Cast Announced for LITTLE WOMEN at Fairfield Footlighters

fflDirector Anna Schindler Brown and Fairfield Footlighters are proud to announce the cast of LITTLE WOMEN.

The cast includes:

  • JOSEPHINE MARCH: Lori Wegman
  • MR. MARCH: Dan Schindler
  • MARMEE: Chris Hudak
  • MEG: Megan Fridenmaker
  • JO: Kayla Theis
  • BETH: Rosemary Walker
  • YOUNG AMY (Act 1): Olivia Klefeker
  • ADULT AMY (Act 2): Katie Meymann
  • HANNAH: Kira Smith
  • MR. LAURENCE: Bob Dronberger
  • LAURIE: Grant Zentmeyer
  • JOHN BROOKE: Andrew Shamblin
  • MRS. MOFFETT/MRS. KIRKE: Kimberly McEvilly
  • CLARA: Brenna Lambert
  • KITTY/MARY: Taryn McQuinley
  • MINNIE/JENNY: Sophia Ragland
  • SARAH: Madalynn Berter
  • KATY: Abby Turner

Thanks to all who auditioned!

Performances run Nov. 19-21. Stay tuned to for ticket information and more!

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