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Cast Announced for THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE at Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre

WFIT_ExteriorThe cast includes:

  • Maria Zierolf as Olive Ostrovsky
  • Tyler Gau as Douglas Panch
  • Emily Borst as Rona Lisa Peretti
  • Matthew Callas as Chip Tolentino
  • Aaron Schilling as Leaf Coneybear
  • Nicholas Godfrey as William Barfee
  • Flowy Ebony as Mich Mahoney
  • Zoe Zoller as Logainne Schwartzandgrunenierre
  • Savannah Boyd as Marcy Park
  • Swings: Jordan Darnell & Zac Holman

Directed by Stacy Searle, with music direction by Mark Femia and choreography by Zac Holman.

Performances run July 5-30.

For more information visit www.cincinnatilandmarkproductions.com/Incline


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Cast Announced for MAN OF LA MANCHA at Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre

WFIT_ExteriorThe cast includes:

  • Rick Kramer as Don Quixote/Cervantes)
  • Douglas X. Berlon as Sancho
  • Jamie Steele as Captain of the Inquisition
  • Renee Stoltzfus as Aldonza
  • Dan Cohen as The Innkeeper/The Governor
  • Jonathan Andrews as Dr. Carrasco/The Duke
  • John Langley as The Padre
  • Emma Massey as Antonia
  • Madeline Stern as The Housekeeper
  • Aaron Whitehead as The Barber
  • The Muleteers: Josh Van Nort, Phoenix Bills, Lawson Smith, Ray Garcia, Dylan Perez & Grant Zentmeyer
  • Elexis Selmon as Maria/Innkeeper’s Wife
  • Kelsey Schwarber as Fermia
  • Ensemble: Anna Berringer & Rachel Petranek

Directed by Dee Anne Bryll, with music direction by Ryan Heinrich and choreography by Cassidy Steele.

Performances run Aug. 16-Sept. 10.

For more information visit www.cincinnatilandmarkproductions.com/Incline

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FOOTLOOSE Runs May 31-June 25

Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre
May 31-June 25
[East Price Hill]

Directed & choreographed by Eric Byrd
Music direction by Damon Stevens

Cast: Evan Blust as Ren, Savannah Slaby as Ariel, Jamie Cordes as Rev. Shaw Morre, Marya Cordes as Vi, Juno Brosas as Rusty, Zach Treinen as Jeter, Annalese Fusaro as Wendy Jo, Ryan Behan as Bickle, Kate Stark as Ethel, JT Langlas as Garvin, Chelsey Ross as Lulu, Stan Prezdlacki as Willard, Ethan Kuchta as Chuck, Makayla Shipe as Urleen, Joe Gongaware as Travis, Kyndra Jefferies as Eleanor Dunbar/Betty/Band, Evan Kupersmith as Lyle, Justine Reilmann as Coach Dunbar/Band, Aaron Marshall as Wes Warnicker/Cop/Band, and Elliot Handkins as Principal Clark/Cowboy Bob
Ensemble:  Henry Howland, Arianna Catalano, Caroline Rakestraw and Madison Osment.  Marlo D’Ascenso and Hunter Broyles are Swings.

When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small Texas town, he is not prepared for the local edict instituted by the local preacher that bans dancing! When the reverend’s rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren’s reputation, with the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid. The heartfelt story pits a father longing for a lost son against a young man aching for the father who walked out on him.  To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated score, plus dynamic new songs, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people while guiding them with a warm heart and open mind.+

  • Wed-Thu, May 31-June 1 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, June 2-3 at 8pm
  • Sun, June 4 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, June 7-8 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, June 9-10 at 8pm
  • Sun, June 11 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, June 14-15 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, June 16-17 at 8pm
  • Sun, June 18 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, June 21-22 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, June 23-24 at 8pm
  • Sun, June 25 at 2pm

Official page | Facebook event |

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CLUE: The Musical Runs April 19-May 14

WFIT_ClueCLUE: The Musical 
Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre
April 19-May 14
[East Price Hill]

Directed by Tim Perrino
Music directed by Greg Dastillung
Choreographed by Cassidy Steele

Cast: Ryan J. Poole as Mr. Boddy, Lesley Taylor as Mrs. Peacock, Tyler Gau as Professor Plum, Jordan Darnell as Miss Scarlett, Sean Miller-Jones as Col. Mustard, Jerrod Gruber as Mrs. White, Gabe Schenker as Mr. Green, Madeline Stern as Detective and Sabrina Mack and Evan Rogers as Swings

Who killed Mr. Boddy, with what, and where? It might be Mr. Plum with the wrench in the Library, Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the Dining Room, or Mrs. Peacock with the rope in the kitchen? The internationally popular game is now a fun-filled musical that brings the world’s best-known suspects to life and invites the audience to help solve the mystery! With all the potential murderers, weapons, and rooms, there are 216 possible solutions! Comic antics, witty lyrics, and beguiling tunes carry the investigation from suspect to suspect. Even after the culprit confesses, a surprise twist delights the audience!

