Auditions Announced for SILENCE the Musical at CenterStage Players

CSP_logoCenterStage Players presents SILENCE! the Musical (the unauthorized parody of The Silence of the Lambs)

*R-rated. STRONG language*
In the beloved and still frightening classic movie, rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling matches wits with the brilliant but insane cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, to catch the serial killer known only as Buffalo Bill. The infamous and hair-raising thriller has kept countless millions on the edges of their seats for decades! And now, at last, this delicate symphony of suspense has been turned on its ear and retold in the only way it can be – as a musical! A singing chorus of adorable yet frightening floppy-eared lambs narrates the action; Buffalo Bill gleefully dances a hoedown while kidnapping the hapless Catherine Martin; and even Dr. Lecter, scary as ever, sings about the life he’d like to lead someday outside the prison walls. Deliriously tasty, the original lewd, lyrical and laugh-your-butt-off horror musical kills!

*Extreme comedic ability is needed. Super camp*

Clarice Starling (alto) – *MUST perform with lisp*
A student at the FBI Academy. She hopes to work at the Behavioral Science Unit, tracking down serial killers and ultimately apprehending them. Her mentor, Jack Crawford, sends her to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The character is commonly portrayed as having a lisp.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter (bari-tenor) – A brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer who helps Clarice out in her investigation and eventually escapes prison in a bloody massacre.

Catherine Baker Martin (soprano) – Daughter of Senator Ruth Martin, kidnapped and imprisoned by “Buffalo Bill”.

Jack Crawford (bass-baritone) – The Agent-in-Charge of the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

Ardelia Mapp (mezzo-soprano) – Roommate of Clarice Starling and also a student at the FBI Academy who helps her out in the investigation. African American actress.

Dr. Frederick Chilton (high baritone) – The pompous, incompetent director of the Chesapeake State Hospital for the Criminally Insane and later Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane. There, he is the jailer of Hannibal Lecter.

Papa Starling (baritone) – Clarice’s deceased father who appears to her in visions to encourage her in carrying out the investigation. A Virginia sheriff who was killed during a robbery.

Senator Ruth Martin (soprano) – National senator and mother of Catherine, who pleads for Buffalo Bill to release her daughter on national television and arranges for Lecter to be transferred to a lighter security prison in Baltimore in exchange for information on the killer. Normally plays Catherine as well but might split the roles for this production.

Chorus – Every character except Clarice plays multiple roles in the show. The chorus is on stage for every number. Strong comedic ability needed.

***It is strongly recommended to listen to the cast album for the show with the link below in order to get the feel and comedic style. The role of Clarice MUST have the lisp and accent displayed on the cast recording***


Auditions will be held on April 16th beginning at 5pm.
Callbacks will be held April 17th beginning at 7.

Anyone who cannot make April 16th can contact director Sean Walker-Mize to schedule a time on April 17th before callbacks. Video submissions will also be accepted.

Any questions? Contact Director at or message using Facebook messenger.

Lockland High School Auditorium
249 W Forrer Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45215
United States

Sept 8th-17th
Performing at
Arts Center at Dunham.
1945 Dunham Way, Cincinnati OH 45238
(Note: this is a different location than Auditions)

Rehearsals will start July 10th with a music bootcamp week to learn all the music upfront. Rehearsal dates are TBD based on cast availability but will be 3 days a week. Rehearsals will be at Arts Center at Dunham 1945 Dunham Way, Cincinnati OH 45238.


  • 16-32 measures of a song that shows off your vocal range. Comedic songs preferred but not necessary.
  • Please have sheet music in the proper key.
  • Be prepared to be asked questions about your comedic ability, dance skill, and understanding of the show style.
  • There will be no dance audition. The show does not have difficult dancing but cast must know how to move.
  • Headshots and resume are not needed but be prepared to list favorite theatre roles.
  • ***Please arrive early to fill out an audition form including rehearsal conflicts***
  • SIGN UP:

Director/Choreographer: Sean Walker-Mize
Producer: Mark Culp

Facebook event |


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