HAPPY GO LUCKY @Cincy Fringe 2023

CFF23_Happy Go LuckyOne woman puppetry show from Japan with some short stories

Yanomi Shoshinz presents
@Cincy fringe festival 2023

tokyo, Japan – Yanomi Shoshinz will present ‘Happy Go Lucky’, taking place at Venue 6, a part of the annual Cincy Fringe Festival 2023.

Where? Venue 6: 1316 MAIN ST


  • June 3 Sat. 4:15 pm
  • June 4 Sun. 8:45 pm
  • June 8 Thur. 8:45 pm
  • June 10 Sat. 7:00 pm
  • June 11 Sun. 4:15 pm
  • June 15 Thur. 7:00 pm
  • How much? Ticket:18$

Who is Yanomi?
Shoshinz is one of the most renowned comedy acts in Japan, regularly performing in Tokyo, North America, and many countries. Yanomi started Shoshinz and has created her unique shows since 2005. Her delicate yet powerful demeanor will lure you in, and then it will bend your mind with brilliant physical theater, original puppets, and beautiful stories.

This is her 2nd participation in Cincy Fringe!

Show Description

Puppets, like humans, can have many expressions. Or is it that humans, like puppets, can be surprisingly expressive…

Can a person (or a puppet…) be too timid to confess how they actually feel, or might they at times a bit too honest in what they say?

Japanese people tend not to express their feelings directly. Instead, they try to make their emotions understood in subtle, quiet ways.

But is it only Japanese people (and puppets…) who are hesitant to let their feelings be known? Is it perhaps a universal struggle that humans (and puppets…) face to be honest in the delicate mission of communicating with others?

Maybe only a puppet can answer this question.


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