Auditions Announced for MY SON PINOCCHIO: GEPETTO’S MUSICAL TALE at Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre

Directed by Rodney Neal
Produced by Mandy Gambrell

  • 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 26
  • 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27
    Callbacks: 7  p.m.  Tuesday, Aug. 28

Location: Creative Center at the Palace, 215 S. Third St., Hamilton

Audition sign ups: Click here

Please prepare 1-2 minutes of a musical theatre style song. Bring sheet music for the accompanist or sing with a CD. A CD player will be provided. You are also welcome to use your own Bluetooth speaker but please be connected and ready to sing when your time slot begins. After singing, you may be asked to stay for the dance portion of the audition. Please bring appropriate footwear.

Please bring a complete list of conflict dates from September 25 through November 14. You may not have any conflicts from November 14 through the performance weekend without prior approval.

Performances: 7:30 p.m. Dec. 6-8 and 2 p.m. Dec. 9, 2018 at Parrish Auditorium on the Miami Hamilton campus


Rehearsals begin in late September 2018. Rehearsals will typically be 2-6 p.m. Sundays and 6:30-9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rehearsals may be conducted on other days of the week as we get closer to show week.

No absences will be accepted the final three weeks of the show, which includes tech week and the show run. Please note that not all performers will be asked to attend all rehearsals.


  • Geppetto: (stage sge: 35-60) Geppetto is a lonely toymaker who longs to be a father. Looking for a strong actor and singer, as the show is about Geppetto’s journey to becoming a father. Male. Vocal range Bb3- F5.
  • Pinocchio: (stage age 9-12) Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who doesn’t know where he belongs. Looking for a performer who can handle the lively personality of a little boy while also capturing tender moments. Although Pinocchio is a boy, the role can be played by a boy or girl. Male/Female. Vocal range: G3-E5.
  • Blue Fairy: (stage age 25-40) The Blue Fairy is convinced of her own perfection and does not like having it called into question. Must have good comedic instincts and a solid singing voice. This role does not require excessive dancing. Female. Vocal range: G3-E5.
  • Fairies: (stage age 18-25) Rosa, Viola & Arancia, fairies in training, are sweet and kind. The performers in these roles should be expressive observers since they often oversee the action occurring onstage during flashbacks. They sing as a group, often alongside the Blue Fairy. They each have their own individual distinctions. Female. Vocal range: G3-E5.
  • Sue: (Stage Age 18-25) Sue is a fairy in training who marches to the beat of her own drum. She isn’t your typical fairy, as sweetness isn’t in her nature. The performer in this role can be brooding or brash, certainly a contrast to Rosa, Viola and Arancia, although vocally she should blend in. Female.
  • Stromboli: (stage age 20-60) Stromboli is a bumbling, loud, incompetent puppeteer who has at least a few screws loose. Must be a versatile performer who can create silly voices to take this character and his marionettes over-the-top. Stromboli’s songs are challenging, so this performer must be comfortable with solos. Male. Vocal range: Bb3-F5
  • Professore Buonragazzo: (stage age 20-60) Professore Buonragazzo is a passionate, mad-scientist type obsessed with building perfect children. Must be able to sing, but strong character work is most important for this role. Male. Vocal range: Bb3-C#4.
  • Junior: (stage age 9-12) Junior is Professore Buonragazzo’s mirror image assistant, created using the child-making machine. The performer in this role will need to work closely with the performer playing the Professor to mimic his movements. A short solo is required, but it can be spoken if necessary. Male/Female. Vocal range: Bb3-C#5.
  • Ringleader: (stage age 20-60) The Ringleader runs Pleasure Island. The performer playing this role should have a real sense of showmanship and also a creepy quality. The Ringleader can be played by a male or female, but either way must be able to commit to the character’s mischievous and deceptive ways. Male/Female. Vocal range: A3- E5.
  • Signora Giovanni: (stage age 20-60) Signora Giovanni is Pinocchio’s teacher Supporting role. Female/Male.
  • Bernardo: (stage age 20-45) Bernardo & Maria are married residents of Idyllia who are looking to purchase a “perfect” daughter from Professore Buonragazzo. Male.
  • Maria: (stage age 20-45) Bernardo & Maria are married residents of Idyllia who are looking to purchase a “perfect” daughter from Professore Buonragazzo. Female.
  • Talia: (stage age 7-10) Talia is the “perfect child” created for Maria and Bernardo by Professore Buonragazzo’s machine. Talia sings and dances to impress her parents, singing and dancing abilities. Female. Vocal range: C3- C4.
  • Boy #1: (stage age 9-12) Boy 1 is the first replacement for Pinocchio, created by Professore Buonragazzo’s machine. This performer must be able to mimic a comedic version of the famous puppet. Male.
    Vocal range: C3-C4.
  • Boy 2: (stage age 9-12) Boy 2 is the second replacement for Pinocchio. Male. Vocal range: C3-C4.
  • Marionettes: (stage age 15-25 or 8-13 if using kids) Marionettes are the stringed puppets in Stromboli’s show. Strong dance skills required. Female. Vocal range: Bb3-E5.
  • Town children: (stage age 7-13) The Town Children (Dante, Agata, Fiorello, Francesca, Adriana, Luigi, Gina, Lia, Rico) love the toys in Geppetto’s shop. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. There are opportunities for solos from this group. Male/Female
  • Town parents: (stage age 30-60) Signora Lisi, Signore Fucito, Signora Mancini, Signor Alcamo, Signora Sommelia, Signora Contrastana, Signora Rosati, Signore Proto and Signore Marino are the beleaguered mothers and judgmental fathers of the town children. The performers cast in these roles should be able to create individual personalities for their characters. There are also opportunities for solos from this group. Male/Female.
  • Children of Idyllia: (stage age 7-13) Children of Idyllia (Amelia, Salvatore, Carla, Lucia, Giuseppe, Boy 1, Boy 2) are the perfect children created by Professore Buonragazzo. Performers cast in these roles should be able to sing in groups, with featured speaking lines, as well as have dance strong abilities. Male/Female.
  • Animals: (stage age 7-13) Animals (Pig, Foxes, and Horse) serve as voices of reason for Geppetto’s journey. Performers cast in these roles do not have to sing; however, comic timing and deadpan delivery are essential. These performers should be comfortable inhabiting the mismatched animals they portray. Male/Female.
  • Roustabouts: (stage age 7-18) Roustabouts are the sidekicks to Pleasure Island’s Ringleader. When performing these roles, personality is key. Group singing is required. Male/Female.
  • Delinquents: (stage age 7-18) Delinquents (Malvolio, Brutto, Sporco, others) Strong actors needed. Must be comfortable turning into donkeys. Male/Female.

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