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DARLINGS presented by Animal Engine as part of the 2016 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. You can read the show description here.


Karim Musasher & Carrie Brown as the Darlings.

This year, the husband and wife duo of Karim Musasher & Carrie Brown tackle a re-imagining of Peter Pan with their unique, performance style.

The year-long disappearance of Wendy, John and Michael weighs heavily in the hearts and minds of their parents, the Darlings. As they struggle to cope with not knowing their children’s fate, the two find solace in the adventure their children must be having.

Imaginatively staged with strongly-connected performances, the duo again switches between multiple characters with well-practiced ease. All costume, set and prop pieces and smartly chosen and serve multiple-purposes. My only complaint: I would have liked to have seen a bit more time devoted to the story of the Darlings at the expense of the story of Peter Pan.*

Overall a heartfelt, touching and bittersweet tale, well-told. Four performances remain through June 11.

*This sentence was added after my initial review was posted. -Rob

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2 responses to “DARLINGS Review

  1. Sara

    Loved it. Glad they’re here!


  2. It was enjoyable. Very imaginative and high energy.


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