Auditions Announced for WICKED FUN at Equality Productions

EP_logoEquality Productions announces auditions for musical theater performers who want to participate in a recorded virtual concert of “Wicked Fun” – Songs from the musical “Wicked”.   The recorded performances will be sung in a cabaret-style. As the concert is a benefit, the roles are non-paid.

By August 1st, email the role for your audition, your theater resume, day and time of your weekday evening and weekend afternoon conflicts from 8/5-8/31, and a video recording of one song to All auditionees will be considered for the role they chose as well as the other roles, including the ensemble.

The performers will have rehearsals with Kristi Hiner, the musical director, and Richard Zenk, director over Zoom. Therefore, all auditionees must have a high-speed internet connection, a webcam with a microphone, PC speakers, and a room with a neutral-colored wall. Not all performers will be required at all rehearsals.

ELPHABA: Age 16-35 with a vocal range: Mezzo-Soprano – F3 to F5
Elphaba is the main protagonist, who becomes known as the Wicked Witch of the West. She is intelligent, honest, likable but misunderstood. Her internal ‘goodness’ is juxtaposed to the oppression of the world around her – a conflict she battles internally and externally.
Audition song:  “Defying Gravity”  Link to instrumental:

GLINDA: Age 16-35 with a vocal range: Soprano – G3 to C6 (optional G6)
Glinda is a complex character, nowhere near as superficial as she seems at first. She is as cunning as she is bubbly, a passionate, popular and loveable individual who uses her intelligence and social standing to manipulate her colleagues and friends.
Audition song: “Popular”  Link to instrumental:

THE WIZARD OF OZ –  Age 30+ with a vocal range: Baritone
The Wizard is a softly spoken, blindly confident, easily influenced, superficial person. A metaphorical example of the corruption of power through false representation, the wizard trades his morality for popularity. His grand façade is a representation of his false power.
Audition song: “A Sentimental Man”   Link to instrumental:

If auditioning for the roles below or the ensemble, pick a Broadway song that has an instrumental track on YouTube for your audition song.

MADAME MORRIBLE: Age 40+ Vocal Range: Alto – G3 to B4
Madame Morrible is a dark, conniving, and cunning character. Highly manipulative, seductive and inherently evil, she has no internal conflict as to the nature of her character.

FIYERO: Age 16-35 Vocal Range: Tenor – F3 to G5
Fiyero is a seemingly one-dimensional character but has significantly more substance than his striking looks suggest. Social, affable, and lovable, Fiyero is fun, smooth, and at times naive. He is intelligent and torn by the social demands of vanity, peer pressure, and propaganda.

DR DILLAMOND: Age 30+ Baritone.
Dr. Dillamond is the moral compass. A teacher of life sciences and a philosopher, he is warm, noble, and fatherly.


Visit Equality Productions to see other concerts and plays:


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