Auditions Announced for MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS at Dayton Playhouse

DPH_logoActors of all races and/or ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to audition for all parts.

Feb. 20 & 21 from 7-10pm

PLEASE NOTE: Auditions on both dates will be held at:
St. John’s Lutheran Church
141 S Ludlow St, Dayton, OH 45402
(parking in rear)

Performance Dates: Weekends May 5 through 21, 2023
Dayton Playhouse
Directed by Brian Sharp

  • Please have 16 bars of music prepared that shows your vocal range.
  • There will be a movement audition portion of the audition process – dress accordingly.

Cast Requirements:

  • Esther Smith: Lead, Female, 18-25
    At “17” she’s a year younger than Rose; attractive, effervescent, and spunky; looks up to Rose and clings to her in times of trouble. She falls in love with the boy next door, John Truitt; belter/alto
  • John Truitt: Lead, Male, 20-25
    Athletic, attractive, sincere and friendly; lives next door to Esther and romance blossoms; beautiful baritone voice
  • Mr. Alonso Smith: Male, 40-55
    Father to the Smith family; a successful business man, he rules the family with a gruff exterior but a heart of gold underneath; must be funny; baritone
  • Mrs. Smith: Female, 38-50
    Mother to the Smith family; a firm but gentle manner; she’s the glue that holds the family together; gracious and practical
  • Rose Smith: Female, 18-25
    At “18” she is the oldest of the girls and the beauty of the family; she has a loyal, loving nature–and also a bit of a temper; belter/mezzo
    on Smith: Male, 20-30
    At “19” he is the oldest; good looking and athletic; a dynamic song and dance man; bari-tenor
  • Agnes Smith: Female, 12-15
    A tomboy; independent and forthright
  • Tootie Smith: 6-10
    The youngest in the family, a bright-eyed imaginative youngster with a slightly macabre sense of humor
  • Grandpa: Male, 60-75
    A spry old gent whom the children adore him and never tire of hearing his “tales;” funny; baritone
  • Katie: Female, 50-70
    The Irish house keeper with a brogue; good-humored and hard-working; alto.
  • Lucille Ballard:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Female, 18-25
  • Warren Sheffield:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Male, 20-30
  • Eve Finley:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Female, 18-25
    Strong, frank, women’s lib type; must dance.
  • Clinton A. Badger:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Male, 18-30
  • Peewee Drummond:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Male, 18-30
  • Sidney Purvis:
    Chorus / Ensemble, Male, 18-30
  • Dancing comedic role – varies

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