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DANDY DARKLY’S ALL ABOARD! Pull into the Cincy Fringe Festival

CFF19_Dandy Darkly logoUPDATE: DANDY DARKLY’S ALL ABOARD! wins top award *Critics’ Choice: BEST SHOW!* at the 2019 Orlando Fringe!

“Where were you the night The Gaybird Steamer ran off her tracks?”

Dandy Darkly’s latest storytelling spooktacular is a Southern Gothic tall tale as told by the peculiar characters there that tragic Halloween night; from the little boy chased by the ghosts that still haunt her as an adult to the cruel Colonel buried in his bunker, tinkering with his sinister toys.

DANDY DARKLY’S ALL ABOARD! is a raucous uprooting of Deep South shame served alongside a heaping helping of sizzling social satire and howling humor. Enjoy a dripping earful of Southern Gothic grotesquery: creepy country robots, African spider gods, beauty shop gossip and inbred family freakery — oh, and trains! All aboard for Dandy’s most beautifully batshit creation yet.

Dandy Darkly is a preeminent American storyteller and a most resplendent star of the Fringe Festival performance circuit. He infuses his surprisingly contemporary ghost stories with a dose of social activism and pop cultural nuance and regales it all accompanied by a nonstop soundscape of pre-recorded music composed by long time collaborators Adam Tendler (piano), Bryce Edwards (bass), Carlos Espinosa, Jr. (saxophone), Jeffrey Underhill (guitar, banjo) and Rachel Blumberg (drums, ukulele). Ian Bjorklund returns as director. The show is peppered with eclectic sound effects to create an utterly captivating theatrical experience that must be seen to be believed. All Aboard! was named a top show of the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe (The Stage) and won “Best of” the 2018 San Francisco Fringe. Critically-acclaimed. Award-winning. The less you know, the better.

Simply “Go.  See.  Dandy!”

Go to for more info and dates!

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CFF19_Diagnose ThisPortland, Oregon-based Donna Kay Yarborough may have significantly improved your health care without you even knowing it. She spends her workdays in pretending to be a patient so medical students can make their mistakes on her instead of you.

Donna works as a Standardized Patient (a.k.a. Medical Actor). In the simplest terms, a standardized patient is a person goes through situations and procedures with medical students as they train to become healthcare professionals. She might be a patient receiving a diagnosis of cancer, the mother of an injured child, or a nervous woman having a pelvic exam. A living, breathing “practice dummy” for new doctors — ones that, mind you, maybe administering the first pelvic exam of their life… and not doing it well.

Unbeknownst to these young doctors, Donna evaluates their bedside manner. She gets high hilarity out of the faux pas, missteps, and feet in mouth of these future physicians, all while pretending to be someone she’s not.

As part of the 2019 Cincy Fringe festival, Donna (formerly of “Shenatra!” and “The Famous Haydell Sisters”) will be getting on stage to tell some of the most outrageous stories from her many years in the profession. Plus, sharing her own tale of medical misdiagnosis, she hopes to inspire frank discussion of healthcare in America.

“Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” is a mixture of stand-up, storytelling, and soap-boxing that will leave you wincing, wowed, and wanting more.

All performances are in the Art Academy of Cincinnati,  room A361, as part of the 2019 Cincy Fringe festival. Showtimes are:

  • Sunday, June 2, 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday, June 4, 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday, June 5, 7:00 pm
  • Friday,  June 7, 8:30 pm
  • Sunday, June 9, 4:45 pm
  • Tuesday, June 11, 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday, June 12, 7:00 pm
  • Friday, June 14, 6:30 pm

For more information, email

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World Premiere of Flight Attendant School Drop Out Comedy at 2019 Cincy Fringe

CFF19_Stow Your BaggageSTOW YOUR BAGGAGE by Alexx Rouse
The world premiere of flight attendant school drop out comedy at the 2019 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

(CINCINNATI, OHIO) STOW YOUR BAGGAGE by Alexx Rouse is a comedy solo show premiering at Cincinnati Fringe on June 4th and will not hesitate to point out that there are plenty of wonderfully qualified flight attendants in this world. Alexx is just not one of them. But that won’t stop her from turning Art Academy Room 204 at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival into her test flight, hoping to prove that she’s worthy of getting hired anyway. Along the way Alexx makes sure to hit all of the marks of a good flight attendant: completing the safety speech, taking care of beverage service, all while entertaining the passengers with stories as well as booze. So put your tray tables in the all-right-let’s-talk position and enjoy the flight.

