Auditions Announced for THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER at Xenia Area Community Thearte

XACT_logoXACT Theatre Presents Auditions for THE ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER by Laura Eason.
Directed by Julie Hauwiller

Auditions Fri. Feb. 24th at 7:00 and Sun. Feb. 26th at 2:00 at Xenia Area Community Theatre.
Performances May 5 – 7, and 12 – 14.

Character Breakdowns
Note: Actors to look the ages listed; not necessarily their true age.

  • Tom Sawyer: (16-25) Playful nephew under his Aunt Polly’s care. Has a crush on Becky Thatcher. Pals with Huck, spending more time with him than his aunt prefers. Plays only himself. Known as ACTOR #6.
  • Becky Thatcher: (16-25) Sweetheart to Tom. Plays only herself. Known as ACTOR #2.
  • Huckleberry Finn: (16-25) Carefree boy; a wanderer, who is best pals with Tom. Known as ACTOR #7; also plays Townsperson 2.
  • Joe Harper: (20s) Neighboring boy, good friend of Tom’s. Known as ACTOR #1, also plays Townsperson 1, Defense Lawyer and Accomplice.
  • Sid Sawyer: (20s) Half-brother to Tom. Lives with him and Aunt Polly. Jealous, at times, of what Tom gets away with. Known as ACTOR #3; also plays Doc Robinson and Prosecution Lawyer.
  • Aunt Polly: (40s – 60s) Tom and Sid Sawyer’s aunt. Strict parental figure over the troublesome Tom. Known as ACTOR #8, she also plays Widow Douglas.
  • Injun Joe: (30s—50s) Dangerous, tough character. Not afraid to maim or kill. Murders Doc, and sets it up so it looks like Muff Potter did the deed. Known as ACTOR #5, also plays Master Dobins and the Minister.
  • Muff Potter: (40s—50s) A fisherman who loves the children of the town. Close to Tom and Huck. Made to look the murderer of Doc Robinson, but is acquitted by Tom in the trial. Known as ACTOR #4; also plays Widow’s Brother.

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