Cast Announced for NEWSIES at INNOVAtheatre

INNOV_logoINNOVAtheatre is proud to announce the cast of NEWSIES! We are doing something special in this show and that is using Understudies. The Understudies are guaranteed one performance during the run of NEWSIES. We had such a huge turnout for this production and the auditions were phenomenal. We hope to see you as the curtain goes up in August. Stay tuned for more details!

Cast List

  • Tanner Brown as Jack Kelly
  • Lily Newman as Katherine Plummer
  • Mackenzie Fox as Medda Larkin / Katherine US
  • Brady Oder as Crutchie / Jack US
  • Desmond Kingston as Davey/Crutchie US
  • Bradley Scearce as Nunzio, Guard, Policeman, Roosevelt / Davey US
  • Neve Barker as Spot Conlon & Bowery Beauty
  • Ben Wood as Joseph Pulitzer
  • Joel Wydman as Oscar Delancey
  • Ashley Ortel as Newsie, Bowery Beauty, Nun/Medda Larkin US
  • Lucas Koerner as Morris Delancey & Mayor
  • Raegan Rigmaiden as Hannah, Bowery Beauty & Newsie
  • Bethany Scearce as Newsie, Bowery Beauty, Nun/Hannah US
  • Brielle Ruggs as Ms. Jacobi, Bowery Beauty, Scab & Newsie
  • Courtney Collinsworth as Tommy Boy, Bowery Beauty, Nun
  • Mallory Branek as Weisel, Bowery Beauty & Newsie
  • Parker Kaibas as Bunsen/Newsie
  • Diana Galbraith as Snyder/Newsie
  • Lily Meyers as Seitz/Newsie
  • Annelise Sikora as Darcy, Newsie
  • Casey Weckstein as “Wil” Wilhemina, Newsie Ensemble
  • Alex Heid as Specs
  • Reese Hornick as Sniper
  • Caroline Kaibas as Buttons
  • Cooper Schairbaum as Les
  • Cassidy Jackson as Elmer
  • Abriella Ruby as Jo Jo
  • Molly Wade as Finch
  • Avi Gilbert as Romeo
  • Ava Newkirk as Race
  • Graycen Helm as Ike
  • Griffin Greear as Mike
  • Vaughn Brodowski as Mush
  • Benjamin Jones as Albert
  • Matthew Wood as Henry
  • Chava Gilbert as Newsie Ensemble
  • Zeke Gilbert as Newsie Ensemble
  • Maria Greely as Newsie Ensemble
  • Millie Sikora as Newsie Ensemble
  • Jacob Martins as Newsie Ensemble
  • Jaxon Heritage as Newsie Ensemble
  • Taren Prinz as Newsie Ensemble
  • Evangelina Helm as Newsie Ensemble
  • Lily Brackney-Brown as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty, Nun
  • Joy Wood as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Hannah Collinsworth as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Jaslove Wood as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Colleen Sableski as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Sarah George as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Amelia Wiggershaus as Newsie Ensemble, Bowery Beauty
  • Sam Proctor as Feat. Dancer, Newsie, Bow. Beauty, Photographer
  • Nora Scarbro as Scab, Newsie Ensemble, Nun
  • Audrey Howe as Newsie Ensemble, Nun
  • Natalie Wourms as Bowery Beauty, Customer, Nun & Newsie

Directed by Richard Lee Waldeck with vocal & music direction by Sarah Plaugher and choreographed by Kara Castle.

Performances run Aug. 20-29.

For more information visit

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