Remote NEW WORKS FESTIVAL Announced by Cincinnati Lab Theatre

LAB is happy to announce this season we will be presenting a Remote New Works Festival 2020 August 7-9, 2020 at 7pm. The remote event will consist of three live-streamed original plays via Zoom. The three pieces in this year’s Remote Play Reading Series are:

CLT_Five Branches logo

Poster by Eric Kilpatrick.

Directed by Derek Snow

Set in a claustrophobic room, the five heads of the American military-Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard meet after one of them, Thompson, was approached by the President of the United States who wants them to join him in a coup of our government. They also find out that the president has dirt on each of them and is willing to use it if they don’t. While trying to come up with a unanimous decision, they discover that one of them has betrayed them to the president. Thompson figures out who betrays them and decides, using the confession of the culprit, that, despite the possibly catastrophic personal risk, to stop the coup.

CLT_Shirt Brown Honesty logoSHIRT. BROWN. HONESTY by Jason Podplesky
Directed by Elizabeth a. Harris

Part physical theater, part absurdist drama, and part stand-up comedy routine, this is the story of a woman who overcomes a serious physical trauma all while trying to negotiate the pitfalls of the American Health Care System and a romantic relationship. Through barriers to her physical state she must learn to speak, eat, walk, and love all over again in this raw, poetic, and inspiring piece of theatre.

CLT_Pirouette logoPIROUETTE by Chris Holbrook
Directed by Aaron Epstein

Pirouette is a comedy about memory, transitions and a life in the arts. Giselle is a dancer who is looking at life after dance. Judith is her sister who has already stopped dancing. When they run into a man they haven’t seen in years, it throws out of balance who and what they know about each other and their lives. As their memories of events clash, they each have to find a way to come together.

Stay tuned to our social media spaces for more festival information in the upcoming weeks including: cast announcements, artist highlights, ticket information, and a contest. We’re looking forward to sharing these pieces with you in August!

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