90 LIES AN HOUR – All New Hilarious Tall Tales and Songs by Paul Strickland

CFF19_90 Lies an Hour Image 6X690 LIES AN HOUR by Paul Strickland
All-New Hilarious Tall Tales and Songs
at the 2019 Cincinnati Fringe Festival 

(CINCINNATI, OHIO)  The following is NOT a typo: 90 Lies an Hour is the 4th Show in Paul Strickland’s Trailer-Park Tall-Tale Trilogy. And it’s coming to the Cincinnati Fringe this June.

Paul Strickland’s Ain’t True and Uncle False live in Big-Fib Trailer-Park cul-de-sac, which is a trailer-park in the shape of a cul-de-sac in a town called Big-Fib. “It’s a small community way down south… just off the coast of “Factual.” In fact, if you leave “Factual” and head due south you’ll pass “Big-Fib” on your way to “Bald-Faced.” Obviously, if you get to “Bald-Faced”… you’ve gone too far.”

90 Lies an Hour is a hilarious and heartfelt collection of stories and songs never heard outside of the Trailer-Park until now.

Paul is a local creator who actually moved to Cincinnati because of this city’s amazing creative opportunities – specifically, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, where he has been creating hit new shows for the last six years.

Paul’s Fringe shows have sold out every year that he has performed at Cincy Fringe. Past shows: ExTrashVaganza! (2018), Balls of Yarns (2017), My Left Teeth (2016), Tales Too Tall for Trailers (2015), Papa Squat (2014), and Ain’t True & Uncle False (2013).

He tours his work professionally across the U.S. and Canada.

“… the best tall-tales you can hear without actually having to risk a stabbing in the back of a boxcar.” – Edmonton Vue Weekly 

This has been a big year for Paul:

  • He performed Off-Broadway with Erika Kate MacDonald in their award-winning shadow puppet horror play 13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene.”
  • His solo show Balls of Yarns was held over at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival, the largest Fringe in North America.
  • He was invited to tell a story at the prestigious National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Writer / Performer / Composer: Paul Strickland
Director: Erika Kate MacDonald 

Tickets can be purchased online at cincyfringe.com or at the Know Theatre Box Office.

Venue: OTR Community Church, 1310 Race St. – across from Washington Square Park

Show dates and times (60 minutes): Sat. 6/1 8:30pm; Sun. 6/2 3:30pm; Wed. 6/5 6:30pm; Thu. 6/6 8:30pm; Sat. 6/8 6:30pm; Tue. 6/11 7:45pm; Thu. 6/13 9:00pm.

Tickets: $15 | Multi-show passes available

Festival dates May 31 – June 15, 2019.  For info about Cincy Fringe visit cincyfringe.com.


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