Auditions Announced for THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND at CenterStage Players

CSPOH_logoTHE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND is a satiric parody of those notorious Agatha Christie murder mysteries. Rave reviews greeted this long one-act masterpiece of farce.

Feuding theatre critics Moon and Birdboot, the first a fusty philanderer and the second a pompous and vindictive second stringer, are swept into the whodunit they are viewing. In the hilarious spoof of Agatha Christie-like melodramas that follows, the body under the sofa proves to be the missing first-string critic. As mists rise about isolated Muldoon Manor, Moon and Birdfoot become dangerously implicated in the lethal activities of an escaped madman.

Mon & Tue, Nov. 28-29 from 7-9pm
The North College Hill City Center 1500 W. Galbraith Rd 45231

Show Dates: January 27-Feb. 4
Rehearsals begin Dec. 4

  • British accents will be used.
  • Cold readings from the script.

Male Roles:

  • Birdboot…an arrogant, self-absorbed theatre critic who desires both Felicity and Cynthia (age – 40+)
  • Moon…a second-string theatre critic who desires recognition (age – 40+)
  • Simon Gascoyne…young, attractive, mysterious visitor to Muldoon Manor who “knows?” Felicity and is enticed by Cynthia (age – 25 +)
  • Major Magnus Muldoon…the crippled half-brother of Lord Albert Muldoon…desires Cynthia…hates Simon (age – 35+)
  • Inspector Hound…a Peter Seller’s send up who is investigating an alleged phone call…over the top (age – 35+)

Female Roles:

  • Mrs. Drudge…The life-long maid of Muldoon Manor…never misses a chance to eavesdrop (age – 50+)
  • Felicity Cunningham…young, attractive, “innocent?” friend of Cynthia – who “knows?”
  • Cynthia Muldoon…attractive,  apparent widow of Lord Albert…claims to mourn Albert’s disappearance…but entices Simon (age – 35+)


Dead Body…pre-cast…sorry

For further information: contact director Burt McCollom……513-235-8554


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