Auditions Announced for DAMN YANKEES at Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre

GHCT_logoMon-Tue, Feb. 6 & 7 at 7pm

Creative Center at the Palace – 215 S. Third St., Hamilton

Show dates:
April 26-29, 2017 at 8pm
April 30, 2017 at 2pm

Note from Director Rodney Neal:
Kids ages 8 and up are to audition with the adults. I will cast 5-10 kids as part of the ensemble. For question please contact me at

What to prepare:

  • Adults and children should prepare 1-2 min of a musical theatre style song.
  • After singing, you may be asked to stay for the dance portion of the audition. Please be prepared and have appropriate footwear. If you have tap shoes, please bring them.
  • Bring sheet music for the accompanist or sing with a CD. CD player with be provided.
  • Bring a complete list of conflict dates from Feb 12th through April 13th. You may not have any conflicts April 16th to the end of the run without prior approval.
  • Rehearsals are tentatively set to start Feb 12th at 6:30. We will rehearse Sunday’s at 6:30, and Monday and Wednesday’s at 7:00. We will add Thursday rehearsals starting March 23rd.

Cast needs:

  • Joe Boyd – A middle-aged, married man who is in love with baseball, especially the Senators.
  • Joe Hardy – The 22-year-old, home run hitting alter ego of Joe Boyd.
  • Mr. Applegate – The Devil in disguise as a slick salesman. A controlling, greedy smooth talker.
  • Lola – The Devil’s seductress assistant. Sexy and confident.
  • Meg Boyd – Joe’s long-suffering, but loyal wife.
  • Van Buren – The luckless team manager. A sort of father-figure for the team, who proudly defends them.
  • Gloria Thorpe – A probing reporter who’s bottom-line is a good story for her paper. Fearless and biting.
  • Rocky – A baseball player for the Washington Senators. Cocky, but a little bit dopey, too. He’s a guy’s guy.
  • Smokey – A catcher for the Washington Senators. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  • Sohovik – A baseball player for the Washington Senators. The smartest and most level headed of the players. The unofficial leader of the team.
  • Sister – A friend of Meg’s and Doris’s sister. Outspoken and brash, but caring.
  • Doris – A friend of Meg’s.
  • Mr. Welch – The owner of the Senators. Believes in Joe and believes in his team.
  • Henry – A baseball player for the Washington Senators.
  • Linville – A baseball player for the Washington Senators.
  • Vernon – A baseball player for the Washington Senators.
  • Mark – A baseball player for the Washington Senators.

Many other ensemble roles include Lynch, Bryant, Eddie, Bouley, Lowe, Mickey, Miss Weston, commissioner, Postmaster, guard, other ball player, baseball fans, singers and dancers.


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