Auditions Announced for FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY: A Radio Play at Footlighters Inc.

FLI_logoFootlighters Theatre is proud to announce auditions for FIBBER MCGEE AND MOLLY: A Radio Play.

Directed by Amanda Marasch-Brinkman

“The Johnson Wax Program with Fibber McGee and Molly” (the show’s full sponsored name) is one of the rare radio programs which has achieved a kind of immortality. Well after the series petered out in the mid-1950s, people still respond to the words “Fibber McGee’s Closet,” even if they’ve never heard the original.

Performers and Listeners today will find the show a time capsule, full of corny jokes, and dated reference. There are also genuine good feelings, a true sense of happiness, and always a lesson to be learned.

If you wish to audition, please submit a video to by June 28. Please submit a video of you reading one of the two announcer monologues below, and either the Fibber side or Molly side in the style of a 1940s Radio Show. If you wish to be considered for the Radio Singers, please submit 16-32 bars of a 1940s style song.

Performance is on July 25th at 7:00pm and July 26th at 2:00pm.


  • Announcer1- very 1942
  • Announcer 2- very 1943
  • Fibber McGee- foolish know-it-all
  • Molly- Alice to McGee’s Ralph
  • Lady- elderly neighbor (audience member)
  • Mayor LaTrivia- pompously sensitive
  • Mrs Wilcox- wisecracking friend
  • Teeny-giggly young person
  • Doctor Gamble- Amiably competitive
  • Radio Singer-

SWINGING VERSION OF 1940 POP TUNE “SO YOU’RE THE ONE” (by Hy Zaret, Joan Whitney and Alex Kramer) … FADES UNDER–

ANNOUNCER: When you walk on wax, you save your floors. You’ve heard me say this before, but I like to repeat it because it illustrates so clearly the protection offered by genuine Johnson’s Wax — the reason why this famous floor wax saves work and saves money throughout the year. When you apply a coat of Johnson’s Wax to your floors, you’re protecting them with a tough invisible wax shield — a shield that guards the finish against scratches, scars, and dirt. ‘Course, that’s only half the Johnson’s Wax story, because floors that are regularly Johnson-waxed become more beautiful with every application. They have that rich mellow glow so much desired by better housekeepers. Add to this, the one hundred extra uses for genuine Johnson’s Wax — for furniture, woodwork, leather goods — and you understand why it is in so many homes everywhere. You can buy genuine Johnson’s Wax in the familiar paste or liquid form, and in the new cream wax, especially formulated for furniture and woodwork. Try some tomorrow.

“LOVE IS” (FADE FOR) Opening Commercial

ANNOUNCER: Do you ever say to yourself, “Oh boy, I feel lazy today!” Don’t let it worry you, if you do, because you’ve got lots of company. No-one denies that work is man’s greatest need and almost his best friend. But that doesn’t mean unnecessary work. Take your floors, for example. You could go on scrubbing your linoleum floors all your life — and what would it get you? Well, an aching back and red hands, for yourself — and ruined linoleum in the bargain. So you wisely protect YOUR floors with JOHNSON’S SELF POLISHING GLO-COAT…saving yourself unnecessary work, keeping your linoleum always bright and shining, making it last longer. And with the hours of time you save with GLO-COAT, you CAN do important things that perhaps you’ve had to neglect….reading, playing with your children, seeing your friends. JOHNSON’S GLO-COAT saves work because it is self polishing, needs no rubbing or buffing. Look for the familiar red and yellow GLO-COAT package at your dealers.

FIBBER: No, no, no, no. She was studyin’ ballet and got her foot caught behind her neck. What’s that Myrtle? Yeah, the grocery store. Thanks. Hello, Jimmy’s Grocery? Fibber McGee speakin’. I just called to order some eggs, but I happen to think you don’t need eggs to make fudge so forget the whole thing. Well? Come on out to the kitchen.

MOLLY: Oh Dear, there goes a good kid. Two good kids in fact. Too good to be on the receiving end of what’s on the plate. First I’ll dump out this murder mystery. And put the fudge I bought at Kramer’s on the plate. There we are. Three lives saved. (Calling out) Alright, boys, the fudge is cool. Come and get it.

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