E.
  • PLUS members of the “Robbin’ Hood” company, with a LOT to do! This is a big show for dance, and great ensemble work!

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Director Submissions Being Accepted by Loveland Stage Company

LSC_logoLoveland Stage Company Play Submittals Step One: The director will submit in writing, a short (50 words or less), summary of the action of the play or musical. Following the summary, the director will describe his or her background in the theater and explain their unique qualifications for directing their play. Proposals for the coming season* must be submitted in writing to the board by October 31 to be assured consideration for that season.
* The season is June 1, 2022 through the following May 31, 2023

Step Two: If the director’s proposal is approved the director will complete a detailed production plan and submit the plan to the board, in person, for their approval. An example of a production plan follows.

Sample Production Plan: The director will submit in writing the following: The board will consider the plan and suggest possible revisions to the proposal.

  1. List all characters in the play or musical and give a brief description of their age and type.
  2. What is your overall concept of the play?
  3. Describe your vision of the set and costumes.
  4. How much rehearsal time will you need for this play?
  5. Will you need extra production assistants, e.g. assistant director, assistant music director, vocal coach?
  6. Do you have a proposed budget for the production?
  7. Are there any exception costs associated with this production? (orchestra or musicians, etc.)
  8. Do you have scheduling concerns regarding your availability?

In other words, when would you be available to direct this production? The board will consider the plan and suggest possible revisions to the plan.

Step Three: Revisions may be made to the plan and the board makes a final determination regarding the play/musical. At the discretion of the board, exceptions to this procedure could be made for a director who has directed with the Loveland Stage Company in the past and whose dependability is certain. The board may also request additional information from the director.

Loveland Stage Company Guidelines for Selecting Directors:
These guidelines are intended as suggestions for directors who wish to direct at the Loveland Stage Company. We may consider other factors that the board deems necessary in determining the choice of either directors or shows for the coming season.

  1. Potential directors must be members of the Loveland Stage Company for at least one year prior to submitting a play for consideration.
  2. Potential directors must have participated in at least two major shows at the Loveland Stage Company.

Submissions can be mailed to:
Loveland Stage Company
Attn: Play Reading
P.O. Box 312
Loveland, OH 45140

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Cast Announced for CURTAINS at Loveland Stage Company

LSC_logoLoveland Stage Company is excited to announce our cast for CURTAINS opening November 5th!

The cast includes:

  • Ken Macke as Lieutenant Frank Cioffi
  • Mary Jo Bissmeyer as Niki Harris
  • Kevin Dunaway as Aaron Fox
  • McKenzi Monday as Georgia Hendricks
  • David Marcus as Oscar Shapiro
  • Justin Hanks as Bobby Pepper
  • Jenna Schroeder as Bambi Bernet
  • Alissa Ashworth as Jessica Crenshaw
  • Mary Puetz as Carmen Bernstein
  • Christopher Koonce as Daryl O’Grady
  • John Sloan as Christopher Belling
  • Ray Lebowski as Sidney Bernstein
  • Tom Morris as Johnny Harmon
  • Our Ensemble: Jeff Centrello as Randy Dexter, Mark Mehlhope as Harv Fremont, Scott Freund-Broerman as Detective O’Farrell, Niki Rasmussen as Roberta Wooster, Michelle Bellamy as Mona Page, Vincent Eldridge, Norman Lewis, Michael Acheson, Spencer Jones, Krista Schaeffer, Terry Neack, Kiya Fix, Missy Fram, Megan Archibald, Ursula Biron, Kimmee Anne Thierauf, Tori Getz, Rachel Freund-Broerman & Marvel Gentry-Harmon

Directed by Charlie Rader and produced by Tom Cavano, performances run Nov. 5-21.

For more information visit www.lovelandstagecompany.org.

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Help Loveland Stage Company Win Capital Improvement Grant

LSC_Donation for HVACPlease help The Loveland Stage Company win up to $100,000 for a capital improvement to the HVAC system in the building.  The Gannet Foundation is teaming up with A Community Thrives and MightyCause.com to sponsor a four-week fundraising campaign.  As a small non-profit, LSC needs to raise at least $3000 to qualify to win the $100,000 grant.

Here’s how you can help:  Donate to LSC using the links below.  You will be taken to a special fundraising page, hosted by MightyCause (similar to the GoFundMe site).  USING THIS WEBSITE IS THE ONLY WAY THAT YOU DONATION COUNTS TOWARDS THE GRANT GIVEAWAY.  Our goal is to raise at least $5000.  That amount will get the improvements started, even if the big grant eludes us.

Increasing the Chances of LSC Winning:
Each “unique” contribution scores bonus points towards earning the large Grant money.  Two donations of $25, each using separate emails, is ranked higher than if one person gives $50.  Take an extra moment and ask each member of your family to give something ($5 minimum).  Any amount helps, as long as it uses a different email.

Four Weeks to Act!
All funds must be raised in the four weeks from July 19th – August 14th.



Links: https://www.mightycause.com/organization/Loveland-Stage-Company

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