Cast Announced for JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH at Bart’s Bards

BB_logoCongratulations to the Cast of JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH

  • James – Hunter Gee & Ginger Hickerson
  • Ladahlord – Alex Reynolds
  • Spiker – Ursula Camille
  • Sponge – Lacey Prewitt Parsons
  • Spider – Tosha Gibson
  • Centipede – Jeff Weinkam
  • Earthworm – Emily Pine
  • Ladybug – Molly Sexton
  • Grasshopper – Jake Spicer
  • Matron Nurse – Kendra Dunahugh
  • Karl Kreatour – Nico Prentosito
  • Trotter – Francis Kolis
  • Mrs. Trotter – Gabbie Phelps
  • Billy Bobby Cop – Adelaide Lindner
  • Bobby Bobby Cop – Natalie Campbell
  • Bitsy Botana – Shanté Hope Meert
  • Buzz – Conrad Kolis
  • Willy Wonka – Fender Sardo
  • Jake – AJ Brokesh
  • Joe – Carter Schulte
  • Lucille Van Kooglstein – Jade Chenault
  • Bunny MacKenzie the Third – Ivy Kelch-Weinkam

Ensemble: Ava Carlson-Lee, Darian Chenault, Austynne Eckle, Alina Ellis, Eloise Elliott, Christen Fessler, Scarlett Fox, Ella Herzog, Raquel Jones, Kaitlyn Koopman, Addie Lynch, Josie Madeville, Erin Mast, Lucy Otting, Arlo Perica, AB Reis, MeiLee Reis, Danielle Reynolds, Nathan Schaber, Cora Shrive, Emma Thompson, Kendra Dunahugh, Nico Prentosito, Gabbie Phelps, Adelaide Lindner, Natalie Campbell, Shante Meert, Conrad Kolis, Fender Sardo, AJ Brokesh, Carter Schulte, Jade Chenault, and Ivy Kelch-Weinkam

Directed by Maddy Weinkam with music direction by Danielle Reynolds and choreography by Elenya Stephani. Performances run June 20-23.

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