Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department Welcomes Audiences to their 2022-2023 Season with the Shakespearean Classic, MACBETH


Wolf Singer as Macbeth & and Nate Caudill as Macduff in the Walnut Hills High School production of MACBETH. Costume design by Paloma Landzador. Hair and Makeup design by Lizzy Rebber and Sci Redding. Photo by Mikki Schaffner Photography.

Cincinnati, OH – After a wonderful season last year, the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department is eager to welcome back audiences to The Rick Steiner Black Box Theater with a World War I twist on the Shakespearean classic, MACBETH.

The show runs November 3rd-5th, 2022 at 7 p.m. with an additional 2 p.m. matinee on Saturday, November 5th.

In one of the world’s most well-known tragedies, Macbeth, a popular Scottish noble and general is given a mysterious prophecy by three witches telling him he will be king.  Spurred on by his wife and his own ambition and desires, Macbeth murders his way to the crown, losing his humanity along the way.

“This play is a classic for a reason,” says director Mike Sherman. “It is a timeless tale about how the pursuit of power can lead not to the downfall of society, but also the loss of what makes us human.”


Izzy Lachey as 2nd Witch, Tammy Munoz as Hecate, Josie Leanza as 1st Witch and Clare Graff as 3rd Witch in the Walnut Hills High School Theatre Department’s production of MACBETH. Costume design by Paloma Lanzador. Hair and Makeup design by Lizzy Rebber and Sci Redding. Photo credit- Mikki Schaffner photography.

The design concept of the play updates the setting to Europe in the aftermath of World War I, and will speak to mankind’s capacity for destruction. “The Scottish Play” combines the historical battlefield and style of the early 1900s and the mythological legends of Celtic and Scottish Mythology, further blurring the lines of the truth and reality. In keeping with the play, blood, gore, and death are all to be expected; just in time for Halloween.

“Even if you are familiar with the show and the plot, we’re incorporating lots of scary moments that will make the show fresh and bring the text alive for our audiences, ” says Sherman.

Tickets are $13 for adults and $11 for students. They are now available, and can be purchased at: https://sites.google.com/view/whhstheatredepartment/tickets

This production and the entire WHHS Theatre Season is graciously sponsored by the Walnut Hills High School Class of 1964 Performing Arts Fund.

Featuring Wolf Singer as Macbeth, Emma Dalton as Lady Macbeth, Avery Frank as Banquo, Nate Caudill as Macduff, Loretta Rubin as Malcolm, Emma Smith as Ross, Abby Riddle as Lennox, Sophie Christian as Seton, Josie Leanza as 1st Witch, Izzy Lachey as 2nd Witch, Clare Graff as 3rd Witch, Tammy Munoz as Hecate, Hadrian Dwyer as Duncan/Siward, Kyra Doty as Donalbain/Lady Macduff, Hoyt Noble as a Murderer/Soldier, Andrew Kelm as a Murderer/Soldier, Jude Shotwell as a Murderer/Soldier, Khara Rosebrook as Messenger, James Overton as Sergeant/Doctor, Olivia Hufford as an Apparition, Nola Stowe as an Apparition, Scarlett Frank as an Apparition, Adeleigh Karoutchi as Fleance/Macduff’s Son, Clark Sayre as Porter/Young Siward, Naima Jones as Angus, Kenner Bailey as Mentieth, and Riley Soutar as Gentlewoman/Caithness.

  • Directed by Mike Sherman
  • Assistant Directed by Ryan Peerless
  • Technical Direction by Helen A. Raymond-Goers
  • Production Stage Manager- Abbie Kershner
  • Assistant Stage Manager- Nyla Shahanavaz
  • Co-Hair and Makeup Designers- Lizzy Rebber and Sci Redding
  • Co-Props Designers- AJ Frecker and Oran Wilkins
  • Props Manager- Oran Wilkins
  • Costume Designer- Paloma Lanzador
  • Lighting Designer- Allison Calkins
  • Master Electrician- Maya Busche
  • Scenic Designer- Jae Goodman
  • Sound Designer- Maya Busche
  • Choreographer- Lael Ingram
  • Fight Choreographer- Melissa Bennett Murphy
  • Intimacy Coordinator- Erin Carr 

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