Alexx Rouse has been participating in Cincy Fringe since 2012 when at seventeen she premiered her first ever play You’ll Have 25 Minutes To Complete This Essay at the second year of FringeNext. Since then she has written several more shows and performed in some of them. Recent Writing Credits: Less Full House (Serials! 2019), Dolly Parton vs. The Mothman (Desktop Theatre 2019), The Great Space Caper (Madcap Puppets 2019) Bad Poetry Night (Cincy Fringe 2018), All’s Faire (Serials 2018), and Busted Bumpers and Other Metaphors (Sold out show at Cincy & Indy Fringe 2017) You also might have caught her onstage at The Know in Susan Swayne & the Bewildered Bride or in Queen City Flash’s Seckatary Hawkins. She also produces Travis McElroy’s Cincinnati Underground Society Shows.


  • “Most importantly Rouse’s show is very funny” -City Beat 2017
  • “I leapt to my feet at the end of the performance; it definitely is one of the best shows I’ve seen” -Sappy Critic
  • “Her rapid fire delivery, intense body language, and real life humor captivaties.” -Indy Fringe Talk


  • Writer/Performer: Alexx Rouse
  • Director: Erika Kate MacDonald
  • Dramaturgy: Paul Strickland
  • Stage Manager: Zach Robinson

Tickets can be purchased online at or at the Know Theatre Box Office.

Venue: Art Academy Room 204 1212 Jackson St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Show dates and times (60 minutes):

  • Tues. 6/4 7:45 pm
  • Thurs. 6/6 7 pm
  • Sat. 6/8 6:30 pm
  • Wed. 6/12 8:30 pm
  • Fri. 6/14 7:45 pm

Tickets: $15 | Multi-show passes available

Festival dates May 31 – June 15, 2019.

For info about Cincy Fringe visit

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Julie Gieseke Presents BORDERLINE A**HOLE at Cincy Fringe

CFF19_Borderline AssholeRelationships can be so triggering . . .

Performed by: Julie Gieseke
Written by: Julie Gieseke in collaboration with Nina Wise
Directed by: Nina Wise (

Dates/Times:   June 1-11, 2019

Place : Cincinnati Fringe Festival – The Mini Microcinema (MMC) 1329 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Link for tickets:

BORDERLINE A**HOLE, a darkly funny comedy that examines the complex dynamics  of identity, mental health  and romantic relationships.

What do you do when your new girlfriend accuses you of having Borderline Personality Disorder?

After years of chasing unavailable women, Julie may have found her ideal girlfriend. Monica isn’t afraid to break all the rules, prefers to make art rather than watch Netflix and thinks Julie’s a creative genius. Best of all, she’s really into Julie. The only trouble is they can’t agree on one thing – that Julie is the problem.

What follows is a one-hour story about one woman’s struggle with her sense of self, love, expectation and her mental health all while dealing with her mother’s terminal illness.

The work is surprisingly funny, insightful, and deeply moving.

Reviews from New York and Dublin, Ireland:

Julie Gieseke is a performance artist and writer from San Francisco. Her autobiographical work, notable for being both moving and hilariously funny,  has been performed internationally. She has gained an avid and loyal following for her no-holds-barred and courageously authentic true stories. Gieseke has been featured at  Frigid New York Festival, International Dublin Gay theater Festival, San Francisco  Solo Performance Festival,, Vancouver Fringe Festival,  Cincinnati Fringe Festival, and the Toronto Soulo Festival, Toronto.

Julie studied solo performance  with Martha Rymberg, Tanya Taylor Rubinstein, Ann Randolph and Tracey Erin Smith and is working in collaboration with Nina Wise on her current shows.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and Film and Video Production from UC Santa Cruz.

Julie  went on to earn a Masters in Organizational Management and Development from Fielding Graduate University. In addition to working as a performer, Julie coaches and consults individuals and corporations in storytelling, creativity, and strategic visioning. Her clients include,  Facebook, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Apple, Stanford, the University of California, and Cal State University.


