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Walterhoope Presents 13TH & REPUBLIC, an Interactive, Operatic, Radical Dance Film ⎼ Free For All

WH_13th and Republic logo

Poster art by Nytaya Babbitt

Walterhoope, a Cincinnati performing arts company, will produce 13TH & REPUBLIC, a dance film that addresses excessive police force against Black communities and the mental health of the country.

The film can be streamed for free starting Monday, December 28th at 6:00pm at www.13thandrepublic.com. In addition to the release, there will also be a live-stream discussion panel at 8:00pm following the film. Go to www.13thandrepublic.com today and enter your email to receive a reminder about the premiere (you will not be added to any other lists).

Directed and choreographed by Darnell Pierre Benjamin, 13TH & REPUBLIC takes a conceptual approach to its story through music, dance, and poetry. The piece is simultaneously a reflection and a call to action. 13TH & REPUBLIC features original poetry by Cincinnati poet Tyrone Williams, and an original score by composer Kaleel Skeirik that weaves together Contemporary Symphonic, Jazz, Renaissance, and Appalachian folk song, for voices and instruments. It also features original Gospel music by composer Dan Larkin. Its Director of Photography is Simion Collins of RiverSky Films.

13TH & REPUBLIC stars Montez Jenkins-Copeland with Donald Burns, Brandon Burton, Ernaisja Curry, and Ashley Morton. It features the vocal talents of Griff Bludworth, Anyeé Farrar, Ellen Graham, and Miles Wilson-Toliver.

“I see the piece being inspired heavily by the shooting of Timothy Thomas in 2001, but then taking that and applying to it what we’ve learned since then. From where does this hate stem? What’s at the core of it? And from what I can see, at its core is a mental health crisis,” says Director Darnell Pierre Benjamin. “Cincinnati, as well as the whole of this country, is still suffering from the symptoms of its troubled history. It impacts all of us. It’s not just Black people, it’s not just police officers, it’s the mental health of the country.”

Walterhoope is a professional performing arts company in Cincinnati, OH that creates world-class artistic productions. They are committed to telling stories that matter in the most interesting ways possible. They embrace different art forms to create surprising experiences that challenge, inspire, and create authentic connections with their audience.

For more information visit www.walterhoope.com or contact them at artistic@walterhoope.com. Connect with them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/walterhoope and Instagram @walterhoope.


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Live Performances of 13TH AND REPUBLIC Postponed at Walterhoope

wh_logoDue to social distancing efforts Walterhoope has decided to postpone all live performances of 13TH AND REPUBLIC to a later, undetermined date.

In the meantime, we are rising to the challenge and view this as an opportunity to expand the ways in which our audiences can experience 13TH AND REPUBLIC.

Our goal is to work with high-quality studio recordings of the music and performance to create a separate and uniquely-special work of art. Thank you for your support and understanding; I will be in touch as we move forward.

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Auditions Announced for 13TH AND REPUBLIC at Walterhoope

wh_logoTitle: 13TH AND REPUBLIC
Poetry by Tyrone Williams
Music Composition by Kaleel Skeirik
Produced by Walterhoope (Audrey Bertaux, Producing Artistic Director)

Director/Choreographer: Darnell Pierre Benjamin
Musical Director: Michael Goist

Union Status: Union & Non-Union

All positions are paid.

1st Rehearsal: April 7, 2020
Opening: April 24, 2020
Closing: May 2, 2020

Performance Location: 1st Lutheran Church, Cincinnati

Auditions Date: Monday, February 10, 2020
Audition Time: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Walterhoope is seeking the following performers for its upcoming world premiere of 13th & Republic, a dance and musical reflection on excessive use of police force in Black communities. The piece will follow a single character who interacts with an ensemble of dancers and chorus of singers to tell their story. Abstracted and refocused, sometimes told out of time, sometimes painfully in time, the story carries the audience through the performance to answer the question, “Where do we go from here?”

Auditions by appointment. Please email your headshot and resume to casting@walterhoope.com to schedule an appointment. Preparation instructions for the audition will be provided once scheduled.

