Cast Announced for SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS at Warsaw Federal Incline Theatre

CLPThe cast includes:

  • Evan Koons as Adam
  • Katelyn Reid as Millie
  • Ryan Mulvaney as Benjamin
  • Ryan-Chavez Richmond as Caleb
  • Donald Burns as Daniel
  • Marco Colant as Ephraim
  • Kyle D. Taylor as Frank
  • Cian Steele as Gideon
  • Heather Hale as Dorcas
  • Kate Stark as Ruth/Dance Captain
  • Caroline Grace Williams as Liza
  • Renee Stoltzfus as Martha
  • Ria Villaver Collins as Sarah
  • Sara Cox as Alice
  • Nicholas Brown as Jebb
  • Randolph Geers as Nathan
  • Liam Sweeney as Luke
  • Zac Holman as Matt
  • Jacob Nichols as Joel
  • Cade Harvey as Zeke
  • Emily Martin as Mrs. Hoallum
  • Harold Murphy as Mr. Hoallum
  • Helen Anneliesa Raymond-Goers as Mrs. Sander
  • Brian Anderson as Mr. Sander
  • Kevin Bell as Preacher

Directed & choreographed by Maggie Perrino. Music directed by Greg Dastillung.

Performances run Aug. 14-Sept. 8

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