  • Wed-Thu, April 19-20 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, April 21-22 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 23 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, April 26-27 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, April 28-29 at 8pm
  • Sun, April 30 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, May 3-4 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, May 5-6 at 8pm
  • Sun, May 7 at 2pm
  • Wed-Thu, May 10-11 at 7:30pm
  • Fri-Sat, May 12-13 at 8pm
  • Sun, May 14 at 2pm

Official page | Facebook event |

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Auditions Announced for THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE and MAN OF LA MANCHA at Incline Theatre

WFIT_ExteriorCincinnati Landmark Productions holds auditions for THE 25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE and MAN OF LA MANCHA at the Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre

  • Saturday, March 18, 2023 1:00pm to 3:30pm
  • Sunday, March 19, 2023 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Monday, March 20, 2023 6:00pm to 8:30pm (Spelling Bee)
Tuesday, March 21, 2023 6:00pm to 8:30pm (La Mancha)

Audition Location:
The Madcap Education Center
3064 Harrison Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45211

If you’d like the audition forms sent to you in advance, email Jennifer Perrino at Jenniferperrino@clpshows.org

Important Audition Information!
For Each Show: You will be asked to read from the script.

  • Minimum age to Audition for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is 18 years old.
  •  Please prepare a song to sing for 32 measures in musical theatre style.
  •  You may be asked to learn a dance combination, depending on the role.
  • Minimum age to audition for MAN OF LA MANCHA is 18 years old.
  • Please prepare a song to sing for 32 measures in musical theatre style.
  • You may be asked to learn a dance combination, depending on the role.
  • MUST HAVE A RESUME listing theatrical experience to audition for either production.
  • Please bring a headshot/picture.

Performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities and abilities are especially encouraged to audition and will be considered for all roles.

1st round video submissions are acceptable but not preferred.

No more than 2 conflicts will be accepted during the rehearsal process.

All roles are paid positions. No Roles have been precast.

Cast members do not have to be the actual ages of the characters in any of the productions – But must be able to look age appropriate and act accordingly.

July 5 – July 30, 2023
Conceived by Rebecca Feldman, Additional Material by Jay Reiss; Music and Lyrics by William Finn; Book by Rachel Sheinkin Jerry Herman, Larry Alford and Wayne Cilento
Additional Materials by Jay Reiss; Originally Directed on Broadway by James Lapine; Originally produced on Broadway by David Stone, James L. Nederlander, Barbara Whitman, Patrick Catullo, Barrington Stage Company, Second Stage Theatre

An eclectic group of pubescent kids vie for the spelling championship of a lifetime. While candidly disclosing hilarious and touching stories from their home lives, the teens spell their way through a series of crazy words, hoping never to hear the soul-crushing, pout-inducing “ding” of the bell that signals a spelling mistake. Six spellers enter; one speller leaves triumphant! At least the losers get a juice box! Great songs, great characters, one hilarious night at the theater!

Stacy Searle, Director; Mark Femia, Music Director, Zac Holman, Choreographer and Jasmine Cosma, Production Stage Manager


