Auditions Announced for GLADYS NIGHT at Beechmont Players

BPI_logoBeechmont Players and director Steve Phelan will be holding auditions for their fall production, Gladys Nights, by Becky Kimsey.

Directed by: Steve Phelan
Produced by: Mary Jo Bissmeyer

Gladys is having a mid-life crisis. Stuck in the daily grind of a telemarketing job with an irritating boss, Gladys is visited by her childhood imaginary friend, Pepper– a sexy badass international assassin who made a pact with Gladys 30 years ago that she would never let Gladys become boring. Pepper talks her into becoming an assassin too, but during the negotiation process, Gladys inadvertently talks all her clients out of it. The detective trying to catch Gladys in the act falls for her romantically instead, and in the end, Gladys must choose between Pepper (and her new career) and romance.


June 12th & June 14th at 7:00p

Cherry Grove United Methodist Church
1428 Eight Mile Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45255

Please bring a resume and conflicts from August 7 – October 14. Headshot is encouraged. Cold readings will be done from the script.

Rehearsals start in the beginning of August and will rehearse 3 days a week. Final schedule will be determined after the show is cast and conflicts have been provided.

Show Dates:
October 6-8 and 12-14, 2023 at the Anderson Center Theatre


  • Gladys: (female) mild mannered and overweight; 40s
  • Pepper: (female) an acrobatic international assassin; 20s-30s
  • Bobby: (male) Gladys’ obnoxious patronizing boss; 40s
  • Ray: (male) detective with a soft spot; 40s
  • Generic Man: plays Man, Donny, Greg, Waiter, and Mr Jacobson; 20s-40s
  • Generic Woman: plays Alice, Theresa, Attendant, and Sunny; 20s-40s
  • Techie #1: Easily intimidated; 18-20s
  • Techie #2: Not easily intimidated; 30s-40s

Contact director Steve Phelan at or producer Mary Jo Bissmeyer at


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