Auditions Announced for OF DRAGONS AND DWARVES at Village Players

VP_logoSeptember 4, 2019, Fort Thomas, KY—Village Players of Fort Thomas and director Steve Myers are excited to announce auditions for their December 2019 production!

OF DRAGONS AND DWARVES is an original musical play by local playwright Jack Williams and composer Linda Baumheckel. It runs December 6th-15th.

Plenty of roles for children in this family-friendly, original production! Auditions will take place Sunday 9/15/19 @ 2:00 pm and Monday 9/16/19 @ 7:00 pm at 8 N. Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY 41075 (street level).

Audition requirements:
Actors will read from the script. This is not a traditional musical, but a play with music, so please be prepared to sing “Happy Birthday” or another well-known, unaccompanied song. No sheet music or backing track is necessary.

A resume and headshot are welcome and appreciated, but not required.


  • Wizard: Sly but good-natured. The father figure, he is a combination of encouraging friend, confidant, strict authoritarian, and the absent-minded professor. He or she can be any age.
  • Frog: The Wizard’s alter-ego. He is mischievous and fun-loving, enthusiastic, and sympathetic. Any age.
  • Prince: The handsome hero. He is brave and bright, naïve and modest, decisive but inexperienced. Stage age is late teens – twenties.
  • Princess: Outspoken, gutsy. The Princess is sometimes hot-headed. Although clumsy, she retains a lady-like demeanor. Stage age is late teens – twenties.
  • Iniquity (the Dragon): A true villain who possesses the grace of Captain Hook, the subtlety of Jack the Ripper, and the confidence of the Cowardly Lion. Deliciously evil, but not threatening. Any age.

The Elves and Dwarves: (Any ages, preferably children approximately 10 and up.)

  • Clip: The enthusiastic leader of the Elves. Good natured, but like the other Elves, Clip is a little too quick to react. Carries clippers.
  • Snip: The lieutenant Elf, Snip is the loyal follower of Clip. Carries snippers.
  • Drip: Possessor of the constant cold, excitable Drip seems to be on a different wave-length than the other Elves. This is often misconstrued as a lack of intelligence or cowardice, but is instead a firm grasp of reality. Carries a water can.
  • Mortar: The enthusiastic leader of the Dwarves. He is Clip’s Dwarven counterpart. Carries a pick.
  • Spade: Snip’s counterpart. Carries a spade.
  • Sledge: Like Drip, Sledge marches to the beat of a different drummer and is underestimated by his fellows. Carries a sledge and a rock.
  • Dwelf: Dwelf is more cute animal than human, although what kind of animal is never quite apparent. Devoted to the Wizard, Dwelf aids him on stage and off.

Village Players of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, is a vibrant community theatre that has produced plays and musicals for more than 50 years. Performing in an intimate space, you will feel like you are part of the action, sitting inches from the actors on three sides of the stage. We strive to appeal to a broad audience, producing three main-stage shows of varying styles and a children’s show each winter. Village Players is a member of the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT), Association of Community Theatres Cincinnati (ACT), Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA), and the Kentucky Theatre Association (KTA).



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