Auditions Announced for AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY at Dayton Playhouse

DPH_logoDirected by Jamison Meyer

Performances will be March 4-13, 2022

AUDITIONS will be held January 17 & 18, 2022 at 7pm. DPH is still requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccination at auditions.

Monologues are required for auditions. There will be some extra monologues provided in the lobby if people are not able to bring their own. After the monologues, auditioners will be reading sides from the script.

SHOW CONTENT WARNING: explicit language used by just about every character, prescription drug, and marijuana abuse, as well as attempted assault on a minor.


Character Breakdown:

  • BEVERLY WESTON – late sixties – Alcoholic Poet, patriarch, of the family.
  • VIOLET WESTON – late sixties – Strong but cutting mother, addicted to pain pills, abuse and her pride have made her selfish and mean to those she loves.
  • BARBARA FORDHAM – mid to late forties- eldest daughter, Separated from her husband, witty and sardonic, attempts to keep the family together.
  • BILL FORDHAM – late forties – A university professor who is sleeping with one of his students. Separated from Barbara.
  • JEAN FORDHAM – fourteen – Barbara and Bill’s daughter, a little lost, a little rebellious. *The role of Jean Fordham (who is a 14 year old) won’t be cast with anyone under the age of 18.
  • IVY WESTON – early forties – middle daughter. Has had to stay behind and take care of her parents, resents her sisters for this.
  • KAREN WESTON – early forties – youngest daughter, has dreamed of being married in a fairytale, caught up her delusions and dismissive of her family’s troubles
  • MATTIE FAY AIKEN – Late Fifties – Violet’s Sister, married to Charlie cruel to her son, not close with her sister but understands her better than most.
  • CHARLIE AIKEN – Sixty – A kind man, thoughtful and understanding. Loves his son and defends him to his wife.
  • LITTLE CHARLES AIKEN – Late thirties – Bumbling and inept, seen as a permanent child by the family except for Ivy.
  • JOHNNA MONEVATA – Late twenties (Indigenous American) – the caretaker hired by Beverly at the beginning of the play. A Cheyenne woman, who watches the family.
  • STEVE HEIDEBRECHT – fifty – Karen’s sleazy fiancé, smokes pot with fourteen year old Jean
  • SHERIFF DEON GILBEAU – Late Forties – local sheriff who comes to the Weston house to deliver the terrible news of Beverly’s death

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