Auditions Announced for THE FLYING DOCTOR at Equality Productions

EP_logoEquality Productions happily announces auditions for the virtual production of the comedy THE FLYING DOCTOR by Molière directed by Gabriel Brosius. Hilarious? Absolutely. Commedia and The Marx Brothers meet modern humor? Heck yeah. A couple of lines in French to tie the piece back to its roots? Sure, why not?

This director’s take on the play will be collaborative and inventive. So audition on Sunday, August 16th from 5-8P or Monday, August 17th from 6-8P. Please prepare one of the sides available on the sign-up page. You may also present a comedic monologue up to one minute as well. Sign up at this link (note the audition times are listed in CST): Then please email your theater resume and headshot to the director at prior to your audition.

Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, August 18th from 6-8P. If that time does not work for you,  please let the director know at the time of your audition.

Non-union. This production will be done as a fundraiser and therefore these roles will not be paid. All rehearsals will take place online in a Zoom format. The tentative rehearsal schedule is 3-4 rehearsals a week for 4 weeks starting on Saturday, August 22th. Actors will not be called for every rehearsal. The show will be recorded in late September.

Synopsis: Lucile wants to marry Valère, but her father Gorgibus says no. Fortunately, Gorgibus is quite dense, so Valère gets his servant Sganarelle to help. Sganarelle, desperate to earn a buck or two, pretends to be a doctor, recommending that Lucile goes to a place where she can “hang” with Valère. Mayhem and mischief quickly ensue when Sganarelle is spotted by Gorgibus in his servant garb. He spins a tale of a doctor and his twin brother and all of a sudden he’s jumping back and forth through a window to deceive good ol’ Gorgibus.

Equality Productions encourages submissions from artists with a broad range of backgrounds, including all races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual identities, ages, and genders/gender identities. This production is open to variation regarding the age and gender of the characters. Below is the original format, but please audition for whichever part(s) you desire.


  • Sganarelle: Young man. Servant to Valère who pretends to be a doctor. Just trying his best. Clever. Eager to please.
  • Valère: Young man. Deeply romantic. Stubborn and short-sighted.
  • Lucile: Young woman in love with Valère. Blinded by love. Desperate for respect and autonomy from her father.
  • Sabine: Young woman. Cousin to Lucile. Smart, quick-thinking, loyal.
  • Lawyer: An older man. Supportive, loves the sound of his own voice. Would absolutely define himself as a sapiosexual.
  • Gros-Renè: A young man. Respects honesty above all else. Valet to Gorgibus
  • Gorgibus: An older man. Stubborn. Dense.

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