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The Anti-Pestilence League Brings Some Holiday Cheer To Your Ears This December

APL_logoThe Anti-Pestilence League, Harley Quinn Studios’ COVID baby, has done it again with its second installment. This time around, director and APL commissioner, Kat Reynolds, takes us on yet another old timey radio journey with an appropriately Christmas-themed episode from the classic series, OUR MISS BROOKS. Reynolds had this to say about the APL’s choice for a second episode: “While not everyone celebrates Christmas proper, this particular go reminds us humour is in style during ANY season.” The holiday episode is scheduled to be released before 12pm on December 24th, 2020.

As before, this latest offering is being provided for free online to all fans of the Harley Quinn Studios Facebook page. Not yet a fan? Well, you should be!

Visit https://www.facebook.com/HarleyQuinnStudios and “like” the page for this and various other artistic projects.

OUR MISS BROOKS debuted on radio in 1948 and both it and the television show, which debuted in 1952, ran concurrently until the series ended in 1956. OMB presented a plausible and a terribly realistic slice of life that earned many laughs and the admiration of the students and teachers in all of us. CONNIE’S LETTER TO SANDY CLAWSSS features the vocal talents of regular company members Betsy Bossart, Allen Lindsey, Jeremiah Plessinger, and Karolina Prokop. Newcomers Lisa D. Dirkes and Evan Koons help round out this talented cast with their vocal stylings. Both original and new cast members will be back for the APL’s third project, scheduled to be released in February 2021.

In the words of Harley Quinn Studios’ founder, we wish you a Merry Chrismachanukwanzukah and the happiest of New Years!

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Harley Quinn Studios Makes Old-Timey Radio Entertainment Cool Again

HQS_The Haunting Hour logoHarley Quinn Studios LLC is proud to present its newest enterprise, The Anti-Pestilence League! The APL was created during this time of “alternative entertainment” by Kat Reynolds, a long-time fan of both old timey and modern-day live radio shows. In wracking her brain over how to keep actively creative during the changes in the past few months, the founder of HQ Studios decided to go back to her own dream of being a radio actress and bring along some of her friends for the ride. She was convinced this was a great way to get performers together without risking their health, to offer a fun option which wouldn’t suffer from lack of a live audience response, and which held a promising future both online and live on stage.

In order to spread the word about The APL and share the talent gathered to present its first offering, the premiere episode is being offered for free online to all fans of the Harley Quinn Studios Facebook page. Not yet a fan? No problem! Visit https://facebook.com/HarleyQuinnStudios and “like” the page for this and other artistic offerings:

In its first installment, The Anti-Pestilence League proudly presents THE HAUNTING HOUR, a radio show originally produced from 1944-1946. It boasts the vocal talents of Miranda McGee, Carter Bratton, Aaron Maas, Betsy Bossart, and Jeremiah Plessinger as well as the incredible audio engineering skills of Allen Lindsey.

Be sure to keep following the Harley Quinn Studios page for more information on future APL episodes and other artistic endeavours.

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