Video Auditions Announced for BACK TO THE ’80S! at Dare to Defy Productions

D2D_logoWe are excited to announce auditions for BACK TO THE ’80S! This a professionally staged youth production (with featured adult roles) with stipends available for all performers. There is no minimum age (must be able to portray 14-18) and we will accept up to age 21.

Rehearsals will begin July 20th and will rehearse Monday-Thursday, 6-9pm with the possibility of some Saturday afternoon rehearsals. Performances are September 4-6th.

With the current Stay at Home order in place, we are requesting video submissions. Please send a 16 bar cut of an 80’s style song, as well as a one minute monologue. We ask that you please slate your name and age at the beginning of your audition video, as well as any role you are interested in. Don’t forget to include a headshot and resume as well. All materials can be sent to by May 4th. We are hoping to have callbacks in person, but are monitoring the situation daily.

Roles Available:

  • Corey Palmer(Young)
    The hero of the musical. He is an ordinary, likeable senior in high school that is dealing with typical issues including his love for Tiffany Houston.
    Vocal range top: D5
    Vocal range bottom: Bb2
  • Alf Bueller
    One of Corey Junior’s best friends. A likeable teenager just coming out of childhood and beginning adulthood.
    Vocal range top: Bb4
    Vocal range bottom: Bb2
  • Kirk Keaton
    One of the “nice” boys who is naive and has difficulty with girls.
    Vocal range top: F4
    Vocal range bottom: Bb2
  • Cyndi Gibson
    A street-smart, boy-wary member of Tiffany’s posse who has a crush on Michael but always settles for other boys.
    Vocal range top: E5
    Vocal range bottom: A3
  • Mel Easton
    One of the elite “Cool Girls,” she is the twin sister of Kim who loves to rock out as a backup to the group.
    Vocal range top: C5
    Vocal range bottom: A3
  • Kim Easton
    The twin sister of Mel and friend of Cyndi. Kim is a party-loving cheerleader who does not do well in school.
    Vocal range top: C#5
    Vocal range bottom: A3
  • Michael Feldman
    The coolest guy in the school who has the attention of all the girls. When the girls are not around, he is a mean manipulative oaf who picks on smaller kids.
    Vocal range top: B4
    Vocal range bottom: D3
  • Billy Arnold
    A popular, athletic guy who appears tough and is revered yet has little backbone without Michael.
    Vocal range top: A4
    Vocal range bottom: A3
  • Lionel Astley
    He is a follower and not quite as cool as the other guys in his posse, but is tolerated by the girls.
    Vocal range top: G4
    Vocal range bottom: Bb2
  • Huey Jackson
    The final guy to round out the group of Michael Feldman’s friends. Not much else to be said – big hair, wears clothes that were cool at the time, but now just look like fluorescent mismatches of colour. Huey is an 80’s tragic – he is the only member of the cool group to go as far as wearing a white Michael Jackson glove – as was the fashion of the day!
  • Feargal Mcferrin
    The sensitive school nerd. He is supremely intelligent, but his visions of life in the new millenium are always mocked.
    Vocal range top: B4
    Vocal range bottom: E3
  • Laura Wilde
    Debbie’s best friend. She is awkward and has trouble with boys, but is a nice girl.
    Vocal range top: E5
    Vocal range bottom: F3
  • Debbie Fox
    Laura’s competitive best friend. She lies about her fantasy relationships with celebrities.
    Vocal range top: E5
    Vocal range bottom: F3
  • Featured Singers/ Ensemble
    The roles of Corey Sr, Tiffany Houston, Eileen Reagan and Miss Brannigan have been filled by D2D ensemble members.

Songs in the show (For reference)

  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
  • Kids In America
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  • We Built This City
  • Mickey
  • Video Killed The Radio Star
  • Believe It Or Not
  • Morning Train (9 to 5)
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  • You Give Love A Bad Name
  • You Give Love A Bad Name (Reprise)
  • Man In The Mirror
  • Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
  • Love Shack
  • Total Eclipse Of The Heart
  • Walking On Sunshine
  • Get Outta Me Dreams (Get Into My Car)
  • Centerfold
  • Lost In Your Eyes
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • Material Girl
  • Don’t Worry Be Happy / Come On, Eileen
  • Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Reprise)
  • (I’ve Had) The Time Of Me Life
  • Back To The 80’s Megamix!

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