Part of the Cincinnati Fringe Festival ’16
Gabriel’s Corner

Directed by Sean P. Mette

Cast: Mike Hall as Jackson Hawkins, Audrey MacNeil as Nancy Hawkins, Lauren Carr as Beatrix “Trixxy” Dinkley, Zach Robinson as Bernard Jones & Eileen Earnest as Chanticleer Owens

Jackson Hawkins is the owner of the Scratch & Sniff. Nancy Hawkins is his niece. She so desperately wants to be part of the show, but he won’t let her. Why is he squashing her dreams? Why won’t he let her dance? Is that a real bear roaming around the stage? Furlesque answers these questions (and creates quite a few more) in this coming of age story set inside a burlesque club for furries! 55 minutes.

  • Thu, June 2 at 9pm
  • Fri, June 3 at 7:30pm
  • Sun, June 5 at 4pm
  • Wed, June 8 at 8pm
  • Fri, June 10 at 7:15pm

Official page | Press release | Facebook event |

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