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Auditions Announced for ELFISH at Improv Cincinnati

IC_Elfish logoImprov Cincinnati presents auditions for Elfish, an original scripted musical written by Tatum Hunter and directed by Gauravi Shah!

Auditions will be at Clifton Performance Theatre on Saturday October 5, 1-4pm. Musical callbacks will be Sunday October 6 3-5pm

Description: Charlie is a resourceful elf with an unwavering Christmas spirit, but she lives in a world that has increasingly become lonely and distant. Families are dysfunctional little drones who barely pull themselves away from their screens, Santa is a tech tycoon churning out the next product launch, and the World’s Best Parent is a robot engineered to be perfect. Will Charlie lift our spirits and make us feel loved and connected? Find out this December in Tatum Hunter’s hilarious satirical spin on the Christmas season!


  • Charlie: (female) A good little worker, wants recognition, success and pats on the back
  • Winston: Entrepreneurial spirit, loses interest in things once he achieves them
  • JT: A sharp-tongued trend-hater
  • Santa: Silicon valley founder, petty little bitch beneath a charismatic exterior, a man-child
  • Roxanne: Madly in love with Santa, mothers him
  • DadBot: Just so friendly
  • Ensemble

Sign Up Now To Secure Your Spot! If you can’t attend the audition on 10/5, please e-mail Gauravi Shah at gauravi.shah14@gmail.com.


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Auditions Announced for House Teams at Improv Cincinnati

IC_logoImprov Cincinnati is excited to announce the upcoming fall auditions for our house teams on Sunday, September 15 from 10am to noon. We’re in search of talented performers who embody our values and touchstones. The IC house teams perform once a month on Saturday nights for our main stage performances.

This year, we’re asking our graduates (and other qualified applicants) to perform a Harold. You may coordinate with your current class/team to register at the same time slot, or you may register as an individual and be placed on an ad hoc audition team. Applicants are expected to arrive 30 minutes early to discuss the format, play warm-up games, and run some scenes. A coach will be provided to help with warm-ups.

Click Here to Sign Up!

Improv Cincinnati equips our students and performers with the skills to succeed, the opportunities to try, and the freedom to fail. Anyone who doesn’t make a house team has the chance to gain experience by joining a performance-level class or retaking a previous class at half price.

We look forward to seeing you succeed at auditions. Good luck!

Jon & Colin

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Casting Call for EWOKS the Musical THE MUSICAL at Improv Cincinnati

IC_logoImprov Cincinnati musical parodies of Harry Potter and Stranger Things completely sold out. Now it’s time to explore a new franchise: STAR WARS!

Improv Cincinnati proudly presents auditions for Ewok, the musical: THE MUSICAL. This is a meta-musical about a dinner theatre’s acting company who have the ambitious goal of producing “Ewok, the musical.” Yes, there will be ewoks and biker scouts. Yes, it will be hilarious. Yes, you will love it.

Register for auditions by completing the form HERE.

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Auditions Announced for THE TWI-LIT ZONE: A NEW DIMENSION OF HOLIDAY TALES at Improv Cincinnati

IC_logoImprov Cincinnati is proud to announce auditions for The Twi-Lit Zone: A New Dimension of Holiday Tales, an original Christmas-themed parody of “The Twilight Zone” by writer Mary O’Connell. Auditions will be at Clifton Performance Theatre on Saturday October 6th from 11am – 2pm.

Sign up for an audition slot in the form at the bottom of this page on IC’s blog.

Rehearsals begin Oct 14th (generally on Sunday and Monday evenings); Performances are December 7th, 14th, and 21st.


  • Frost Whirling, narrator
  • ‘Nezer Scrooge, redeemed misanthrope
  • Jay Marley, deceased business partner, now guardian angel of Nezer
  • Bubba Ratchet, simpleton employed by Nezer
  • Tiny Tubs, spoiled pet dog/cat of Bubba
  • Frank, obnoxious nephew of Nezer
  • Accountant, wasteful spender of Nezer’s money
  • Partygoer, disorderly guest who adds to chaos
  • Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Ghost of Christmas Present
  • Ghost of Christmas Future
  • Talkin’ Tracy, life-sized doll that always tells the truth
  • Mom, perfect TV mom, hiding secret “truths”
  • Dad, perfect TV dad, hiding secret “truths”
  • Sally, perfect TV daughter who loves Talkin Tracy
  • Johnny, perfect TV son who wants to be good at Fortnite
  • Candy Landis, reporter
  • Red Barry , reporter and old friend of Candy
  • Lie Detector Scientist
  • Rudy Brown, beneficiary of Santa’s gifts
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Santa
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Elf

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Auditions Announced for STRANGER THINGS Parody at Improv Cincinnati

IC_logoImprov Cincinnati is producing a scripted Christmas-themed parody of Stranger Things.

The performances will be on December 8th and 15th. We are searching for talented actors who resemble the featured kid characters: Eleven, Dustin, Will, Mike, Lucas, and Max. All other roles have been cast.

Auditionees can be young teens or young-looking adults. IC recommends watching both seasons before auditioning, but it’s not required.

When: Sunday Nov. 12th; 1-3pm

Where: Liberty Exhibition Hall (3938 Spring Grove Ave.)

Please fill out the audition registration at https://improvcincinnati.com/blog/auditions-stranger-things-parody.

Send any questions to info@improvcincinnati.com.

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