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Cast Announced for SEE HOW THEY RUN at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoDirector Michael Schumacher is proud to announce the cast of SEE HOW THEY RUN.

  • Ida – Tina Green
  • Miss Skillon – Janet Wasson
  • The Rev. Lionel Toop – Carlos Baez Jr.
  • Penelope Toop – Abby Kinnebrew Smith
  • Corp. Clive Winton – Doug Gibbons
  • The Intruder – Derek Dunavent
  • The Bishop of Lax – Brian Laughlin
  • Rev. Arthur Humphrey – John Lawson
  • Sergeant Towers – Sam Jacobi
  • Choir Boy – Macy O’Brien

Congratulations to all!

Tickets can be reserved at 937-339-7700. The show opens September 30, and runs 2 weekends.

For more information visit www.troycivictheatre.com.

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Auditions Announced for SEE HOW THEY RUN at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoDirector Michael Schumacher is seeking three women and six men for the Philip King comedy, SEE HOW THEY RUN.

Aug. 1 & 2 from 7-8:30pm
Troy Civic Theatre – 76 Adams Street

SEE HOW THEY RUN is an English farce set shortly after the end of World War II in the living room of the vicarage belonging to Penelope Topp, in the fictitious village Merton-cum-Middlewick. Penelope is an American former actress and now wife of the local vicar, the Rev. Lionel Toop. When the vicar leaves for the night, an old friend of Penelope’s, Lance-Corporal Clive Winton, stops by on a quick visit. To dodge army regulations while out on the town, he changes from his uniform into Lionel’s second-best suit, complete with a clerical dog-collar. Then Lionel, arriving back, is knocked silly by a Russian escaped from the local Army base, who takes the vicar’s clothes as a disguise. Add to the confusion a feisty cockney maid, the local busybody getting drunk for the first time, and both Penelope’s uncle, the Bishop of Lax, and Aurther Humphrey, a visiting vicar, unexpectedly showing up early. Chaos quickly ensues, culminating in a cycle of running figures and mistaken identities.


  • Penelope Toop: Former American actress, now married to the vicar. Fun loving and eager to please; willing to have some adventure.
  • Ida: A cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, fun, flirty character with attitude.
  • Miss Skillon: A busybody churchgoer of the parish, pops in often to complain to the vicar about the latest ‘outrages’ that Penelope has caused.
  • The Reverend Lionel Toop: Vicar of a small parish in England. Although a bit stuffy, he did marry Penelope!
  • Corporal Clive Winton: An American soldier stationed in England. “Friend” of Penelope’s and former cast member in a touring show.
  • The Bishop of Lax: Penelope’s Uncle. A rather sedate, conservative member of the clergy.
  • The Man: Russian spy escaped prisoner from nearby military base.
  • The Reverend Arthur Humphrey: A docile clergy man coming to visit.
  • Sergeant Towers: A cockney Army Sergeant in search of the escaped prisoner.

Plan to read from the script and be prepared to list all your time conflicts between August 4th and October 9th. This is a fast paced comedy so come with energy and be prepared to move.

Experienced actors/actresses and first-timers welcome! Helpers are also needed for the production crew: set building, set painting, props, costumes, make-up/hair, publicity, and more.

Performances will be September 30th, October 1st, 2nd, 7th, 8th and 9th. Fridays and Saturdays are at 8:00 pm and Sundays at 2:00 pm.

Facebook event |

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2022 CABARET at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoTCT is proud to announce the cast of the 2022 Cabaret!

Abby Smith, Gabriel Ison, Madison Kendall Wells, Sam Jacobi, Racheal Tingley, Sean Jones, Michelle Roush, Cody Peterson, Rachel Ann Brown, Doug Gibbons, Ava Linder, Charis Weible, and Derek Starsong Dunavent

Shows are June 10th and 11th at 8pm. Admission is FREE with a suggested donation of $5. General seating, no reservation needed!

Come enjoy over two hours of music from a vast catalogue of musicals!

Official page |

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Auditions Announced for 2nd Cabaret at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoAnnouncing our second TCT Cabaret!

Mon, May 9 at 7pm

Troy Civic Theatre – Adams St, Troy, OH 45373

Bring up to 5 songs you’d like to perform (Please provide your own accompaniment track).

Performances are June 10th and 11th.

Facebook event |

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Cast Announced for BONNIE & CLYDE at Troy Civic Theatre

TROY_logoDirector Derek Dunavent is excited to announce the cast of BONNIE & CLYDE:

  • Bonnie Parker – Ava Linder
  • Clyde Barrow – Doug Gibbons
  • Marvin “Buck” Barrow – Gabriel Ison
  • Blanch Barrow – Abby Smith
  • Ted Hinton – Sam Jacobi
  • Preacher – Carlos Baez Jr.
  • Young Bonnie – Josie Birdsong
  • Young Clyde – Penny Bayman
  • Cumie Barrow – Jenny Frankenfeld Weber
  • Henry Barrow – Steve Dietrich
  • Emma Parker – Elizabeth Farney Maxson
  • Sheriff Schmid – Cody Peterson
  • Gov. Miriam Ferguson – Madison Kendall Wells
  • Bud/Capt. Frank Hammer – Andrew Dahlke
  • Bob Alcorn – Michael Schumacher
  • Stella – Sydney Edington
  • Trish – Michelle Roush
  • Elenore – Sydney Webb

Congratulations to all!

Performance dates are May 6-15.

For more information visit www.troycivictheatre.com

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