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Auditions Announced for THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST at Mason Community Players

MCP_sm logoHere is the chance of a lifetime!

Be a part of the Mason Community Players’ cast that opens 125 years to the day when THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST first opened. It’s true, MCP’s production will open on February 14, 2020 and the premiere of this classic work by Oscar Wilde occurred February 14, 1895.

It’s a valentine for the ages. This “trivial comedy for serious people” has high farce and witty dialogue that has helped make this Wilde’s most endearingly popular play.

Director Mary Beringer and Producer Becca McLaughlin welcome you to auditions, which are being held at Theatre 42, located at 2752 S US Route 42, Lebanon, OH 45036.

Auditions will be held:

  • Fri, Nov. 1 from 7-9:30pm
  • Sat, Nov. 2 from 1-4pm
  • Sun, Nov. 3 from 1-4pm

There is no need to schedule an appointment. Expect cold readings from the script. If you wish to prepare a comedic monologue, that would be welcomed. The play will require British accents.

The cast calls for 5 males and 4 females of varying ages:

  • John Worthing – (M 20-35) a wealthy young gentleman from the country, in love with Gwendolen Fairfax.
  • Algernon Moncrieff – (M 20-35) a rebellious young gentleman from London, the nephew of Lady Bracknell, in love with Cecily Cardew.
  • Gwendolen Fairfax – (F 20-35) a young city lady, in love with Jack Worthing.
  • Cecily Cardew – (F 20-35) a young country lady, the ward of Jack Worthing, in love with Algernon Moncrieff.
  • Lady Bracknell – (F 50+) a society lady, Gwendolen’s mother.
  • Rev. Canon Chasuble – (M 30+) the priest of Jack’s parish.
  • Miss Prism – (F 30+) Cecily’s uptight governess.
  • Merriman – (M 20+) Jack’s servant.
  • Lane – (M 20+) Algernon’s butler.

Performances are:

  • Fri, Feb. 14 at 8pm
  • Sat, Feb. 15 at 8pm
  • Sun, Feb. 16 at 2pm
  • Thu, Feb. 20 at 8pm
  • Fri, Feb. 21 at 8pm
  • Sat, Feb. 22 at 8pm

If you have questions regarding auditions or the play in general, please feel free to contact Mary Beringer, meberinger@gmail.com.


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MCP_Dr Evil and the Basket of Kittens logoDR. EVIL AND THE BASKET OF KITTENS
Mason Community Players
Sept. 27-Oct. 5

Directed by Paula Brinkman
Produced by Tess Catlin

Cast: Erin Marie Schwartz as Mary Shelley, Michael Easterling as Dr. Frankenstein, Theo Brinkman as Frank Jr., Dana Davis as Shirley, Stephen Catlin as Dr. Evil, Rene Saldanha as Inferna, Lucy Mullenix as Margo, Trisha Courtney as Mama Sher Were, Robert Terry as Pappa Tuppa Were, Mark Mehlhope as Unna Were, Katie Altman as Silva Were, Kalena Jackson as Annie Were, Sage Altman as Giggle Were, Jennifer Lisa as Arch Duchess Arsenica, Anthony Lisa as Prince Vladi, John David Hamilton as Lord Warhammer, Hannah Gregor as Contess Gothma, Nancy Turselic as Bomb, Julie Walborn as Pierce, Scott Dimmich as Meteorologist, McKenzie Kugler as Mummy, Alisha Flaherty as Mother & Landon Flaherty as Child

This darkly funny farce pits the eternal battle of pure evil against innocent fuzzy goodness. Dr. Evil wants to destroy the world, but when a basket of kittens arrives on his doorstep, it’s his own world that gets turned upside down. The Council of Evil is set to arrive any minute for the unveiling of the thermal ray — Dr. Evil’s latest weapon of world domination — and he must impress them at all costs. If the Council finds him with this basketful of precious kittens, they may never offer the financial backing he needs to complete his dastardly project. Being truly evil, there is only one solution that Dr. Evil can think of… (gasp!) the kittens must be destroyed. But with several identical baskets going in and out of his lab and the crazy antics of his assistant’s mummified mother, his own vampire mother and the practical-joke-loving family of were-hyenas who live next door, the kittens just may make it out alive. You’ll be rooting for the precious little fur balls the whole way. If not, Dr. Evil’s neighbors, Mary Shelley and Dr. Frankenstein, who narrate the evil tale, might think you’re just as evil as Dr. Evil himself. One thing is true, being bad has never been this much fun!

  • Fri, Sept. 27 at 7pm
  • Sat-Sun, Sept. 28-29 at 2pm
  • Fri, Oct. 4 at 7pm
  • Sat, Oct. 4 at 2pm & 7pm

Official page |

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Auditions Announced for GENDER BENDER REVUE at Mason Community Players

MCP_sm logoAfter back-to-back sold out years, the GENDER BENDER REVUE returns to the Mason Community Players!

We are looking for a diverse group of performers from all over the Greater Cincinnati area. Join us for a rare opportunity to perform pieces like they’ve never been done before – this is your chance to perform a song, dance, or spoken word traditionally performed by another gender.

