Casts Announced for Final Two FUTUREFEST 2021 Finalists at Dayton Playhouse

DPH_logoDayton Playhouse is excited to announce the final two casts for this year’s FutureFest finalist!

Directed by Fran Pesch

  • Cal – TJ Fortson
  • Cal’s Translator – Laura Wild
  • Mother – Cassandra Engber
  • Father – Jamie McQuinn
  • Lydia – Kyra Ayala
  • Lydia’s Translator – Anne Lumpkin
  • Margo – Maddie Fears
  • Margo’s Translator – Chris Hammond
  • Pediatrician – Stacey Brewer
  • Deaf Roommate/Remy – Yolanda Ford
  • Remy’s Translator – Hope Smith
  • Hearing Person – Becky Howard

TALK OF THE TOWN by Mike Bencivenga
Directed by Annie Pesch

  • James Thurber – Ryan Shannon
  • Harold Ross – Jared J. Lefevre
  • E.B. White – Matt Beisner
  • Katherine Angell – Carly Laurette Risenhoover-Peterson
  • Wolcott Gibbs/Bartender – Donny Elkins
  • Elsie Dick/Helen Wismer/Phoebe – Ally Gozum
  • Eugene Saxton – Steve Mongelli

FutureFest 2021 will stream from the Dayton Playhouse Vimeo Channel staring in early July. Keep an eye on our web site for streaming ticket information.

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