  • Chip Tolentino An athletic, social, boy scout and champion of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, he returns to defend his title, but he finds puberty hitting at an inopportune moment. C4 – B5
  • Logainne Schwartzandgrunenierre (Schwartzy) Logainne is the youngest and most politically aware speller, often making comments about current political figures. She is driven by internal and external pressure, but above all by a desire to win to make her two fathers proud. She is somewhat of a neat freak, speaks with a lisp, and will be back next year. A3 – F5
  • Leaf Coneybear The second runner-up in his district, Leaf gets into the competition on a lark and finds everything about the bee incredibly amusing. He is home-schooled and comes from a large family of former hippies. He has severe Attention Deficit Disorder and spells words correctly while in a trance. A3 – A5 / Carl Dad Schwarzy’s main trainer, the more intense and competitive of Schwarzy’s fathers. Normally played by actor playing Leaf. G3 – D5
  • William Barfee A Putnam County Spelling Bee finalist last year, he was eliminated because of an allergic reaction to peanuts and is back for vindication. His famous “Magic Foot” method of spelling has boosted him to spelling glory, even though he only has one working nostril and a touchy, bullying personality. He develops a crush on Olive. E4 – B5
  • Marcy Park A recent transfer from Virginia, Marcy placed ninth in last year’s nationals. She speaks six languages, is a member of all-American hockey, a championship rugby player, plays Chopin and Mozart on multiple instruments, sleeps only three hours a night, hides in the bathroom cabinet, and is getting very tired of always winning. She is the poster child for the Over-Achieving Asian, and attends a Catholic school called “Our Lady of Intermittent Sorrows.” She is also not allowed to cry. C4 – E5
  • Olive Ostrovsky A young newcomer to competitive spelling. Her mother is in an ashram in India, and her father is working late, as usual, but he is trying to come sometime during the bee. Having found comfort in its words and vastness, Olive made friends with her dictionary at a very young age, helping her to make it to the competition. She starts enormously shy, and shyly blossoms. B3 – F5
  • Rona Lisa Peretti The number-one realtor in Putnam County, a former Putnam County Spelling Bee Champion herself, and the returning moderator. She is a sweet woman who loves children, but she can be very stern when it comes to dealing with Vice Principal Panch and his feelings for her. Her interest in the competition is unflagging and drives it forward. B3 – F5 /
  • Olive’s Mom A fantasy version of Olive’s mom at her Ashram in India. Normally played by the actor playing Rona. D4 – E5
  • Douglas Panch The Vice Principle. Frustrated with his life, he finds the drive of the young spellers alien to him. After five years’ absence from the Bee, Panch returns as judge. There was an “incident” at the Twentieth Annual Bee, but he claims to be in “a better place” now, thanks to a high-fiber diet and Jungian analysis. He is infatuated with Rona Lisa Peretti, but she does not return his affections. Mitch Mahoney The Official Comfort Counselor. An ex-convict, Mitch is performing his community service with the Bee, and hands out juice boxes to losing students. He has no idea how to offer comfort, but does find himself wishing he could find a way to make the kids feel better. E4 – A5
  • Mitch Mahoney The Official Comfort Counselor. An ex-convict, Mitch is performing his community service with the Bee, and hands out juice boxes to losing students. He has no idea how to offer comfort, but does find himself wishing he could find a way to make the kids feel better. E4 – A5 / Dan Dad the more laid back and ineffectual of Schwarzy’s fathers. Normally played by the actor playing Mitch. G3 – D5 / Jesus Christ Deity invoked by a speller in need. Normally played by the actor playing Chip. / Olive’s Dad A fantasy version of Olive’s dad coming to the bee from work. Normally played by the actor playing Mitch. E4 – B5
  • Leaf’s Mom, Dad, And Siblings All more academically gifted than Leaf, they are even more surprised than he is by his success. Normally played by the spellers and audience volunteers as indicated in the script.

Aug. 16 – Sept. 10, 2023
Written by Dale Wasserman; Music by Mitch Leigh; Lyrics by Joe Darion; Original Production Staged by Albert Marre/Originally Produced by Albert W. Selden and Hal James

MAN OF LA MANCHA is one of the world’s most popular musicals! Inspired by Miguel de Cervantes’ masterwork Don Quixote, the original 1965 production won five Tony Awards, including Best Musical! Cervantes is in prison awaiting trial during the Spanish Inquisition. He and his fellow prisoners perform a play-within-a-play, telling the story of the elderly Alonso Quijana, who renames himself “Don Quixote” and goes on a quest to right all wrongs in the world. The rousing, Spanish-inflected score includes the classic numbers “The Impossible Dream,” “I, Don Quixote,” “Dulcinea,” “I Really Like Him” and “Little Bird.” A true classic, Man of La Mancha is an incredible, inspiring show for the ages!

Dee Anne Bryll Director; Ryan Heinrich, Music Director, Cassidy Steele, Choreographer and Holly McGowan, Production Stage Manager


  • Don Quixote (Cervantes): Tall, thin man in his late forties, he is an actor, playwright, and would-be knight. He is a romantic—some sane crazy—and has a vision of a far better and nobler world, where knights and chivalry rule the day.
  • Sancho (The Manservant): Older than Don Quixote, Sancho is short and squat. He has served Quixote/Cervantes for many years and is devoted to him, even with all his idiosyncracies. Baritone
  • Captain of the Inquisition
  • Aldonza: A serving woman and a part-time prostitute at the inn, Aldonza is rough on the exterior, but has a gentle heart inside and yearns to believe what Don Quixote tells her. Quixote falls in loves with her and insists her name is Dulcinea and that she is a beautiful, gentle woman. Soprano
  • The Innkeeper (The Governor): A large and powerful man, he is kind as the Innkeeper, but as the Governor is the leader of the inmate society in the prison. Bass
  • Dr. Carrasco (The Duke): As the character of the Duke he sidekick to the Governor; however, when he plays Dr. Carrasco, he is Antonia’s fiancé. He thinks Don Quixote mad and insists that he come home and be treated for his malady. Baritone
    The Padre
  • Antonia: Quixote’s niece and Dr. Carrasco’s fiancée.
  • The Housekeeper Mezzo-Soprano
  • The Barber Tenor
  • Pedro: The head muleteer, Pedro is a mean and vicious man, leading an attack on Aldonza.
  • Anselmo: A muleteer
  • Jose: A muleteer
  • Juan: A muleteer
  • Paco: a muleteer
  • Tenorio: A muleteer
  • Maria: The Innkeeper’s wife
  • Fermina: A servant girl

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