Auditions Announced for CATFISH MOON at Xenia Area Community Theatre

AUGUST 5 and 6 at 7pm

CATFISH MOON, a comedy by Laddy Sartin

A warm comedy about friendship, love, loss, and of course, FISHING. It all takes place on an old pier in the South Carolina back country. Three middle-aged friends relive their past and hash out the complexities of their lives at their favorite fishing spot from childhood.

Directed by Saul Caplan

SHOW DATES: October 4-13
NEEDED: 3 men, 1 woman
Auditions are cold readings from the script. No preparation required.

Xenia Area Community Theater


All characters are SOUTHERN. Bring your best corn-pone and sweet tea accent with you.

Curley, Gordon, Frog, and Curley’s slightly younger (1-2 years) sister Betty have all grown up together. The age-range is flexible, but they all have to LOOK reasonably the same age. 25 is too young; 60 is too old. WAAAAY too old. The target range is mid-to-late 30s, but that can be adapted depending on the best foursome.

  • Curley is the de-facto leader of the trio. He is better educated and more well-spoken than the other two. There is a maturity about him that Gordon and Frog lack.
  • Gordon is more of the good-ol’ boy type. He is an optimistic romantic. He also has an alcohol problem.
  • Frog is the most red-neck of the group. He is angry and short tempered and is ready to fight anybody, anytime.
  • Betty is the common denominator of the group. Besides being Curley’s sister, she is Gordon’s girlfriend and Frog’s ex-wife. She, like Curley is educated and well-spoken (she’s a teacher).

These are just quick stereotypes for you to think about. If you’re cast, you’ll be free to find your character’s voice yourself.


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