Cast Announced for BONNIE & CLYDE at Footlighters

FLI_logoThe Footlighters, Inc. have announced the cast for their upcoming production of BONNIE & CLYDE.

The cast includes:

  • Robert Breslin as Clyde Barrow
  • Grace Nowak  as Bonnie Parker
  • Alex DeVore as Buck Barrow
  • Annie Bloemer  as  Blanche Barrow
  • Cathy Bennett as Cumie Barrow
  • Joseph Moreland  as Sherrif Schmid
  • Marco Colant  as Ted Hinton
  • Corey Meyer  as Young Clyde
  • Abigail Glacken  as Young Bonnie
  • Marypat Carletti  as Emma Parker
  • Jeff Richardson  as Preacher
  • H. Scott Nesbitt as Henry Barrow | Captain Frank Hamer
  • Chuck Ingram  as Bob Alcorn | Judge
  • Rachel Scardina  as Trish
  • Logyn Sanchez  as Eleanore
  • Adria Whitfill  as Stella
  • Ensemble: Michael Rowlett & James Lindeman

BONNIE & CLYDE is directed by Bunny Arszman, with music and vocal direction by Paul Chiappone, choreographed by JV Katz and produced by Mary Stone.

Performances run Jan. 20-Feb. 6, 2022.

For more information visit

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