Casting Breakdown:

Apollo: African-American. Strong and vulnerable, between 20s and 30s. Ability to move from hip-hop to modern dance seamlessly. Keen sense of awareness, and physically unapologetic. Experience with classical and poetic text, and ease of facility with making the text come alive. Risk-taker, but also knows how to play by the rules. Strong vocalist, with a voice that commands the space.

2 Dancers: Agile and smooth as butter. Natural ability towards musicality in movement. Can tell a story just with the body, but also has the strength of text work. Ability to shift from character to character with tangible extremes. Vulnerable and able to dig deep.

4 Singers: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass for Chamber Opera Vocal Quartet. Standard ranges. Styles:  Recitation with Percussion improvisation, Chamber Opera and Solo Singing, Contemporary-Renaissance Madrigal, Gospel, 20th Century Classical styles (some dissonant multi-meter and intensely rhythmic singing). Embody the voices of the community and ancillary characters.

Percussionist: Performer will be working alongside the dancers during rehearsals developing percussive elements in an open ended and semi-improvisatory context. Instruments will be provided during the audition.

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Half Stand Up Routine, Half AA Speech, Walterhoope Presents HALF GALLON OF FRUIT JARS

WH_Half Gallon of Fruit Jars logoHalf Stand Up Routine, Half AA Speech, Walterhoope Presents the World Premiere of HALF GALLON FRUIT JARS Jars by William Vaughan

Walterhoope will present the world premiere of Half Gallon Fruit Jars, a new play by Cincinnati playwright William Vaughan.

The show will run for three performances over one weekend only: Friday June 14 at 7:30pm and Saturday June 15 at 2pm and 7:30pm. Performances will take place at Wave Pool in Camp Washington (2940 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45225.) Single tickets, which include light refreshments, are now on sale for $10 at https://app.arts-people.com/index.php?ticketing=walt or at walterhoope.com.

Directed by William Vaughan and starring Jared Joplin as R.C., this intimate one-person play explores a man’s journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance and the grey area in between.

“About four years ago I got my hands on a recording of my great grandfather’s 1982 AA Speech and was struck by not only his story, but how inherently theatrical it was,” says playwright and director William Vaughan, “I then came across a diary he had kept while he was hospitalized in Atlanta, and began to piece together what is now Half Gallon Fruit Jars. I can’t say that it’s entirely biographical as I have changed, rearranged, and added quite a bit of dialogue, but I believe this play perfectly captures his larger than life personality and the larger than life legacy that he left behind.”

Walterhoope is a Cincinnati performing arts organization whose mission is to create the best theatre while uniting diverse art forms, to treat audiences as family and create immersive experiences for them, to use arts education to foster a healthy community, and to do it all responsibly.

For more information visit http://www.walterhoope.com or contact them at artistic@walterhoope.com or 646-481-8643.  Connect with them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/walterhoope.

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Casting Call for WELLSPRING Podcast by Walterhoope

A Fictional Episodic Podcast by Walterhoope
Non Union

Director: Audrey Bertaux, David Mavricos, William Vaughan
Writer: David Mavricos, Teresa Spencer, William Vaughan
Casting Director: Audrey Bertaux

Start Date: 1/12/2019

Not all actors will be needed for every day of recording.

Rate: $50 stipend.

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Submission Information: To receive Audition Sides please email resumes to casting@walterhoope.com no later than Friday January 11.

Note: Age range refers to age the actor can play, not their actual age.


  • Kramer: Male-identifying actor to play a rough-around-the-edges veteran with a dark past. Age range: 40’s
  • Astrid: Female-identifying actor to play a conservative woman who likes to be left alone. Age range: 50 and older.
  • Macks: Male-identifying actor to play a man who is very talkative, energetic, and would do anything to fit in. Age range: 30-45.Ford: Male-identifying actor to play an
  • unpredictable, domineering antagonist who is poised under pressure. Age range: 45 and older.
  • Thera: Female-identifying actor to play a woman who has faced a life of persecution. She has fought a life-long battle and is on the verge of giving up hope. Age range: 40 and older.
  • Kore: Female-identifying actor to play a mysterious woman who may or may not be building an army.  Age range: 40 and older.

For all roles, actors of all races, ethnicities, types, and identities are encouraged to submit.

About the project:
A Sci-Fi thriller told only through the medium of sound, Wellspring is a fictional podcast that explores the darkness in our society, and our collective past.

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