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Gideon Productions Present THIS HOUSE WILL NEVER LET US GO as Part of Cincy Fringe Festival



Gideon Productions, the company behind the Cincy Fringe hits God Of Obsidian (2017 Linda Bowen Full Frontal Pick) and Musical Chairs (2018 Critic’s Pick Award), will present the World Premiere of playwright Mac Rogers’ (The Honeycomb Trilogy; the global hit podcasts The Message, LifeAfter and Steal The Stars) horror drama THIS HOUSE WILL NEVER LET US GO, running from June 2nd to June 7th at Gabriel’s Corner as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. The production will be directed by Jordana Williams (The Honeycomb Trilogy; Steal the Stars) and will feature Rebecca Comtois (Viral; Crystal Skillman’s Geek! with Vampire Cowboys), Mac Rogers (NYIT Outstanding Lead Actor Nominee for The Adventures of Nervous-Boy with Nosedive Productions), and Kristen Vaughan (Frankenstein Upstairs, The Honeycomb Trilogy, NYIT Outstanding Lead Actress Winner for Benefactors).

Joan hasn’t had a real home since she left Griffin. Instead, she’s been living off of house-sitting, maintaining the neglected homes of rich people who live far away. It looks like she just  landed the perfect summer gig – watching a lavish beach house with an absent owner – until Joan discovers there’s another woman already living there. A mysterious, ageless woman named Iris, who has plans for Joan. As Griffin worms his way back into her life and frightening forces close in, Joan realizes she’s going to have to make an agonizing choice.

This House Will Never Let Us Go will run June 2nd at 7:00pm, June 4th at 8:30pm, June 5th at 6:30pm, and June 7 at 6:30pm, as part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival at Gabriel’s Corner (Sycamore & Liberty, Cincinnati, OH, 45202). Tickets ($15) may be purchased online at The show will run 60 minutes with no intermission.

MAC ROGERS (Playwright and Griffin) is an award-winning playwright and audio dramatist. His sci-fi thriller podcasts THE MESSAGE, STEAL THE STARS, and LIFEAFTER were downloaded over 7 million times.  His plays God of Obsidian and Musical Chairs were both Cincy Fringe award-winners. His plays include THE HONEYCOMB TRILOGY (New York Times and Backstage Critic’s Picks and winner of the NYIT Award for Best Premiere Production), VIRAL (winner of Outstanding Play at FringeNYC 2009), and UNIVERSAL ROBOTS (nominated for four New York Innovative Theatre awards). Mac’s plays have earned acclaim from The New York Times, The Guardian, Time Out New York, The New York Post, and many others. 

JORDANA WILLIAMS (Director) has directed numerous plays by Mac Rogers, including the CityBeat Critic’s Picks God Of Obsidian, Musical Chairs, and Ligature Marks, as well as The Honeycomb Trilogy (NY Times and Time Out NY Critics’ Picks), Universal Robots and Viral. She also directed Mac’s Steal the Stars, a 2018 Audie Award finalist for Best Audio Drama. Other favorite directing work includes Kill Shakespeare at NY Comic Con, Vince Gatton’s Alexandria and The Particulars at FringeNYC.

REBECCA COMTOIS (Joan) previously worked with Mac Rogers and Jordana Williams on CityBeat Critic’s Picks God Of Obsidian, Musical Chairs, and Ligature Marks, as well as Viral (Winner of FringeNYC’s Outstanding Production of a Play) and The Honeycomb Trilogy (NY Times and Time Out NY Critics’ Picks).  Other notable roles include Minnie the Minotaur in Cystal Skillman’s Geek! (Vampire Cowboys), Jenny in James Comtios’ Infectious Opportunity (Nosedive Productions) and Mag in Taylor Mac’s The Hot Month  (Boomerang’s Legacy Reading Series).

KRISTEN VAUGHAN (Iris) is a three-time NYIT Awards nominee for Lead Actress, winning for Jane in Benefactors (Retro Productions).  Among Kristen’s other roles; Amelia Cooke in The Honeycomb Trilogy and Victoria Frankenstein in Frankenstein Upstairs (Gideon Productions), and Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire (Bleecker Company).

Critical acclaim for Gideon Productions:

“Television is where you find complicated storytelling. Film is the home of epic sci-fi trilogies. Giant aliens are expensive. Mac Rogers’s “Honeycomb Trilogy,” a titanic story about humanity in crisis wedged into a small theater in Queens, laid waste to these truisms, and provided giddy, cerebral fun along the way.” The New York Times 

“Mac Rogers—genre playwright extraordinaire—can rant like Sorkin, plot like Mamet, banter like Whedon and sting like a bee.”  Time Out New York

“One of the most intelligent and complex theatrical events of the year.” Flavorpill 

GIDEON PRODUCTIONS crafts gripping plays that explore what’s strange about being human and what’s human about being strange, using familiar genres and cultural touchstones as a springboard to something wholly unexpected.

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