ACTUP-logoThe cast includes:

  • JOSEPH – Michael Williams
  • The NARRATORS – Carly Shepherd, Claire Northcut, Kate Shields
  • PHARAOH – Spencer Walsh
  • JACOB – Marcel Goodwin
  • THE BROTHERS – Skye Haruyama, Cammi Caldwell, Connor Hart, Sujaya Sunkara, Elliot Carnicom, Sara Kearney, Alexa Mueller, Alex Kopnick, Anthony Schaeffer, Aiden Holubeck, Kayla Stroud,
  • POTIPHAR – Gerardo Contreras
  • POTIPHAR’S WIFE – Annie Wesner
  • BUTLER – Emma Jenkins
  • BAKER – Frankie Haas
  • THE WIVES – Kylie Corbly, Katie Hill, Rachel Kearney, Anna Kinasewitz, Grace Major, Kara Meoak, Sophie Rothstein, Emma Rismiller, Olivia Scalfaro, Katie Short, Ansley Taylor,
  • FEATURED DANCERS – Maggie Ballard, Claire Connell, Ava Frizzell, Alyssa Hart, Leah Major, Kellie McMickle, Heather Trinity lin Muselin, Andrea Poole, Kelly Stockmann, Ashley Taylor
  • THE ENSEMBLE – Haley Allman, Nathan Butturini, Elizabeth Carras, Anna Kaye Cook, Macie Cunningham, Benny Farbstein, Sarah Goecke, Brandon Goodwin, Amanda Gostel, Samantha Martel, Luke Price, Kyle Rosa, Jenna Lynn Skidmore, J.R. Sodano, Sydney Vargo
  •  YOUTH CHORUS – Leah Allman, Alexa Crociata, Gwen Cullen, Allison Droege, Landon Flaherty, Spencer Flaherty, Marian Carolee Hamilton, Ava Hartmann, Elise Hartmann, Hannah Huisman, Annabel Jasinoski, Owen Kearney, Arielle Lewis, Chlöe Isabella Smith, Casey Simone Smith, Isabelle Stringer, Finlay Tomlinson, Joseph Tomlinson, Morgan Tracy


  • Friday, April 7 at 7 pm
  • Saturday, April 8 at 2 pm (sign-language interpreter provided)
  • Saturday, April 8 at 7 pm
  • Sunday, April 9 at 5 pm

at the Mason Middle School Theater, Mason, OH

Tickets available at starting Feb. 20

Don’t Miss It!!!


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