Human Race Playreading Goes Virtual with Local Playwright and Benefits The Foodbank


Top row: Lauren Kampman, Saul Caplan (Director) & Libby Holley Scancarello. Middle row: Caitlin Larsen, Barbara Dirr & Jeff Sams. Mottom row: Scott Stoney, Jeremy Todd Farley, & Robb Willoughby (Playwright).

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have closed down live performances, The Human Race has not let it stop them from presenting their Playreading Series – this time as a virtual reading of a new play by Yellow Springs playwright Robb Willoughby called Look Into My Eyes. This streaming reading will benefit The Foodbank, a vital organization solving hunger in the Miami Valley – especially now!

“We have been rehearsing on Zoom for our typical 11 hours,” reported Human Race Artistic Director Kevin Moore.  “A director, a playwright and seven actors working very hard to communicate this funny and sweet story in the “Brady Bunch” little boxes format.  It’s not easy.  We miss the live interaction and the reaction of an audience which always fuels a performance.  But we all felt it was necessary to keep the creative work flowing, even during these challenging times.  And since we had to cancel several of our Pay What You Can performances which have supported The Foodbank for decades,” continued Moore, “it seemed right to support them while they strive to meet the additional demand this pandemic has caused.”

The play centers around two unique siblings.  Billie can read people’s futures – has been doing it for years.  Her brother, Lonnie, can hear people’s thoughts – and it is driving him crazy.  But when a dangerous, dark cloud of a person comes in for a tarot reading, the sister/brother team must join forces to warn the innocent and expose the guilty.  The plot thickens, zany characters run amuck, and mystery abounds.  Will they save the day in time?  Find out for yourself.

Directed by Saul Caplan, the cast includes Human Race Resident Artists Caitlin Larsen and Scott Stoney, Barbara Dirr, Libby Holley Scancarello, Jeff Sams, Lauren Kampman and Jeremy Todd Farley.

The performance will be streamed starting at 8:00 PM on Saturday, May 16, and ending on Wednesday, May 20th at 8:00 PM, so you can view at your leisure. Tickets are available at DaytonLive by calling 937-228-3630, or visit The Human Race website at  Tickets start at $10, with all proceeds going to The Foodbank.

This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of Pat and David Diven, Scott Stoney and Kevin Moore, and the Miriam Rosenthal Foundation for the Arts.


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