My Fringe Schedule: Day 3

Third day, three shows…

CFF_The Unrepentant NecrophileFirst is THE UNREPENTANT NECROPHILE, this year’s offering from The Coldharts, the husband and wife team Nick Ryan and Katie Hartman from New York.

Other Cincinnati Fringe performances include  EDGAR ALLAN (2015 – Full Front Pick of the Fringe) and THE LEGEND OF WHITE WOMAN CREEK (2014).


A mortician falls in love with a man as she prepares his corpse for burial. She has three days until the funeral… but three days just isn’t enough.

CFF_Naked Strangers promoOut of School Productions is a collective of nine like-minded actors from the Acting Department at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.

Directed by Richard Hess, the cast of  Jabari Carter, Lauren Carter, Mafer Del Real, Annie Grove, Landon Hawkins, Carter LaCava, Katie McDonald, Graham Rogers & Rupert Spraul present NAKED STRANGERS:

We all enter the world as naked strangers. We clothe ourselves in etiquette to navigate the twists and turns of life together on this planet. We are taught what is right at a young age and we do our best by each other. Or do we? NAKED STRANGERS is a theatrical journey that will rock your world. These are nasty times.

CFF_The BiscuiteaterI’m finishing up the night with THE BISCUITEATER:

Based loosely on his childhood, THE BISCUITEATER is told in Jim Loucks’ distinctive Southern storytelling style with songs and humor. Granddaddy was his hero, a big man with a bigger personality, haunted by demons from his days as Chief of Police in small-town Georgia. A moving tribute to an imperfect hero.

Loucks’ previous show in the Cincy Fringe, CEMETERY GOLF, was the 2009 Critic’s Pick.

Last night’s opening performance of FURLESQUE was SOLD OUT. If you plan on seeing tonight’s or any other future performance, I suggest you get your tickets early, because after all, Mike Hall (also appearing in CESSNA: A Drama Noir, which sold out its opening night performance as well) is box office gold. 🙂

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