Auditions Announced for LATER LIFE at Fairfield Footlighters

fflMonday & Tuesday, Aug. 6 & 7 at 6:30pm

Fairfield Community Art Center

Bring list of known conflicts.
Bring resume/headshot
Cold readings from the script.

Directed by Burt McCollom
Runs Sept. 21-30

2 Men, 2W
Austin has spent his entire life convinced that something terrible is bound to happen to him. One night, at a party, overlooking Boston harbor, he has the pleasure of rekindling a romance begun almost thirty years ago with Ruth, now a multiple divorcee. Ruth’s personal life is in such a turmoil that mutual friends look to Austin as Ruth’s last shot at normalcy. At the same time, these friends are hoping the wildly unpredictable Ruth will help loosen Austin from the grip of years of depression and lifelessness. Comically, and sometimes painfully, these two people rediscover each other and themselves while a bevy of free-spirited other guests rally behind them and remind them of the infinite possibilities that life holds, should one choose to pursue them.


  • Austin…50’s…
  • Ruth…50’s

Male roles played by one actor:

  • Jim…eccentric…trying to quit smoking
  • Roy…old…grim…complainer
  • Duane…techie nerd
  • Ted…southern gentleman
  • Walt…Austin’s best friend

Female Roles played by one actress:

  • Sally…party hostess
  • Marion…maternal…Roy’s wife
  • Nancy…Long Island trendy fashion plate
  • Esther…Ted’s charming southern belle
  • Judith…looks like an orchestra musician with a New York accent

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