Monday, July 29th 7pm-9pm
Tuesday, July 30th 7pm- 9pm

Theater 42 – 2752 US-42, Lebanon, OH 45036

Sign up at https://signup.com/go/XZnGbvQ for an audition time. Walk-ins are also welcome.

We are also encouraging and accepting video auditions. Please send your video to bonnie.emmer@gmail.com by 9pm on Tuesday, July 30th.

What to prepare:

  • Singers: Bring 32 bars of a Broadway-style song that best shows your abilities. Accompaniment will be available – pre-recorded tracks and acapella auditions are also accepted.
  • Actors: Bring a prepared 1-minute monologue.

You are encouraged to bring a piece that you would like to perform in the actual show. If you are unsure what you’d like to perform, bring whatever song / monologue best shows your abilities. If you only want to be considered for musical numbers, you do not need to prepare a monologue.

Performers should expect 2-3 rehearsals per week (except tech week) and the rehearsal schedule will be built as much as possible around each performer’s conflicts.

Performance Information:
Friday, October 18th @ 8pm
Saturday, October 19th @ 8pm
Sunday, October 20th @2pm
More details on the performances (and after party!) to come.

Questions: Contact bonnie.emmer@gmail.com

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2018-2019 Orchid Awards for Mason Community Players


  • Excellence in Wigs – Eric Grimm
  • Excellence in Costume Design – Julie Walborn
  • Excellence in Special Effects – Phil Catlin & Jason Gonzalez
  • Excellence in Producing – Lara Gonzalez
  • Excellence in Ensemble – Lauren Catlin & Cast


  • Excellence in Set Design – Jim Watson
  • Excellence in Set Decor – Liz Olekas
  • Excellence in Costume Design – Gail Rudolph
  • Excellence in Producing – Jonathan Eckman & Peyton Hahn
  • Excellence in Instrumental Music Direction – Larry Hirth
  • Excellence in Vocal Direction – Jon Scheiding
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – David Shough
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Sara Viola


  • Excellence in House – Rebecca McLaughlin & Paula Johansen
  • Excellence in Lobby Display – Mary Stan Fizer
  • Excellence in Set Design – Darren Lee
  • Excellence in Set Construction – Darren Lee
  • Excellence in Set Decor – Sara Davis
  • Excellence in Acting – Pat Germano
  • Excellence in Acting – Gail Rudolph


  • Excellence in House – Mary Stan Fizer
  • Excellence in Lobby Display – Mary Stan Fizer & Mary Beth Benken-Riesenberg
  • Excellence in Program – Susan Berger
  • Excellence in Make-Up – Linda Wilt Geering
  • Excellence in Costume Design – Julie Walborn
  • Excellence in Dance Execution – Laureen Catlin
  • Excellence in Choreography – Laureen Catlin
  • Excellence in Choreography – Claude Ruizdeluzuriaga
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Bonnie Emmer
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Chris Toney
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Meghan Toney
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Dave Thompson
  • Excellence in Musical Theatre Performance – Leah Busick
  • Excellence in Ensemble – The Wander Sisters: Kelley Flaugher, Christina Sanford, Elizabeth Zerhusen Pille
  • Excellence in Ensemble – Perry Gary & Ann Sullivan and the Cast


  • Excellence in Program – Laureen Catlin
  • Excellence in Light Design – Jason Dunaway
  • Excellence in Costume Design – Rebecca McLaughlin, Mary Seeck, Wrynn Boucher & Gaylene May Schumacher
  • Excellence in Producing – Matt Lisa
  • Excellence in Acting – Kevin Dunaway
  • Excellence in Acting – Rachel Freund
  • Excellence in Acting – L. Elise Kaplan
  • Excellence in Acting – Michael Easterling

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Cast Announced for DR. EVIL AND THE BASKET OF KITTENS at Mason Community Players

MCP_logoThe Mason Community Players are excited to announce the cast of this fall’s production of DR. EVIL AND THE BASKET OF KITTENS! The show will take place in late September and early October. Director Paula Brinkman and Producer Tess Catlin are looking forward to an enjoyable show with all involved.

Mary Shelley – Erin Marie Schwartz
Dr. Frankenstein – John Dorney
Frank Jr. – Theo Brinkman
Shirley – Dana Davis
Dr. Evil – Stephen Catlin
Inferna – Rene Saldanha
Margo – Lucy Mullenix
Mama Sher Were – Trisha Courtney
Pappa Tuppa Were – Robert Terry
Unna Were – Mark Mehlhope
Silva Were – Katie Altman
Annie Were – Kalena Jackson
Giggle Were – Sage Altman
Lord Warhammer – John David Hamilton
Arch Dutchess Arsenica – Jennifer Lisa
Prince Vladi – Anthony Lisa
Bomb – Nancy Turselic
Pierce – Julie Walborn
Meteorologist Scott Dimmich
Mummy – McKenzie Kugler
Mother – Alisha Flaherty
Child – Landon Flaherty

For more information visit www.masonplayers.org


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