Auditions Announced for PERKY’S SALON OF BEAUTY DOES ANOTHER CHRISTMAS CAROL at RiverStage Players

RSCT_logo.jpgRiverStage has decided to replace their Christmas show  “Sanders Family Christmas” with a play: PERKY’S SALON OF BEAUTY DOES ANOTHER CHRISTMAS CAROL written by Bob Baker

Audition: Saturday, 10/29 at 10am

Location: Market Street School Auditorium, 212 Market Street, New Richmond, Oh 45157

Performances: 12/8-11.
Rehearsals will begin immediately after the cast is confirmed the week of 10/25.

Contact Richard Zenk for more information at

The comedy involves a small town preparing and then performing an abbreviated version of Christmas Carol.  The first act is the rehearsal in the beauty shop for Christmas Carol and the second act is the abbreviated performance of Christmas Carol.  Most characters have a role in Act 2’s Christmas which is listed in parenthesis in the below descriptions.  Stage ages for most actors are not listed since they are flexible (stage ages 20-60).
Perky – female – owner of a beauty shop – outspoken – friends with Maxine (Narrator/Chorus Leader)

  • Maxine – female – beautician – outspoken – friends with Perky (Scrooge  – actress has ability to do British accent which director can coach actress on if needed)
  • Bobby – male –  “good old boy” – buddy of Charlie – has many phobias – (Cratchet)
  • Mamma Gert – female –  dramatic, over-the-top, grande dame  who  acts like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard – see Carol Burnett in this YouTube video – v=aS2QteCLdAI (Mrs. Cratchet)
  • Wilda Jean – emotional – recently divorced with newborn baby who she keeps misplacing  (Missionary)
  • Charlie – pompous, flirtatious town’s mayor (Marley/Fezziwig/Christmas future)
  • The role of Bobo/Barbara has been cast.

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